21 Fantastic Olive Green Living Room Ideas

Olive green symbolizes good luck, nature, health, and it has an overall calming effect. To bring this positive energy into your home, we've put together 21 living room designs to get your inspiration flowing!

The living room is a hot spot of activity. Whether you have a book club, wine night with the crew, movie night with that special someone, or just enjoy a calm space to relax, the right wall color can make all the difference. Olive green is a popular choice for large walls since it isn't overwhelmingly bright and, at the same time, not being too dark or dreary. 

Unlike other colors, olive green can be mixed and matched with a large number of styles and decor. With this in mind, it is also more convenient to switch out furniture and not have to worry about if something will match or not. This tone of greens' complementary color is purple, and with purple being such a diverse color, it opens the doors to reds and blues.

Olive green is made by mixing blue, yellow, and a little splash of red together. Below we've put together photos of different living room styles to showcase the diversity of this color. 

An empty room with olive walls and wood floor, 21 Fantastic Olive Green Living Room Ideas

1. Coffee Spot

This corner of the living room has been turned into a coffee lover's dream spot. The combination of exposed brick and olive green walls creates a cozy cafe feeling that you can enjoy in pajamas! Add in an oversized leather chair with a window view, and you may never want to leave. Throw in background Lo-Fi and your laptop for the full experience!

2. Asian

Marrying the natural qualities of harmony and zen, olive green with wicker and branches brings the garden into your living room. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Asian-inspired decor since the idea itself is drawn from Japanese, Chinese, and even Indian themes. The overall effect is an appreciation of another culture and adding a bit of their lifestyle into yours.

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3. Bohemian

Your house is an extension of you. Exude your own life's philosophy with textures, wall art, colors, and greenery. Here we see olive green being complemented with a light pink wall to really animate the room.

Adding local artists' prints to your wall will help you feel connected to the community and support small businesses. The addition of handmade artwork is a great conversation starter when you have new friends over too!

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4. Contemporary

Contemporary design embraces soft lines and smooth edges. The quiet, olive-green walls of this room add to the tranquil energy given off by the round-shaped furnishings and velvet pillows. Perhaps instead of a television, you could place bookshelves along the opposite wall and adorn them with collectibles. A room like this would be an ideal set up to play classical music. 

5. Gypsy

Looking for no rules? This living room is made from individual items, one-of-a-kind pieces. Don't be afraid to throw in a mixture of woods, colors, metals, and art.

Do you ever see something while you're out and think, "Wow, I need to have that!" Olive green walls give you the opportunity to mingle those finds together. If you love to travel, you'll probably end up with a gypsy-style room without even trying with all the goodies you bring home. 

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6. Gold and Green

For all the Harry Potter lovers out there, this is the ideal Slytherin house living room. A sophisticated design of green, black, and gold. Tie the room together with a large modern hanging light fixture and matching side table lamps. Guests will want to have their martinis shaken, not stirred in your living room. 

7. Bachelor Loft

Men living by themselves tend to lean towards practical living versus overly cluttered. In this industrial-styled living room, you can see how the olive-green wall becomes the centerpiece and boldens the darker furnishings. The decor is kept simple and practical, making straightening up more manageable. 

8. New Traditional

New traditional is made from juxtaposing traditional with modern. The living room designer carefully fuses a large ornate frame with sleek metal vases and a rolling table. Olive green walls have been used to the advantage of the small color pops of yellows and reds in the room. 

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9. Alternative

Looking for something a little different? These olive green walls help pop out the animal head molds. Add to this living room a gold mirror and patterned vase to break out from the usual. The fun part about these wall hangings is that you can put them in multiple patterns. 

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10. Rustic

Country living is all about simplicity. The designer of this room kept the decor light and chose a floral couch with some olive green leaves to tie it to the walls. Choosing a room with large windows brings in enough natural light that your light fixtures don't have to be the centerpiece. 

12. Cabin Living

The perfect spot for a getaway. Drawing in the natural hues from the mountain colors, this olive green room brings outside in paired with a stone fireplace and wooden furniture. Whether you enjoy hiking or just the view, an olive green wall choice emerges calm and adventure.

13. The era of Enlightenment

If you don't have the time to paint but want to add personality to a room, patterned wallpaper is a great choice. This homeowner decided to bring curiosity and science into their living room. A joint style of Victorian, Edwardian, and 18th century is perfectly settled into the olive green background. 

14. Artist

Introduce the art gallery into your living room. This living room has an air of prestige and intelligence. Olive green walls help the space from feeling too dark while giving the large artwork an expanse to breathe. Couple the artwork with art and philosophy books to set the stage for deep thought. 

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15. Book Club

A different take on a living room, this homeowner decided to remove any electronics and bring individual chairs together around a table. A quintessential area for having friends over to discuss the most recent book club choice. This living room is all about bringing others together and getting to know each other with a conversation.

16. Mood

Olive green marries well with burgundy. In this living room, the chair and pink flowers allude to a modern witchy feeling. To capture this mood, the designer chose oversized throw pillows, greenery, and a galaxy-themed wall clock. You can sit with a journal and write to your heart's content in a space like this.  

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17. Southwestern

Embrace Joshua Tree National Park without the sand! In this southwestern living room, the olive green walls are inspired by the plentiful green cacti of the region. Couple this iconic feature with Native American blankets and pillows to round out the cultural experience. 

18. Midwestern

Did you grow up in the wide expanse of the midwest? If your summers were filled with running through fields and helping your grandparents around the house, this living room exudes nostalgia. Using reclaimed wood fixtures and a woven mirror frame captures the look. Olive green walls pull this feeling together by allowing you to focus on the accents. 

19. City Living

Downtown living immerses you into the hustle and bustle of business life. Want your apartment to help you relax after a long day? Olive green is used in this living room as a grounding color. The bright orange leather couch helps luxury have a say without making you feel like you're still at the office. Another huge factor to this room is all the light sources. You can add candles, lamps, a large window, and a mirror to reflect into the room.

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20. Rainy Afternoon

A rainy afternoon spent snuggled up on the couch sounds like a dream. Conjure it to life with harmonious olive walls and serene decor. The limited decor means more wiggle room for day-to-day aesthetic decision-making. Want to read a book? Black and white movie night? Talking to your mom on the phone for hours? Take your pick!

21. Night Club

All about the funk! Olive green walls are just the beginning of this fun room. With a careful blend of styles, a living room like this is your own personal dance floor. No need for excessive wall decor when you have a groovy tree lamp sending patterns onto the wall. Plus, you can always take a break in a comfy velvet chair.

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In closing

Now, you've seen 21 olive green living rooms brought to life! We hope this article has helped you zone in on a design you love and can't wait to start on. Remember to have fun when decorating and think about which style will best accompany your lifestyle.

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