13 Gorgeous Neutral Kitchen Color Schemes

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. The kitchen is where meals are cooked and where family and friends dine together and socialize. As such, the decorative scheme of this room is an important consideration.

Figuring out the perfect kitchen color scheme can be difficult. After all, it's not easy to figure out just how to adorn a space that's so function-oriented. When it comes to choosing the color scheme for any room, it can be difficult to find the balance between too bland and too bold, and this is certainly true for the kitchen.

That's where neutral colors come into play. The right combination of neutral colors can ensure that a kitchen is in that decorative sweet spot—not being too boring while not making too much of a visual statement. The strategic use of neutral tones can significantly elevate a kitchen's aesthetic, allowing it to blend seamlessly with any house's decorative scheme.

Thus, a neutral color scheme is an excellent choice for virtually any kitchen. For your convenience, we created a neutral color scheme guide to help you decide which approach is right for your kitchen. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Dining area in a beautiful modern kitchen from a large house, 13 Gorgeous Neutral Kitchen Color Schemes

1. Off-White And Wood Tones

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Modern interior design large kitchen and dining room

This contemporary kitchen is comprised primarily of wood tones and an off-white cream color. This combination isn't common, but when blended well, the result is visual harmony. The sparse white accents, like the top of the island, work in perfect concert with the other neutral elements, resulting in a wonderful look. 

These neutral-colored barstools will be a seamless contemporary addition to any kitchen.

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2. Luxurious Gray, White, Black, And Silver

Luxury gray and white modern kitchen and dining room

This kitchen features a combination of luxurious shades of gray, white, and hints of black and silver. The gray and white blend to create a sophisticated ambiance, and the small hints of black and silver here and there give the kitchen a slightly contemporary look.

3. Black And White

Black and white kitchen island, white cabinets and parquet flooring in a modern kitchen interior

This strategic use of black and white makes for a modern aesthetic. The white cabinets and island top coupled with the pronounced deep black elements create stimulating color contrast. The heavy use of black on the island makes this feature the focal point of the kitchen.

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These black barstools will add a great neutral-colored modern touch to the kitchen. 

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4. Black, White, And Wood Tones

Modern luxury kitchen interior design with black countertop

In this kitchen, black, white, and wood tones are used equally to create a balanced modern aesthetic. The glossy black countertops pair well with the classy surrounding wood, and the white elements tie it all together. 

5. Silver, Gray, And White

A small modern kitchen with gray cabinets and stainless steel appliances

This neutral-colored kitchen boasts a unique combination of silver, gray, and white, a fairly uncommon color combination. The gray cabinets work harmoniously with the silver appliances, and the white countertop and subway tile bind these elements together, creating a unified look. 

6. Neutral Color Medley

Beautiful modern kitchen with hardwood floor and island table

This kitchen is chock-full of an assortment of neutral colors. The white cabinets and ceiling contrast beautifully with the black accents and ceiling beams. The wood floors also mesh seamlessly with the rustic cabinet against the wall. And lastly, the chairs add a slight hint of neutral blue. 

7. Soft Gray, White, And Hints Of Blue

Dining area in a beautiful modern kitchen from a large house

The predominant colors in this kitchen are soft gray and white. Though similar, these colors work exceptionally well together. Slight hints of neutral blue in the curtains add the perfect amount of color diversity. 

8. Brown Leather, Black, And White

Beautiful white kitchen with dark accents in new farmhouse style luxury home

This gorgeous kitchen features a variety of neutral colors, the most predominant of which is white. The countertops, cabinets, and walls are white, but this color choice pairs well with the small wood accent over the stove. The luxurious leather counter chairs also contrast beautifully with the black and white island.

These chairs will add a sense of sophistication and luxury to the kitchen.

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9. White And Light Wood Tones

Contemporary style kitchen interior with white tile flooring

White and light wood tones are the colors of choice in this kitchen. The light wood countertop and backsplash provide just enough visual intrigue, separating what would otherwise be a wall of white. This color combination makes for a sophisticated yet relaxed mood.

10. Light Brown And Silver

Kitchen in remodeled home

Brown is another excellent neutral color choice for the kitchen. This kitchen features gorgeous light brown cabinets that contrast with the shiny silver appliances. The light-colored wood flooring really makes the cabinetry and other kitchen accessories pop.

11. Off-White, Silver, And Neutral-Colored Stone

Upscale kitchen with breakfast bar

This kitchen highlights the fact that stone can be used to create a spectacular neutral-colored aesthetic. The off-white stone floor is virtually the same shade as the cabinets. This lighter coloring makes the rich dark countertop pop. And the luxurious silver appliances make perfect accents to top it all off.

12. Silver And White

Interior design of modern white kitchen

When executed well, a white and silver kitchen color scheme can be amazing. Though these colors are fairly close to each other, they stand out just enough to provide the perfect amount of contrast for a contemporary, sleek aesthetic. If you're unsure about the best neutral-colored approach for the kitchen, white and silver is never a bad option.

13. White And Dark Wood

Kitchen with white granite island and hardwood floor

This kitchen boasts an incredible neutral color scheme that consists of soft white and dark wood. The wood accent pieces in this kitchen are almost cherry red, providing substantial contrast and creating a lot of visual depth. The wood floors really make the white cabinetry pop, and the silver pots and pans hanging above the island are a charming accent that adds to the overall aesthetic. 

In Closing

We hope this guide has inspired you to incorporate some incredible neutral tones into your kitchen's aesthetic. Don't be afraid to combine different neutral options for an amazing result. And before you go, check out these other great kitchen guides:

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