10 Novelty Bath Tub Plugs and Drain Stoppers

Collage of novelty bath tub plugs and drain stoppers with background of a draining water with drain rubber plug on shower bathWhen you want to spruce up your bathroom, your bathtub could benefit from a novelty drain plug or stopper. Think beyond a dull, standard drain cover and make time in the tub more fun! A decorative bathtub stopper or drain cover keeps your bathwater at the perfect level, provides plenty of visual interest, and is a conversation starter. Move over rubber ducky, because bathtub drain covers and plugs are giving artful and playful competition. Select a stopper or plug that shows off your personality, enhances your bathroom's decor, and makes taking a dip in the tub more enjoyable.
Novelty items for your bathtub allow you to embrace your inner child, add a touch of whimsy to your day, and they are fully functional. Let your imagination take flight and check out this curated list of smart, funny, novelty bathtub plugs.  After choosing on a theme for your bathroom's decor, and snagging must-have bathroom accessories, it's time to have some fun. Whether you have a family with kids, are looking for a housewarming gift, or you want something unique for your bathroom decor, there is a fitting novelty plug you'll love.

1. Hippo Drain Plug by TOPBATHY

Make a splash with this funny silicone hippo shaped drain cover. Have more fun in the bath with this durable cover which attaches via a suction cup back. When not in use, you can attach this cover to the sides of the tub or on a tile wall for safekeeping. The hippo and the surrounding drain cover are a powder blue color, and because it is made from silicone, it won't crack, rust, or break easily. Use this sweet hippo cover for baby's bathtime, give it as a gift to an animal lover, or enjoy getting a pleasant surprise when it's time to pull the plug.

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2. Flower Plug by Celiy

Show off your love for nature-inspired bathroom products with an understated silicone flower-shaped stopper. The drain stopper is available in multiple colors, fits most fixtures, and it is designed to be cleaned easily. Not only will this adorable flower plug keep water from leaving the tub, but it will prevent small objects from falling down the drain. Choose this quality flower plug for its strong suction, prevent hair from going down the tub, and show off your sensitive side.

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3. Starfish Drain Cover by Boon

Bring out your nautical side with this vibrant starfish-shaped drain cover for your bathtub. Whether you want to pretend you are a mermaid, pirate, or reminiscing about fun times by the seashore, this drain cover is a perfect fit. Not only is this drain ultra-soft to the touch, but it has a thin and flexible profile that adheres to your bathtub's drain with suction. When this star-shaped drain cover needs cleaning, either wash it by hand or throw it into the dishwasher. Feel confident about your health, as this cover is made without BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

4. Moby Baby Whale Stopper by Skip Hop

Create magical adventures for a young one at bathtime with this delightful blue-colored whale drain cover. Little ones will enjoy taking a bath amidst bubbles and getting shampooed, and parents will be content that this cover is free of PVC, phthalates, and BPA. Protect babies and toddler's toes and fingers from playing around the drain, and parents can be worry-free because the whale's body is ultra-soft and flexible. The suction on this cover is powerful, and the stopper can be stored on a tile wall or the side of the tub when bathtime is over.

5. Hand Sink Drain Cover by GYKFY

You won't be bored with a four-piece set of drain covers featuring a hand dramatically reaching out for help. Will the tiny person on the other side of the drain cover be swallowed whole before it's too late? Each of these novelty drain covers is made from rubber, and the outer ring creates a seal to keep water from escaping. Enjoy an assortment of colorful drain covers that are sure to be a conversation starter with houseguests, friends, and family.

6. Little Man Drain Plug by GYKFY

Show off your sense of humor with a set of brightly colored drain plugs. Each one features an ambiguous human figure that could use saving from the abyss beyond the drain. Place down one of these hilarious silicone drain stoppers and allow the suction of the plug to keep bathtub water in its place. When you are ready to get out of the tub, grab hold of the little man by their body and arms, and pull firmly. Make bathtime more interesting, crack some jokes, and decide whether the little man will see another day or go down the drain.

7. Bombs Away Stopper by Barbuzzo

Whether you or someone you know is a fan of games like Minesweeper, has a wacky sense of humor, or wants to make bathtime a blast, check out this drain stopper. Stop up water in the tub with a solid black plug, but watch out for the free-floating bomb that is attached! Not to worry, this bomb is safe for bathing and won't go boom, but it might tickle your toes. Loosen up and show that life isn't about being serious all the time. The bomb is attached to the plug with a 19.9-inch chain for your safety.

8. Kids Nautical Bathtub Stopper by LittleFoot Nation

Adults aren't the only ones to have fun at bathtime. Kids will look forward to taking a bath even more with this solid, high-quality stopper featuring cheerful images of a dolphin, seahorse, and other creatures. The drain cover is made from food-grade silicone, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and it has strong suction. There is no need to worry about this cover building up mold, degrading in quality, or being flimsy. Parents can rest assured that this cute bathtub stopper is made without BPA, is soft to the touch, and contains no harmful metals or plastics.

9. Shark Fin Drain Plug by ZLMC

Lookout before stepping into the water! Something fishy is lurking in the bathtub. No, wait, it's only this stylish shark fin drain plug, which features an ominous fin sticking out of the waves. Plug up your tub with this stopper, but don't panic when it's time to get out of the water. Keep bathers on their toes, put this in your tub when Shark Week arrives, or show off your sense of humor with some bite.

10. Unicorn Bath Plug by IWOOT

Baths are a magical place for relaxing, getting clean, and taking a mini-escape from life. Up the ante with an adorable, color-changing unicorn bath plug. Let your mind wander and feel the enchantment and wonder this tiny unicorn emits. The unicorn's body changes colors once it hits the water, slowly going through various colors and lulling you into a state of bliss. See what all the magic is about and check out this unicorn bath plug on IWOOT.
We hope you found this collection of whimsical bath stoppers inspiring! Leave us a comment to let us know which one is your favorite.

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