11 Awesome New York Bedroom Ideas [and How to Implement Them]

The City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, the City of Dreams - no matter what you call it, New York City has captured imaginations around the world for years. Whether you dream of someday walking NYC's busy streets or you currently live there and just can't get enough, a New York City-themed bedroom might be the perfect way to express your love for this famous city. We've collected examples from all around the web that is sure to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing.

11 Awesome New York Bedroom Ideas [and How to Implement Them]

To create a completely cohesive look in your New York City-themed bedroom, make sure that your furniture is in an urban or modern style. This could include:

  • Neutral colors for the walls and bedding
  • Clean, simple lines for the furniture
  • Sleek, modern light fixtures
  • Strategic pops of color
  • A minimal amount of things on the floor

These style tips, when combined with your favorite NYC-themed bedroom decor, will help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Continue reading to get inspired by a few of our favorite examples!

If you're dreaming of big city living, this multi-paneled cityscape art just might be the next best thing. Hanging on the wall at the head of the bed, it creates the illusion of waking up to a huge window overlooking the concrete jungle every morning. The clean, simple lines and gray color scheme of the rest of the room continue the urban vibe for a cohesive look.

Achieve a similar effect with this wall art from Amazon. The frames create the illusion of a picture frame, making the picture appear to be a real window. Hang it behind your bed and you'll feel like you're waking up in the Big Apple every morning.

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This bedroom has a sophisticated but fun vibe that's perfect for someone who loves the style and energy of NYC. The NYC-themed bedding, including a comforter printed with a witty take on the city's name, takes center stage against a background of brick, natural wood, and neutral tones. This bedroom would be ideal in a city apartment where you just can't get enough of the city of your dreams!

This bedding set from Amazon will help you achieve a similar monochromatic look that's perfectly paired with natural wood and neutrals. Photographs and words related to places in NYC are combined with gingham and checks for an urban yet cozy look.

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If you'd like to create a dark, urban vibe, check out this bedroom for inspiration. Moody grays and blacks make the touches of yellow truly pop, while the combination of words and cityscape photos creates an artsy look. Try this style for a bedroom or dorm room belonging to a young thespian who can't wait to move to NYC.

Create a similar look of black and white with a small pop of yellow with this bedding set from Amazon. Continue the theme throughout the rest of the room by only selecting decor in black, white, and gray with hints of yellow.

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Do you want to feel like you're sleeping in a five-star hotel in the heart of Manhattan every night of the week? Consider an accent wall that is printed with a lifelike depiction of the city, as you can see in this example. Minimalist furniture and bedding allow the wall to be the main focus of the room, and orange-yellow lights mimic the glow of streetlights.

Do you rent your home, or just don't want to commit to painting a wall? Use this huge wall sticker from Amazon to create a similar look. It can be easily removed at your convenience!

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For a subtle, sweet take on an NYC-themed bedroom, try something like this monochromatic picture gallery above your bed. Not only does it look elegantly urban, but it's also a quick way to switch up your space with a low level of commitment. Just be sure to pair the pictures with bedding in solid neutral tones so they can be the main focus of the room.

Start your own collection of NYC-themed wall art with this print from Amazon. It has a similarly delicate look to the picture gallery in the image above. Pop it in a frame and hang it above your bed with other art in similar colors and styles.

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It's never too early to inspire a love for New York City, and this nursery is the perfect way to start. A chalkboard-inspired cityscape covers one wall and is accented by neutral colors and clean lines. A baby's room doesn't always have to be cutesy, and the peaceful sophistication of this space proves it.

Try adding this NYC peel-and-stick wall art from Amazon to your child's room. The sketch-style look adds a carefree vibe that's perfect for a little one's space. It looks a little bit like an illustration from a retro children's book, and can easily be removed when you want a different look.

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You can find inspiration for your bedroom in the unique personalities of the different boroughs of NYC. This Brooklyn-inspired room also draws inspiration from the strong colors and graphics of graffiti art. Textured black walls provide a quiet backdrop while adding their own dose of urban style.

Add a similar splash of color with this print from Amazon. Its vibrancy is sure to provide the perfect contrast for dark-toned walls. Pair it with equally vibrant bedding for an eye-catching effect.

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This bedroom offers a steampunk, turn-of-the-century style version of the New York City theme. A large black-and-white print in the style of an old-fashioned postcard helps create the mood, as do the deep turquoise walls and grayscale cityscape blanket.

Achieve a similarly old-fashioned New York City vibe with wall art from Amazon. It features a variety of NYC postcards from the early 20th century that will take you right back to the streets of old New York. Try using the color scheme found in the picture to create a cohesive look for the rest of the room.

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This cozy bedroom has it all - lots of pillows, a convenient reading lamp, cute vintage details, and names and images related to NYC on every possible surface. White walls give the room a peaceful vibe and prevent the abundance of prints and colors from becoming overwhelming.

Start your pile of NYC-themed pillows with this classy selection from Amazon. Its shades of blue and yellow create a lovely, peaceful color selection for the rest of the room. Add them to monochromatic NYC-themed bedding set for a cozy look.

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Get a true urban vibe from this bedroom, with its large NYC poster over the bed, Empire State building model in the corner, and clocks displaying times from across the world. The striped blanket and words on the headboard add a pop of color to this otherwise monochromatic room.

Add a model Empire State building to your own bedroom with this model from Amazon. The best part is that it's actually a 3-D puzzle by National Geographic, and you'll have fun and also learn something about the real building's architecture as you assemble it.

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If you're looking for a completely unique way to display your love for New York City, be sure to check out this room. The simple color scheme of white and periwinkle blue paired with a line drawing of the city skyline on the wall create a graphic look like none other. It's the perfect way to embrace your love of the City of Dreams and still maintain a unique, sophisticated space.

You'll achieve a similar look with this peel-and-stick wall art from Amazon. It has classy, Art Deco vibes, and can be easily removed, making it a look that's perfect for rental homes. Pair it with bright wall colors and continue the color scheme with your bedding and furniture.

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This black and pink NYC-themed bedding creates a totally girly, fabulous look. A pink cheetah print couch, black paisley bedspread, and crystal chandelier add a luxe look, while the accent wall gives a nod to the city within the established color scheme.

Use this pink and black bedding from Amazon to create a similarly feminine look. The high-quality image of NYC buildings at night will be your nightly reminder of the City That Never Sleeps!

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This bedroom, featuring a monochromatic comforter printed with a photograph of the City of Dreams, is the perfect spot to rest your head each night. Neutral colors, like the white chair, gray rug, and natural wooden floors, create a peaceful contrast, while the brick walls add texture.

This bedding from Amazon features a grayscale photograph of New York City. It's the perfect touch for your urban-inspired bedroom - just add neutral details like a white bedside chair and table, or a peel-and-stick brick accent wall.

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