Top 40 Online Stores For Throw Pillows

Top 40 Online Stores for Throw Pillows

1. Amazon

Amazon website page for throw pillows

Amazon should always be your go-to place for online shopping. The e-commerce giant has evolved to become the one-stop shop solution for all your shopping needs, offering a diverse array of products ranging from electronic items to healthcare produce. As it turns out, most vendors for throw pillows offer their products on Amazon.

Amazon has one of the most transparent review systems on the market, it is extremely difficult to fake a good review. So if a product is receiving rave reviews, you can bet it actually deserves all those reviews. Since there are tons of online vendors to choose from, competition is high, which drives down price. There’s always a chance of bagging a rare product that isn’t available elsewhere on the market.

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2. Wayfair

Wayfair website product page for throw pillows

Wayfair is an e-commerce giant that is solely dedicated to furniture and home décor products and promises unbeatable prices that you won’t find elsewhere. The online store brags having seven million products to choose from thanks to its partnerships with over 7000 dealers. In terms of product variety, quality, and price, Wayfair gets high marks from us.

Searching for a product is simple due to the clean, clutter-free dashboard powered by an intelligent filtering and sorting software. The best part is that Wayfair offers free shipping on most items, although not all products may qualify for it. Wayfair wants to improve your digital experience by making personalized recommendations based on what they know about you, to help you get the most compatible products possible. Click here to explore their products page.


3. Overstock

Overstock website product page

When it comes to transparent review systems, Overstock is a lot like Amazon. It’s very difficult to fake a review, so if you come across something with a five-star rating, there’s a high chance you’ll like it too. They offer discounted products to help you save money when shopping for home improvement. There’s a strong loyalty program that helps you get some cool benefits that include free products.

There’s a ton of variety in terms of product selection, and at first glance, you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of options you have. A great feature of Overstock is its robust student discount program. Make sure to keep a look out for those promo codes on it Overstock’s official coupons page!

Click here to explore their products page.

4. Etsy

Etsy website product page

Etsy is another e-commerce giant that is trusted by millions of consumers. The website contains thousands of throw pillows in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Etsy has some exclusive products that you won’t find elsewhere, that too at unbeatable prices. A great feature about Etsy is the highly useful money back guarantee service, which means if you receive a throw pillow that isn’t as advertised, then you can have it returned.

There are thousands of throw pillows that will require tons of hours to properly dig through. The best part is that some products even qualify for free shipping, so keep an eye out for that “FREE shipping” tag. So go ahead and see if the e-commerce giant has something special for you too.

Click here to explore their products page.

5. Walmart

Walmart website product page

At one point Walmart became so popular that its name became synonymous with shopping. While the giant department store frequently makes headlines for all the wrong reasons (such as foreclosure), you’ll be surprised to find what goodies it has in store for you. Beneath all the controversies and poor performance, there is the promise of customer satisfaction.

If you don’t like a product or received a flawed throw pillow, then you can always return the product and get your money back. As is true for giant e-commerce stores like Walmart, there’s a lot of variety for throw pillows ranging from color, size, shape, and manufacturer. Keep an eye out for those discount coupons and promo codes for some massive discounts.

Click here to explore their products page.

6. Target

Target website product page

Target was once the most popular department store in the US, but ratings began due to Amazon’s aggressive growth. But this fledgling e-commerce giant does not pull any punches when it comes to product variety. There are thousands of throw pillows to choose from at heavily discounted prices that encourage you to splurge all your savings!

Chances are that you might qualify for free shipping for throw pillows that are priced over $35. The robust filtering menu makes it possible to select precisely the kind of product that you want. If you want throw pillows that are durable, eclectic, affordable, you can’t go wrong with Target.

Click here to explore their products page.

7. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page

The primary reason why Homedepot manages to grab a top spot on our list is the fast two-day shipping. Orders over $45 will qualify for free shipping as well, which should save you quite a bit of cash. Homedepot takes advantage of advanced content filtering technology that makes it extremely easy to search for your favorite products without wasting any time.

One neat feature about Home Depot is that its powerful search engine instantly reveals the number of throw pillow available. At the time of this article’s writing, there are precisely 4,321 throw pillows. But you could experiment with an array of different search phrases to find unique throw pillows, such as ‘plush pillow’ or ‘cute pillow’.

Click here to explore their products page.

 8. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn website product page

Pottery Barn is a lesser known that that managed to make this list due to its excellent array of services. For a smaller online store, you’d be surprised to learn that it also features thousands of throw pillows at affordable prices. Some of them qualify for free shipping depending on where you live. Pottery Barn differentiates itself from its competitors by placing more importance on the environment.

If things such as global warming, pollution, and the environmental impact of modern civilization concerns you, then you can choose Pottery Barn for some of its products that are ‘sustainably sourced’. Buying these products will ease the burden on your conscience and lower your overall carbon footprint.

Click here to explore their products page.

9. c21stores

c21stores website product page

We bet most of you haven’t heard of c21stores, because Amazon and eBay are hogging all the spotlight, for good reason though. It’s always a good idea to choose a lesser known manufacturer because they’re willing to make concessions bigger fish won’t even consider. c21stores used to operate as a department store in 1961 but quickly expanded into a 3 storey store.

What differentiates c21stores from other retailers is their robust discount policy on products that are already faring for extremely affordable prices. The only downside to c21stores is that it only has a few hundred throw pillows, but they’re all being sold at ridiculously low prices.

Click here to explore their products page.

10. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen website product page

Ethan Allen provides a cool product customization service free of cost. Choose a product that you like, contact their Design Center, and get bespoke services with no extra charge. This also applies to their impressive selection of throw pillows. What we didn’t like about Ethan Allen is the big price tags attached to their throw pillows.

Compared to giant online retailers like Amazon that sell throw pillows for as low as $19.99, Ethan Allen has expensive items on the menu, including their Framed Ivory Pillow which has a massive price tag of a whopping $179.20. If you don’t like a product, you can always have it returned and get your money back.

Click here to explore their products page.

11. The Citizenry

The Citizenry website product page

The Citizenry offers unique home décor products and furniture that you probably won’t find elsewhere. The reason why we chose The Citizenry is human empathy. While giant e-commerce stores like Amazon lack any soul, emphasizing profits above all else, The Citizenry has a business model that supports small businesses and artisans from around the world.

It’s a unique venture that is designed to empower the fragile segments of society that don’t have any options. The Citizenry features artisans from all over the world including India, Mexico, and Indonesia. Thanks to this business model, they have some of the most culturally diverse designs on the list that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Their throw pillows range from anywhere from $100 to over $190.

Click here to explore their products page.

12. Dormify

Dormify website product page

Dormify, as the name suggests, is geared towards people younger people who may not necessarily have access to lots of money. Their service includes the “ship to your school” option, which is a neat feature to have if you’re a college student and can’t find the time to shop for home décor products. The best part about Dormify is free shipping and free returns. If you don’t like a certain product, you have about 60 days to make up your mind. Now that is unheard of.

If you want a highly personalized approach to products and shipping, then Dormify is the right way to go.

Click here to explore their products page.

13. Collyer’s Mansion

Collyer’s Mansion website product page

Collyer’s Mansion opened up to some rave reviews thanks to its emphasis on colorful patterns, vibrancy, and eclectic design. The fledgling company is a relatively tiny store that is still in its growth phase. In order to stand out from the competition, their online store has access to some rare throw pillows you won’t find on Amazon. They do have a disadvantage though, the price of some throw pillows is over $200!

There’s free shipping on orders over $200. So go ahead and see if the online store has something chic in store for you.

Click here to explore their products page.

14. Allswell

Allswell website product page

The name “Allswell” has a catchy headline that leans a little on the fun side. They specialize in bedding and mattresses, but also have a tiny selection of throw pillows that are super chic and worth exploring. You would be surprised to see the tinier still price tag of less than $60 on most of their decorative throw pillows.

We only found 6 throw pillows, but each one will add a ton of value to your room, especially their colorful Yellow Cotton Textured Pillow. A must-have throw pillow, if there is such a thing.

Click here to explore their products page.

15. Minted

Minted website product page

Minted is another tiny e-commerce store that is powered exclusively by independent artists. Their designs are fresh, unique, and full of personality. You would be hard pressed to find such personalized throw pillows elsewhere. At the time of this listicle’s writing, there are over 100 throw pillows to choose from, each featuring ornate designs that are sure to spruce up your bedding.

Minted frequently offers discounts and promos to make their unique designs available for massive discounts. The website is mostly geared towards couples who are about to get hitched. It is unfortunate that due to their smaller size, they can’t offer free shipping due to mounting expenses. Standard shipping rates range from $3.95 to $7.95.

Click here to explore their products page.

16. Hem

Hem website product page

For those of you who prefer less elaborate and more simpler designs, Hem has just the selection for you. Their throw pillows are perfect for interiors with minimalistic designs that are inspired by Scandinavian designs. Hem offers throw pillows of different sizes and shapes, ranging from back grid cushion to plain covers featuring solid colors.

The best part about Hem is their free shipping policy in 48 US states. This saves you a ton of money in terms of shipping costs. Hem also offers a robust cancellation policy that is designed to ensure you get the best product possible, although you only get 5 days to review the product and make up your mind. Perhaps most impressive about their service is the customer service team, they always seem ready to help.

Click here to explore their products page.

17. Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia website product page

Has anyone even heard of this lesser known company? Obscurity motivates small startups to go the extra mile and earn customer trust, and Lulu & Georgia is no different. Their throw pillows are some of the highest quality products we could find. The impressive (and absolutely massive) selection of throw pillows threw us off our feet! For a smaller company, they’re doing amazingly well.

They have a cool referral policy, so if you’re able to convince your friends to buy their products (they’ll get 15% discount too), you get $50 dollars off for your purchase. Think of all the money you can save! That’s mighty generous and very convenient.

Click here to explore their products page.

18. Leif Shop

Leif Shop website product page

Leif quickly grew from obscurity into one of the most popular home décor companies on the internet. They have a massive range of product to choose from, these include jewelry and accessories, paper, artwork, and of course, extremely decorative throw pillows. Each throw pillow has a unique design that should give your room a cool makeover.

The throw pillows are a little on the expensive side, but their durability, cute texture, and innovative design definitely makes it all worth it. Leif Shop has a generous return policy of 15 days. If you don’t like the product or if it arrived damaged, you can return it within 15 days of receiving it.

Click here to explore their products page.

19. website product page

If you’re looking for some extra stylish throw pillows to give your rooms an instant overhaul but don’t know where to look, Homies is the place to look at. We were wonderfully surprised to find their impressive range of products, with lots of variety. In terms of size, shape, and design, you will never run out of options.

If you don’t like the product, Homies provide you with a 7 day time period to return it. Items that were purchased on sale do not qualify for refunds, so be careful what you pick.

Click here to explore their products page.

20. H&M Home

H&M Home website product page

H&M Home has a cute selection of throw pillows. A cursory glance at their range of products will reveal that a lot of thinking went into selecting them. The best part about their throw pillows are the extremely affordable price tags for people on a budget. Some of their most fashionable throw pillows can be purchased for as low as $5.99.

And no, there is nothing wrong with the product itself. They’re durable, washable, and feature stylistic designs. If you’re looking for unbeatable prices that you won’t find elsewhere on the market, H&M has you covered. Unlike most companies, H&M actually cares about the planet and has a robust sustainability policy that can be read here.

Rest assured, they’re not milling their workers. We were really impressed with their emphasis on renewable goods, so if you care about the planet, you’ll be making it a better place by choosing H&M.

Click here to explore their products page.

21. The Company Store

The Company Store website product page

The Company Store contains a treasure trove of throw pillows, with tons of variety in terms of design, size, and color palette. The embroidery pillows feature watch towers, bicycles, sun bathers, flamingos, quotes and sayings, and ornate designs. Moreover, there are over 12 different sizes to choose from!

At the time of this article’s writing, there are over 100 different and highly versatile throw pillows to choose from. You can also qualify for free shipping on if you shop for products over $75. The throw pillows themselves are plush, soft to the tough, and will lend your room a decorative hand – with minimal effort. Make sure to take advantage of their discounts during special events, there’s a 20% discount to be had.

Click here to explore their products page.

22. Macy’s

Macy’s website product page

If you’re in the market for simple products with minimalistic design, then Macy’s is the perfect match for you. Their products are as barebones as they can get, of course we’re only talking about the aesthetics here. In terms of functionality, Macy’s products will beat their competitors by miles. Their throw pillows are designed to make you feel extremely comfortable.

The throw pillow covers are durable, machine washable, hypoallergenic, and built to last. Their prices tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum. Macy’s does feature massive discounts promos every now and then, make sure to take advantage of these. Macy’s has one of the most generous return policies on the market, if you don’t like their product for some reason, you have a whopping 180 days to return them.

Click here to explore their products page.

23. Hoelscher’s Online

Hoelscher’s Online website product page

This family owned and operated store has a focus on specialty items such as throw pillow. They grew popular and eventually added more supplies. Hoelscher’s has a decent selection of throw pillows in many different designs and shapes to choose from. They are a very reputable business and have maintained partnerships with lots of businesses ranging.

Scroll through their cute throw pillows to see if you like something, and there’s a ton of variety. The only inconvenient thing about their online store is that it doesn’t reveal the prices. You’ll have to ring their sales rep a call if you want something. Unfortunately Hoelsher’s does not offer big discounts, but their products are definitely worth a buy regardless.

Click here to explore their products page.

24. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer website product page

Marks and Spencer is another e-commerce giant that has a long history of business dating back to 1884. Since then, it has grown in size. M&S offers a slew of products, including wine, flowers, food, furniture, and of course, throw pillows. Their throw pillows are not what you could call, ‘stylish’. They are extremely lackluster in terms of design, but they get the job done.

These throw pillows are as barebones as they can get, but maintain functionality when it comes to being soft, plush, easy to wash, and durable. Since there’s no elaborate artwork, prices are on the low end of the spectrum, being as low as $4. They do offer plenty of discounts, which can drive down prices.

Click here to explore their products page.

25. Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus website product page

Neiman Marus are a popular online retail store that sells women’s wear, handbags, shoes, and other accessories. They also specialize in selling eclectic throw pillows, with over 2300 items to choose from. The search engine has helpful filters that can be adjusted to help you find the right size, shape, type, color, and price of the throw pillow.

Neiman Marcus frequently feature big sales and discounts on their products, allowing you to save big without having to sacrifice quality and design.

Click here to explore their products page.

26. Foam Order

Foam Order website product page

Foam Order exclusively focuses on pillow inserts and upholstery. As a result, their products tend to be very durable with extra emphasis on quality. They offer custom sewing services for throw pillows, mattresses, and other items. Every aspect of your throw pillow is fully customizable, including the size, shape, fabric, and insert type.

Foam Order makes it possible to give you all the creative control to design the perfect throw pillow. Their website may seem a little confusing to navigate through, but you can always reach their customer support team for more information.

Click here to explore their products page.

27. Light in the Box

Light in the Box website product page

We discovered this online shop by accident, but are glad to have done so. The sheer variety of throw pillows is mindboggling, the artwork is just magnificent. Most products in their lineup are available in packs of five, with each throw pillow being a different color. The throw pillows are super affordable, eclectic, durable, stylish, and will give your interiors a cute makeover.

Light in the Box has a return policy in case you don’t end up liking the product, and you have a pretty wide window of 14 days to make up your mind. Although you will have to cough up the price for return shipping fees. Shop now to avail some hefty discounts and coupon codes.

Click here to explore their products page.

28. RoseWholeSale

RoseWholeSale website product page

It was delightfully surprising to see so many cute throw pillows on Rose Whole Sale. Most throw pillows can be purchased at a substantial discount, with some items faring for as little as $5.00 and even lower! Our favorite pick is the mermaid themed throw pillow which is complemented against a white backdrop for maximum impact. Most throw pillows on Rose Whole Sale feature a sea theme, which is always welcome.

Rose Whole Sale offers several products including swimwear, clothes, jewelry, accessories, and bags. The neat search engine makes it easy to find your desired product without spending long hours. Rose Whole Sale brags about having the cheapest products on the market without sacrificing quality. The price tag of $3 on some awesome throw pillows should attest to that.

Click here to explore their products page.

29. Dress Lily

Dress Lily website product page

Dress Lily is another source of great throw pillows at a bargain. There are many designs, color themes, and murals to choose from. Most throw pillows feature cheerful cartoons on the cover, which makes them a likely contender as a gift for children. Perhaps more importantly, the vast majority of these throw pillow cases are available at affordable price tags.

Dress Lily frequently takes advantage of main events and important occasions to promote their product with heavily discounted prices. Furthermore, if your order exceeds $45.00, you can qualify for free shipping, which is always a welcome feature.

Click here to explore their products page.

30. The Pillow Collection

The Pillow Collection website product page

This online retailer has a motto that promises designer pillows and fabrics, but without the designer price tags. But don’t just take their word for it, if you explore their catalogue, you’ll see they’re kind of right. Most throw pillows have some of the most visually striking patterns and embroidery to give a massive makeover to your room.

Furthermore, the search engine on the left pane makes it easy to sort through your choice of pillows, giving you control over material, pattern, style, and price. Speaking of which, their most expensive throw pillow is the Iden Geometric Throw Pillow Brown at $1,000. Looks like there is a market for ‘enthusiast’ throw pillow fans to take advantage of, and The Pillow Collection is at the center of it.

Click here to explore their products page.

31. Society 6

Society 6 website product page

The reason why Society 6 made it to our list is that it frequently collaborates with independent artists. This unique business model promotes indie artists to explore their creativity with undefined boundaries, giving us some of the best artwork money can buy. Society 6 also happens to have one of the biggest collections of throw pillows on the market.

There are about 100 pages worth of throw pillows to scroll through. Once again the helpful search engine comes to the rescue, helping you sort throw pillows by their shape, pattern, color, and size. With over a thousand cute throw pillows to choose from, you’re bound to come across something that catches your fancy.

Click here to explore their products page.

32. Zazzle

Zazzle website product page

With a cool name like “Zazzle”, anyone would assume it’s a company ran by a group of teenagers. But Zazzle is quite a professional e-commerce site with tons of different product to choose from, ranging from electronics to throw pillows. Speaking of which, there’s all kinds of throw pillows available. We really like the ‘create your own’ products which allow you to customize the cover to your heart’s content.

Zazzle throw pillows make it so much easier to curate your own little message, artwork, and even collage of photos at an affordable price tag. So if you want to test your creative limits, give Zazzle a try.

Click here to explore their products page.

33. World Market

World Market website product page

World Market may not be uber popular but it has been on the market for over 60 years now, which gives the giant ecommerce retailer plenty of experience. While their specialty is furniture items, World Market does have a decent collection of throw pillows in different designs. Their neat dash board makes it easy to search for your choice of throw pillow, and these include chair cushions, floor pillows, and velvet pillows.

They offer free shipping on orders over $99, There are plenty of discount coupons and promo codes to exploit… for the savvy shopper. Save big and shop today!

Click here to explore their products page.

34. Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Caitlin Wilson Textiles website product page

Caitlin Wilson is an eminent name in the textile industry, and for good reason. Their textiles have left a lasting impact on the market, being durable, plush, comfortable, breathable, and featuring eclectic designs that look good in any space. They have a great line up of throw pillows as well, each featuring some of the best embroidery we’ve seen in a long time.

Unfortunately there are no cool features such as ‘free shipping’, and you’ll have to foot the bill for the shipping charges yourself. But that little hiccup shouldn’t prevent you from shopping for the best throw pillows on the market. A robust returns policy of 14 days gives you plenty of time to make up your mind about the product.

Click here to explore their products page.

35. Furbish Studio

Furbish Studio website product page

This online retailer has a pretty decent lineup of throw pillows that you won’t find on Amazon. Our favorite is the evil eye pillow, which is made to resemble an eye shape. The ‘realistic’ iris embroidery should give you haunting chills if you stare too long though. There’s velvet pillows in solid colors, chevron patterned pillows, animal prints, and floral throw pillows.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a search engine to sort between so many throw pillows, so you will be spending a few minutes of your precious time weeding through endless patterns for a product that fits the bill. There is a helpful returns policy of at least seven days (some have 21 days) to return a product you don’t like.

Click here to explore their products page.

36. John Robshaw Textiles

John Robshaw Textiles website product page

What sets John Robshaw Textiles apart from other retailers on this list is that the bulk of their artisans come from the Middle East and Asia. This provides them access to some of the most unique throw pillows on the market. Browsing through their website is like exploring a museum in a different part of the world.

But as is true for most artwork imported from overseas, the price tags tend to be on the high end of the spectrum, with some throw pillows being as expensive as a whopping $195. This shouldn’t detract you from exploring though, as most throw pillows in their collection are worth the hefty price tag. There’s also a return policy to help you get refunds on defect products that didn’t meet your expectations.

Click here to explore their products page.

37. Burke Décor

Burke Décor website product page

Burke Décor is geared more towards the enthusiast market, with high-end products that fetch hefty price tags. Even the most barebones throw pillows with virtually no designs or color schematics are a little expensive at $36 or more. Good news is that you can use their $250 gift card by signing up now to get some cool discounts. Of course you’ll have to ‘win’ the gift card first by entering your email, which is simple enough.

Their collection of bright pillows and contemporary designs makes the extra effort worth the extra steps. There is a large collection of throw pillows to wade through, so you’re better off using their search engine on the left pane to arrange the products based on your needs. A good returns policy makes it possible to return the products if you’re not satisfied.

Click here to explore their products page.

38. Arianna Belle

Arianna Belle website product page

Arianna Belle is a popular designer known for her contemporary designs that look good on most interior decors. An extra service that her online store offers is the custom pillows. This allows you to explore your creativity and imbue the throw pillows with a touch of your personality. The price tag is quite versatile, so there’s something for everyone.

There are solid color throw pillows, animal prints, and ornate designs that can’t be described in words. You have to check out her online store to find for yourself. There’s always a chance for the occasional flawed product to slip through the cracks of the      QA team, which is why the returns policy is so useful. You have a window of 10 days to return the product, but there’s a 25% restocking fee.

Click here to explore their products page.

39. Pillow Décor

Pillow Décor website product page

Pillow décor is another rare gem that you won’t find with a quick Google search. We had to dig through several pages to uncover it. But the rare products that we found for sale made the journey worth it. Pillow Décor exclusively designs throw pillows and nothing else. Which explains why they have such an amazing collection of throw pillows that dwarves other online vendors by several pages.

The helpful search filters make it possible to narrow down to your pick up throw pillows. You can tweak different settings that include color, fabric, size, shape, and pattern to make your shopping journey smaller. You can have the product returned within 15 days of receipt to get a full refund. This buys you a long enough window of time to decide if the product is a good choice.

Click here to explore their products page.

40. Simons

Simons website product page

Simons is another lesser known online store that has a lot of hidden gems in store for you. Most throw pillows are cute to look at, feature a durable, plush fabric that is smooth to the touch, and are built to last several years. Despite being so feature rich, the price tag is extremely affordable. Unfortunately, there aren’t many throw pillows to choose from here, but there are well over 100 throw pillows.

The best part is that orders above $100 or more will allow you to qualify for free shipping, which his never a bad option. Simons offers a pretty generous 30 days returns policy for all items totaling above $10.00. You will be charged a flat fee of $5 for the returns service, but that doesn’t have to break the deal at all. There are lots of throw pillows to explore here, so it’s worth the hassle.

Click here to explore their products page.

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