Do You Need A Rug Pad Under A Bed?

Finding the best way to decorate your bedroom can sometimes be tricky. Do you want to purchase a new bed or move your current one around and wonder if there should be a rug pad below it? Is it a common thing to have a rug pad beneath the bed? What does this help with?

Luckily, we've done some digging and have these answers for you.

Since many beds anchor themselves to the floor, laying down a rug pad isn't usually necessary. A rug pad is generally better for underneath rugs throughout a space to anchor them to the floor and prevent them from slipping.

However, if you add an area rug to your bedroom and want to keep it from moving around: that's when a rug pad is helpful.

As we start this article, we will cover everything in bedrooms and discuss whether you should put a rug pad underneath your bed. We're here to assist if you're redecorating, need rug inspiration, or have additional questions. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Modern bedroom decorate with brown leather furniture and black wood 3d, Do You Need A Rug Pad Under A Bed?

Should I Put A Rug Pad Under My Bed?

Unless you have a rug or carpet under your bed that might move around, we don't think a rug pad is necessary. Most beds have anchors in their design, which will keep them secure on your floor.

For example, there are often a few main anchors down the middle underneath a bed frame, so a rug pad isn't going to do much in that situation.

According to design experts, a rug pad is better suited for small, easily shifting rugs/carpets. So, if you have one in your bedroom that goes partially under the bed: that's when you can get one.

On top of that, adding a rug pad below a bed could make it uneven on the floor, ultimately leading to shifting. You also want to remember that beds weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds, so their moving would take a lot of effort on your end.

Image from under the bed on girl stepping on floor

What Should Go Under The Bed To Help Prevent Slipping?

As long as you have a proper bedframe, there should not be issues with it moving. As we mentioned, your bedframe will typically have anchors along the side and center, which prevent shifting.

With that said, if you have an unusual frame or don't have one, that's when slipping can happen. Some borderless bedframes can also cause a mattress to slip, which is very frustrating.

In that situation, you want to add a non-slip mattress pad or something similar.

Here are a few ideas we have for a slipping bed/mattress:

  • Rug pad grippers (usually rubber)
  • Non-slip mattress pads
  • Velcro tape (along the border)
  • Mattress extenders
  • Adding a railing
  • Gap fillers

Again, this comes down to what is causing the issue. If your entire bed is shifting and slipping, you want to add a rug pad and even carpet on top to secure everything in place.

In contrast, if your bed is secure but the mattress isn't, you can try some of these alternative choices. We recommend finding a bedframe with borders and floor anchors to avoid this.

Home Techpro Rug Pad Gripper

This rug pad gripper is non-slip, works for large or small rugs, is washable, is easy to apply and remove, grips all floor types, is made of polyester material, comes in a four-pack, and includes a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

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Is It Better To Have A Bed On Carpet Or Hardwood Flooring?

In general, you want to have carpet in the bedroom. As we covered, this can help add grip to the floor, keeping furniture like the bed from shifting.

On top of the functional purpose the carpet serves, it also makes a bedroom feel cozy. Between it and hardwood flooring, the carpet feels more welcoming and intimate.

However, that's not to say a bedroom can't have hardwood floors: you'll likely end up covering a good portion of it with an area rug.

Especially for people worried about floor damage, carpet can be a safe buffer for your floor and bed. Hardwood, although incredibly durable, can still show signs of wear if your bed is heavy enough.

According to Floor Coverings International, carpeting can also be nicer for everyday things, like getting out of bed in the middle of the night, and overall comfort.

In addition, your carpet can work as soundproofing for your bedroom and the rooms below, so this is an excellent idea for multi-level properties.

Do Most People Prefer Carpet In The Bedroom?

3d render of modern bedroom

Yes! It is true that most people prefer carpet over other floorings for the bedroom. As we said above, carpet offers a softer, cozier feeling to a space, which helps in the bedroom.

Typically, the bedroom needs to feel like a calming escape from reality, which isn't always possible with cold, hardwood floors.

Therefore, adding carpet or purchasing an area rug can help warm everything up (literally and figuratively). Luckily, many homes, old or new, have carpet in the bedroom already.

If not, you can always lay carpet over the existing floor, which is perfect for people who are not 100% set on the idea forever. Your bedroom should also be quiet, hence why soundproofing carpeting is so commonly used.

Remember, the thicker your carpet, the more noise it cancels out.

Can A Bed Damage The Floor?

Home interior, scandinavian style bedroom mock up

Most times, your bed or bedframe shouldn't damage the floor. The damage becomes minimal if you have carpet or some buffer between a heavy piece of furniture and the flooring.

As we mentioned earlier, you can use a rug pad under your bed if there's a higher chance of damage to your floors. For example, if you have faux wood or a flimsy material for your flooring, the weight of your bed can cause denting.

Furthermore, laminate wood flooring tends to dent and even lift with heavy furniture. So, that can quickly become a problem if your bed doesn't distribute its weight well.

In that situation, we recommend adding rubber pads below each anchor of your bedframe, which should keep the flooring from lifting, denting, or cracking.

Again, this shouldn't be an issue for carpet or hardwood, but for synthetic materials: heavy pieces can cost you some money.

Is It Better To Have Your Bed On A Frame Or The Floor?

It's generally best to have your bed on a frame rather than the floor. According to experts, setting your mattress on a frame prevents unwanted moisture, dirt, and bugs from reaching it.

Compared to the floor, your bedframe offers protection for your mattress and will keep you more comfortable. Even if your bedroom has carpet, you don't want to lay directly on the flooring.

Furthermore, according to Amerisleep, the ground is home to dust, bugs, and mold, all of which void warranties on your mattress.

So, for the sake of your comfort and your bed's quality, we recommend using a frame. Remember, you don't necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars on a good bedframe.

Focus on finding one that lifts your bed high enough off the floor and has anchoring. Again, everyone has a different budget and style, so no two bedframes need to be identical.

VECELO Metal Platform Bed Frame

This bed frame has a platform design, is metal, features a head and footboard, measures 78"L x 55"W x 35"H, is black, comes in various sizes, can hold 400 pounds, and has heavy-duty steel slats and nine reliable metal supports.

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Should I Add An Area Rug To My Bedroom?

Modern Luxury Bedroom huge carpet rug

If your bedroom doesn't have carpet, the next best thing to do is add an area rug. As we mentioned, carpeting makes a bedroom feel cozy and can help block noise.

Therefore, all hardwood or tile flooring can make your space feel less tranquil. Luckily, this can be as easy as finding a plush rug you love and adding it to your design.

With that said, you may need a rug pad below your area carpet to keep it from sliding. One way around this would be getting a large-scale rug, placing it under your bed, and having the anchors from your bedframe secure it.

That can also work to secure your bed, although this isn't usually an issue.

Regardless, you want to create a buffer between your beframe and flooring to keep it from scratching, denting, cracking, or lifting. An area rug is an easy way to accomplish this!

Floralux Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Shag Area Rug

This area rug has a modern shag design, is made of faux fur material, works perfectly for a bedroom, is 1.5 inches thick, measures 8x10 feet, is eco-friendly material, features high pile craftsmanship, and comes in various sizes and color options.

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To Wrap It All Up

Modern bedroom decorate with brown leather furniture and black wood 3d

Whether you have a bed and frame or need to get them, it's always good to know the best way to keep your furniture in place. We found that you don't usually need to put a rug pad beneath your bed since it will have anchors if you have a frame.

Therefore, rug pads don't offer much additional support or help, so you don't need them.

However, if you have a bed frame sitting over laminate floors or other synthetic, flimsy materials, using a rug pad/gripper can help prevent damage.

Regardless, try incorporating carpet into your room somehow, as this will make the space feel better and more comfortable for everyday activities.

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