11 Neutral Wallpaper Ideas For The Living Room

Neutral colors are famous for being able to go with any color, which seems to make their possibilities endless. Though you can say they're perennially popular, the truth is that they're definitely finding a new level of trendiness now that people are fully unlocking this color category's potential.

At the front of many trendsetters' minds is updating the age-old tradition of having nice walls in a living room. Sure, paint can be a good way to go, but wallpaper is getting a brand new breath of fresh air thanks to awesome artists in every corner of the world. Wondering what's good with the neutral wallpaper look? Check out these 11 cool ideas below. 

Guest room living area with carpet, center table, side table, sofa and elegant wallpaper, 11 Neutral Wallpaper Ideas For The Living Room

1. Retro Modern Bliss

Modern living room with striped sofa, pattern printed wallpaper and floor to ceiling windows

In the 70s, beige was almost always paired with orange and brown. This wallpaper is a distinct throwback to the era of bellbottoms and country-rock, all with a more modern touch. The pattern-heavy look of this room is meant to keep your mind guessing and also get your eyes wandering. 

By working with multiple patterns, you get a lot more dimension and fullness to your design. And by adding a lot of white to the room, the designer was able to give eyes a break while also making the room spacious. 

2. Gone Gray

White brick wall, polished concrete floor and black steel structure, large windows and sunlight shining into the room

At first glance, this looks like a massive wall of white exposed brick. In reality, this gorgeous neutral color living room design is actually made with brick-like wallpaper. It's a subtle look that channels the room-opening power of light gray to create a strong industrial loft look. While gray can be imposing, this loft looks enjoyable and light because of the cheerful yet cool color palette used.

The reason why it doesn't look too manufactured is simple: natural daylight brightens everything up. Since this gorgeous room has lot of windows, designers worked on making a loft that helps accentuate the architecture. We like to think it worked. (With that said, this look might not work with rooms that don't have much natural lighting.)

3. Geometric Goodness

Living room with black corner sofa and lamps over patterned wall

It wouldn't be an interior design inspiration post if we didn't include some cool ways to add some geometric patterns to your living room, would it? This breakout trend shows no sign of stopping, either. Here, a designer decided to work some geometry in using silver and white. These two frosty colors aren't just cool. 

The silver and white pattern on this wallpaper helped give the room a clean look. It also works remarkably well with the gray carpet in the picture. Of course, having a carpet to accent your wallpaper can help too.

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5. Il Tulipano

Spacious and bright living room with chaise lounge, throw pillows, carpet and wallpaper

Slight Italian accents, a beige color palette, and a heavy emphasis on tulip theme...It's hard to fully put this design into words at first, isn't it? Most Italy-inspired designers who add florals to their designs do so with bold splashes of red and green on a cream background. This designer modernized that classic (and classy) concept by switching it to an all-beige spectrum. 

The monochromatic aspect of everything made this choice look extra slick and put together. Meanwhile, the old world floral design subtly reminds us that we can always go for a more traditional take if we want to. Since the tulip motif on the wallpaper is subtle, it also keeps in line with the modern aesthetic of avoiding heavy-handed, hackneyed takes on design. 

6. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Living room with stylish wallpaper, black sofa, center table and framed photographs

This chic living room features two different textures on its wall. The first is a cool retro-modern set of wood paneling that is seen on the back wall. That alone is pretty standard as far as luxury living rooms go. Do you know what isn't standard, though? Seeing an entire wall done up in bold black and white diamond wallpaper like the one here. 

This design has a lot of warmth thanks to all the dark wood accents and the lighting featuring yellow undertones. In a way, it helps soften the bold contrast in the wallpaper, giving the entire room a uniquely inviting ambiance. If you want to go for a similar look, all we need to say is that you should choose gold-based decorations. 

7. I'm So Wavy

Younger crowds use the word "wavy" as a way to say that you're cool, well-dressed, and hip. Maybe they were inspired by this cool take on living room design? Well, probably not, but this wallpaper definitely took a cue from the new term. This gorgeous wallpaper has waves of different shades of tan, cream, and beige throughout its make. 

The cool thing about this wallpaper is how much action it brings to a room. Though it provides a lot in a room's vibe, it also doesn't overpower it. That's why light neutrals are cool, and why they'll always be the hip thing to choose. 

8. Brown Decadence

Luxury living room with large white sofa, center table with plants and brown wallpaper

When most people think of neutral colors, they think of black, gray, cream, beige, and white. They rarely, if ever, think of brown as a neutral color. Newsflash: it is one, and you absolutely should consider adding it to your living room. Brown is a rich, luxurious color that looks perfectly at home in rooms ranging from the Victorian to the modern. 

This neat room used brown wallpaper to create a look similar to traditional Chinese wall woodwork. In this particular setup, the deep brown on beige gave the room an air of opulence that's hard to beat. 

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9. Hygge, Ho!

The "Hygge" aesthetic comes from a Scandinavian word that loosely translates into "cozy and content." These days, the hygge look is becoming increasingly popular with tastemakers throughout the United States and Europe. Marked by minimalism and (gasp!) a love of neutral colors, this theme is a clear winner for people who want to add a neutral wallpaper to their room.

To get this new aesthetic in your home, you're going to need to pick a wallpaper that has subtle nods to the Nordic lifestyle. Having accents that involve trees (ideally pine or birch), bears, and maybe a little bit of heavy knitting can all help. The best way to think of this is a feminine lumberjack, so keep that in mind if you want to make this work for you.

10. Paper Look

Sofa in living room with paper look wallpaper

Sometimes, you don't want to have a wallpaper pattern that involves geometric shapes or snowmen on it. There is something to be said about the versatility that comes with wallpaper that is subtle with its appearance. This wallpaper has a look to it that resembles burnt parchment, or maybe some brown paper that has aged over the course of several years. 

Unlike other wallpapers we've featured, this textured look doesn't have a distinct theme or vibe to it. It's not outwardly modern, nor is it overly traditional. This makes it a great pick for people who want to be able to switch their living room style in a snap. 

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11. Old World Euro

Much like there are certain prints that go with a specific theme (like modern or industrial decor), there are certain wallpaper patterns that are pretty clearly inspired from a specific region. This neutral colored pattern has a very strong European vibe---one that is only further enhanced by the elegant choice of furniture that surrounds the room. 

If you're a fan of French design, or just want to have a room that looks like it's fit to be part of Buckingham, this is the type of wallpaper for you. No matter what time of day it is, you can bet it'll look like a royally beautiful place to call home.

In Closing

From these 11 amazing neutral wallpaper ideas, you're sure to find the perfect look for your living room. Neutrals are incredibly versatile and lead to many wonderful looks. 

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