Top 50 Online Stores for Buying Wallpapers

So, you know what kind of wallpaper you want for your room design – but where to get it? Fortunately, it’s easy to buy wallpaper online. In fact, shopping online will give you access to many more designs than any local store can.

Top 50 Online Stores for Buying Wallpapers

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 50 online stores where you can buy wallpaper for home decor purposes. Between them, these stores offer literally millions of designs, of various types of wallpaper. Let’s dive right into the list!

1. Amazon

Amazon is right now the biggest website that sells products, with millions and millions of items for all kinds of niche. This also applies to room wallpapers. Search results on Amazon for ‘wallpapers’ yield over 50,000 results. Despite having trade relations with hundreds of thousands of vendors, Amazon has pretty strong checks and balances to ensure your product arrives safe and as it was described.

The whopping selection of wallpaper includes faux patterns, shapes, vibrant colors, or minimalist themes for more Scandinavian color palettes. Most products listed are durable, reliable, and long-lasting, you just can’t go wrong with Amazon.

Wallpapers on Amazon

2. Wayfair

Wayfair doesn’t nearly have the same reach as Amazon, but it does have a sizable influence on home décor products, including of course, wallpapers. The e-commerce giant has all styles, shapes, and fabrics to match your budget. Wayfair has a pretty helpful search tool with versatile filtering options that let you narrow down to wallpapers that match your requirements.

Most of the wallpapers on Wayfair’s list are extremely easy to install, which means you won’t be grinding for several hours on end trying to install it.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

3. Minted

Minted made it to the top ten because they have lots of bright wallpaper murals, thanks of course to an impressive roster of independent artists who utilize their creative talents to the fullest. Their wallpapers are essentially giant patterns and images that will look cool on your wallpaper.

The best part is that most of their wallpapers are removable, which his always a plus. If you don’t like one particular wallpaper, you can always have it removed and reinstalled elsewhere for a better overall look. Their website always features massive discounts on some products, so make sure you avail them to make some savings.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

4. Etsy

Etsy has by far, the biggest collection of wallpapers on the internet right now, with over 92,000 results to choose from. If you don’t want to spend endless hours searching for a product that strikes your fancy, you’ll have to choose their search tool to cut down on the time. But the fact that instantly threw us off our feet was that the vast majority of their wallpapers are extremely stylish.

Being a large e-commerce store comes with some perks, including free delivery. However, not all products qualify for free delivery.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

5. Kate Zaremba Company

Kate Zaremba is kind of a big name in the textile market, popular for her stylish designs that are very unique. These wallpapers should give your room an instant makeover and make great first impressions on guests. The best part is that most of the wallpapers are available from $5.00 onwards, which is impressive given how small Kate Zaremba Company actually is.

Most of the wallpapers on their list are fully removable, giving you the ability to experiment with different rooms for maximum aesthetic appeal. Our favorite wallpaper is the Sierra Red and Peach print wallpaper, so make sure you check it out.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

6. Overstock

No comprehensive list of home décor online retailers is complete without Overstock on it. Overstock is by far one of the most influential retailers famous for stocking on only the finest products money can buy. Their wallpapers instantly impressed us due to the sheer scale of choice here. For some reason, Overstock always has massive discounts between 10% and 20% on some products.

There’s something for everyone on Overstock, and if you don’t like a product, you can get it returned within a time span of 30 days. If you exceed this time limit, you will only get a partial refund.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

7. Walmart

Walmart is another massive conglomerate that has been affected by the disruptive force of digitization, having closed several physical stores thanks to Amazon. Being ecommerce giants, Walmart has access to a huge range of wallpapers, ranging from faux wood to solid colors to eclectic geometric patterns. There’s something for everyone on Walmart. Best part is the free shipping that you can get on some products.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

8. Target

You’d be surprised to find Target so far down our list, after all, it is the go to place for online shoppers – they would have been it to the top of our list but for one reason – there’s not enough variety. Target has been closing their physical stores due to increased competition from the likes of Amazon, but they are picking up pace fast with their robust online stores.

There are only 298 wallpapers to choose from, which is disappointing given how synonymous Target is with online shopping. The saving grace for Target is their free shipping policy which gets the product delivered to your doorstep in as little as 2 days. Now that’s impressive!

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

9. Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown has been described by experts as one of the best sources of wallpapers, and for good reason. Their wallpapers are hands down, some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen, taking advantage of bright colors and lustrous patterns that bring a breath of fresh air to your room. Scrolling through their impressive collection of wallpapers can take you hours, which is where their search tool comes in handy.

You can filter a particular style, pattern, and shape based on your requirements, and narrow your selection of products.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

10. Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler isn’t a particularly well known e-commerce site, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less capable of delivering quality and quantity. They have the best selection of vintage wallpapers we could find on the internet. Retro wallpapers are a neat way to help you transform your walls in style.

The wallpapers are slightly on the expensive side of things, with the cheapest wallpaper rolls starting out at $300.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

11. Lulu & Georgia

Lulu and Georgia almost always have a big promotion running on their website which lets new visitors avail generous discounts on some pretty stylish types of wallpapers. Although they have a fairly limited selection of wallpapers, they feature cool illustrations and patterns. Some wallpapers, due to their specific patterns, are available in only a single color, while other products are more versatile in terms of choice.

Lulu and Georgia is a customer-centric website, which focuses on making your shopping experience better. Their free returns policy says it all, giving you 14 days to see if your choice of wallpaper actually makes sense before returning the product.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

12. Anthropologie

There’s a chance you already know about Anthropologie. They have grown into one of the most popular destinations for chic wallpapers, which is why they’re the first stop for buyers in the market for wallpaper. Anthropologie has a selection of around 363 wallpapers, but they all feature eclectic patterns that should be able to give a complete aesthetic makeover to your room.

A helpful search tool makes it easy to sort all the wallpapers by design, you can choose floral wallpapers, abstracts, murals, and plain black and white wallpaper rolls.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

13. Chasing Paper

The slogan for Chasing Paper makes it instantly clear that all their wallpapers are stylish and removable. They have a pretty big range of wallpapers to choose from. You can shop by category to make your search a little easier. Search filters include color, patterns, and styles. Most wallpapers are extremely affordable, which is always a welcome feature.

Chasing Paper always has a promotion campaign or two on their website to attract newcomers, giving generous discounts and concessions. Make sure you take advantage of these before buying.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

14. West Elm

West Elm is a popular multi-brand online retailer with a large number of wallpaper prints that are affordable at very accessible price points. They don’t have a particularly large selection of wallpapers, which explains why they’re all so visually striking. A lot of thought and effort went into the selection of these wallpapers, by choosing West Elm, you’ll save a lot of time spent researching for a product.

To help make your purchase even more affordable, West Elm has discount campaigns help you save a generous amount of money.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

15. Spoonflower

If you’ve been in the interior décor market, then chances are that you’ve already come across Spoonflower. They don’t really need an introduction, and have definitely earned a spot on our list. Spoonflower has a pretty robust discount program that gives first time buyers generous concessions they won’t find elsewhere.

Since there are thousands of wallpapers to choose from, you can narrow your search by using Spoonflower’s helpful filters to make shopping easier. Spoonflower has a pretty decent returns policy that gives you 60 days to fully check the product and decide if it is the right fit for your room.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

16. Wallpaper Direct

It’s unbelievable how massive their collection of wallpapers is, giving big companies like Amazon a run for their money! There are a total of 11,987 wallpapers on Wallpaper Direct featuring geometric patterns, floral designs, animal murals, and solid colors to name a few. To make shopping a little easier,  Wallpaper Direct has a helpful tool that lets you narrow down your search using different filters.

You can sort by price, colors, designs, and styles. Prices range from a low of $15 to the extravagantly high of $1328 – that’s a hefty price tag for wallpapers!

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

17. Flat Vernacular

Flat Vernacular is one of the few vendors online that takes advantage of cutting edge technology to produce innovative wallpapers that strike the perfect balance between quality and price. They have everything ranging bright, eye catching patterns to whimsical prints. Anyone who wants to make a power statement and personalize their walls will find Flat Vernacular a great option.

There are hundreds of wallpapers to purchase, so go ahead and check out Flat Vernacular to see if they’ve got something in store for you.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

18. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is an online retail giant that lets you take advantage of free shipping to help you maximize your savings. They have a large number of products to choose from, from men’s clothes to beauty products to wallpapers. In terms of design and color, Urban Outfitters has a unbeatable, but limited collection of wallpapers that should give an instant makeover to your room.

The best part is that all returns are free if you live in the US, so if you received a defective product or decided to change your mind, you have a window of 30 days to return the product and get your money back!

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

19. Wallpaper Warehouse

Wallpaper Warehouse specializes in only the best wallpapers money can buy. They have literally thousands of wallpapers to choose from. The left pane features the most helpful filter options that let you narrow down to your choice of products. Wallpaper Warehouse frequently brags about discounted wallpapers, in fact, this is their slogan!

This explains why some of their best wallpapers can be purchased at a low price of $0.81 sq/ft. Their free shipping policy is reasonably attractive and is broad enough to include most of the United States. They have a pretty robust returns policy of 60 days if you don’t like the wallpaper or if it arrived damaged.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

20. Wallpapers To Go

This is a lesser known company that wasn’t exactly easy to find, but we’re glad it made the list. They have hundreds of wallpapers to choose from, featuring all kinds of colors, patterns, murals, and styles. There’s something for everyone here. There is free shipping on all products and generous discounts to make your first purchase that much easier.

You have precisely 14 days to see if the product hits all the marks. If you return a product for reasons other than having a defective product, you will have to cough up 25 to 30 percent restocking fee, which is fair enough.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

21. Wallcover

Wallcover has some of the most popular wallpapers on the internet, covering digital trends that dominated 2018 and are still relevant today. What really surprised us was the massive number of products they have on list, exceeding well over 18,000 wallpapers in total.

The epic scale of choice can seem rather intimidating at first, but you can use the filter tool to narrow down your favorite products based on color, style, design, and even manufacturer. The website does come across as rather clunky, but if you can get past that, Wallcover wins all points from us.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

22. Inside Wallpaper

Inside Wallpaper always features generous discounts on several products with up to 70 percent off. The wallpaper designs are visually appealing and should give your room an easy makeover without having to break the budget. There are hundreds of items to choose from, but the website makes it extremely easy to scroll through each product.

Damaged wallpaper can be returned within 30 days of receipt, although that tends to be a rare case. You can qualify for free shipping if the order exceeds $200. Overall, Inside Wallpaper wins high marks from us, give it a try!

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

23. Home Depot

Home Depot is usually in the news for all the wrong reasons such as poor sales, poor performance, and dwindling demand. Fortunately, they managed to keep up with the times and now boast a strong online presence. Their roster of products now includes eclectic wallpapers that should overhaul your room without exceeding your budget.

What impressed us most was their list of products, with over 12,000 wallpapers to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Home Depot. Orders over $45 qualify for free shipping. Upon receipt, you will be given a total of 90 days to receive a full refund should the product fail to inspire you.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

24. Burke Décor

Burke Décor deals in luxury products that feature ornate designs if you want to go for a more extravagant appearance. For a store that isn’t that well known, Burke Décor impresses with over 10,000 wallpapers in their collection. Sales and discounts are a prominent theme for the store, depending on what time of day it is or what promo code you end up using.

Burke Décor has a pretty cool system in place for savvy shoppers to take advantage of. All in all, a must visit if you’re looking for some cool wallpapers.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

25. Light in the Box

Light in the Box has well over 700 wallpapers to browse through, each product features different colors and patterns.  The helpful search bar makes it extremely easy to narrow down to your favorite wallpaper. All wallpapers are affordable and shouldn’t break your budget. There’s everything from animal murals to faux brick patterns to floral designs, you can tell that tons of effort went into selecting each wallpaper.

Light in the Box should be your go-to place for home décor shopping, go ahead and give it a try.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

26. Murals Wallpaper

Murals Wallpaper is another popular ecommerce store that has thousands of products to choose from. In fact, this online retailer has by far the most impressive roster of wallpapers in terms of design, color, and patterns. But more importantly, all their wallpapers are made using sustainably sourced materials. Moreover, the print used for their vibrant wallpapers are water based, which makes them 100% environmentally friendly.

Since you don’t have to worry about your children making contact with toxic materials, Murals Wallpapers is the best online store to choose if safety is your number one priority.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

27. Decorators Best

Decorators Best claims to be the number one source of wallpapers on the internet, they even go so far as to offer $20 discounts to new visitors who just saw their website. Orders above $100 qualify for free shipping, which should help you make some substantial savings.

You can get a product returned if it doesn’t meet your expectations, although be prepared to cough up 25% restocking fee. That’s our only problem with the website really.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

28. Finest Wallpaper


The lesser known “Finest Wallpaper” is a rare gem that we uncovered after a lot of searching. We’re glad it ended up on our list because their collection of wallpapers is just heartwarming. The sheer variety of their wallpapers will easily consume all your free time, and then some.

Finest Wallpaper offers free shipping on orders over $250, which is rare for a smaller online retailer. The only problem we have with them is their non-existent returns policy, which they state very clearly on their website. It’s good to know they don’t offer refunds before you get roped into buying a product you don’t end up liking. But chances of that happening are fairly slim.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

29. Wallpaper Wholesaler

They claim to have over 300,000 patterns and colors to choose from, which is mind bogglingly huge. It’s not humanely possible to scroll through all 300,000 patterns, but such a large number should be able to satisfy some of the most niche tastes on the market. Popular products like vinyl, country, and damask themed wallpapers are available at discounted prices.

Wallpaper Wholesaler has a return policy of 30 days, which buys you a long enough time to decide if the product is a good match for your tastes. Oh and there’s free shipping on most products, with some exclusions.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

30. Walls Need Love

These guys are masters of their craft, and with a fun name that reads, “Walls Need Love”, you know they’ve got your back. Like most retailers, Walls Need Love frequently gives away discounts through promo codes that savvy shoppers will take advantage of. You will find bohemian designs, floral patterns, animal prints, and geometric murals, to name just a few.

The best feature about Walls Need Love is that all their products are fully removable. You can experiment with them endlessly without having to worry about wearing them out. The child safe inks are so fade resistant that they can last for up to 60 years. Another great find we’re glad to feature on our list.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

31. Select Wallpaper

This online retailer is based in the UK, although they do ship across to the US. This unfortunately means they won’t be able to fulfill free shipping to customers living in the US, which is understandable. There’s tons of variety here, from floral designs, to animal prints, to geometric patterns. Nothing on their list will disappoint.

If you’re in the market for trendy wallpapers but don’t know where to start, Select Wallpaper has you covered. They do have a pretty helpful returns policy, giving you 14 days to try a product to make up your mind.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

32. Hirshfield’s

Hirshfield’s is extremely influential in the home décor industry, and for good reason. They have some of the most trendy collection of products that you won’t find elsewhere. For all their exclusive products, Hirshfield’s tends to be the most affordable online vendor on the market. They emphasize quality above all else ensuring that their product remains durable for several years to come.

They have a pretty decent discount system in place that lets you take advantage of massive savings. You can return a product that you don’t like within 45 days of receipt. A 25% discount coupon for instance, makes your first purchase a lot easier on your wallet.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

33. Guthrie Bowron

Guthrie Bowron is a group of expert decorating specialists with years of experience in wallpaper design. They are largely located in New Zealand, but have gained international coverage due to their highly durable products that hit the sweet spot in terms of quality and price.

Unlike other retailers on this list, Guthrie Brown offers a comprehensive design catalog instead of ready made products. You would be surprised to learn, as did we, that Guthrie Brown has been in the market for a whopping 120 years, no wonder why they’re so popular.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

34. Decorating Centre Online

These guys are based in the UK and are best known for their free sample service. This means you can order a free sample of a wallpaper that catches your fancy without having to pay a single penny. Another great feature that sets this online retailer apart from its competitors is that their same batch guarantee. All their highly stylish wallpapers are manufactured in the same batch, which results in a highly consistent product.

They have hundreds of wallpapers to choose from. Making your shopping spree easier is the helpful search bar that lets you filter wallpapers based on your specifications.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

35. Wallpaper Boulevard

Wallpaper Boulevard is a great find that also made it to our list because of its great selection of wallpapers. There’s faux wood, faux brick, geometric murals, floral trails, and even artwork featuring humans and animals. It’s a cost-effective way to spruce up your home without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately they do not offer free shipping, but that won’t bother you because of the sheer scale of wallpapers in their catalog. Their cheapest offering fares for as low as $16.99, with the most expensive wallpaper bragging an extravagant price tag exceeding $400!

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

36. Macy’s

Macy’s takes the idea of wallpapers to the next level, allowing you to give your living space a complete makeover. If you’re clever with your purchase, you might be able to maximize savings. Macy’s has a large selection of stylish and attractive wallpapers that are fun to look at. Their wallpapers utilize high quality fabric that is built to last several years while the print won’t fade away.

Macy’s gives you the power of creativity so your home can truly look like an extension of your personality. If you want a product that can withstand rough use, go with Macy’s.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

37. Steve’s Blinds & Wallpapers

You can buy prepasted wallpapers in versatile designs that should look good on your walls. These wallpapers are feature rich and pack all the bells and whistles you would expect from modern offerings. Steve’s is a lesser known online retailer, which gives them all the more reason to put emphasis on customer satisfaction.

They also have a return policy that lets you return a wallpaper you don’t like, you have a whopping 30 days to do so. The only downside is the 30 percent restocking fee, with such a steep price, you might as well just keep the wallpaper.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

38. Luxewalls

Based in Australia, Luxewall takes advantage of bleeding edge technology to provide you with the most customizable service possible. Their design catalogue boasts 100 million different images – all custom printed based on your specifications. All their wallpapers are fully removable. Luxewalls places extra emphasis on ease of installation, which gives you tons of creative control.

Whether you want to be surrounded by a collage of your family portraits, or something more visually striking that features the great outdoors, Luxewall has you covered. You can qualify for free shipping on orders over $500, although that’s a bit steep.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

39. Svenskt Tenn

Although the name of the store is more than mouthful, don’t let that distract you from their impressive catalog of wallpapers. Svenskt Tenn has some of the most cool looking wallpapers we’ve seen yet. They are based in Sweden but offer shipping to the United States. But why would you want to jump through extra hoops to source a wallpaper from Sweden when you have the likes of Amazon?

Quality. Svenskt Tenn emphasizes quality above all else. The only disadvantage with Svenskt Tenn are the steep price tags and a virtually non-existent discount policy in place. Furthermore, there’s the shipping costs. But the quality is well worth the price if you ask us.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

40. Little Greene

Located in a corner quietly tucked away in England, Little Greene is virtually unknown in the USA, but their colorful and vibrant wallpapers earned them a spot on our list. Their design team pulls no punches when it comes to eclectic patterns that should give your home a transformative makeover. Your guests would be more than impressed with how impressive the colors look.

A little known fact about this online store is its emphasis on environmentally friendly products. If you care about things such as global warming and pollution, then Little Greene is just the store for you.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

41. Wallpaper From the 70s

That’s literally their store’s name, “Wallpaper From the 70s”, because they specialize in vintage wallpapers that pack a nostalgic punch. Making this little known online store unique is their partnership with 10 of the most creative designers we’ve ever known, including Dupenny, Studio Ditte, Vatos, and Majvillan.

The result is glorious design with elegant radiance that should immerse your guests in a world of luxury. Our only issues with them are the limited options, there’s literally only 29 of them.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

42. Rosie’s Vintage Wallpaper

If you’re looking for vintage wallpapers, Rosie Vintage Wallpaper has got some great products for a trip down the memory lane. You don’t have to be from the 70s to appreciate the artwork of the 70s by the way. There’s vintage florals, plaid patterns, pottery artwork, and other murals that you won’t find on any other list.

The wallpapers are not cheap unfortunately, and there’s only 8 products on the list.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

43. New Wall

Before meeting New Wall, we had no idea how stylish walls could get. The artwork to choose from is just epic, in fact, the sheer number of design patterns is staggering. There’s everything from wildlife to flowers to weird geometric patterns that make no sense but are cool to look at. There’s a ton of variety and if you decide to splurge a little extra, New Wall will provide you with free shipping.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

44. I Want Wallpaper

This online store’s name couldn’t get more brutish if it wanted to, “I want Wallpaper” sounds like an angry kid screaming for candy (or wallpaper). But don’t let that get to you, because this store has over 2600 wallpapers to offer. There’s a helpful search pane towards the left to make shopping a tad bit easier. There’s free shipping for residents in the UK, although if you’re in the US, you’ll have to foot the entire shipping bill yourself. Not bad for a quality wallpaper that can transform your entire room at an affordable price tag.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

45. Source 4 Interiors

Source 4 Interiors are good at what they do because of their strategic partnerships with almost all popular artists worldwide. If you want access to exclusive designs that aren’t available on mainstream ecommerce stores like Amazon and eBay, then Source 4 Interiors should be your source for all things wallpaper.

The bright and bold designs should give your home a cool makeover without overstretching your budget.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

46. Annandale Wallpapers

We’re excited to feature this online store on our list because it has some of the most unique prints on the internet. The basic idea behind Annandale Wallpapers is to make creative wallpaper design more accessible for the general public. So if you’re a fellow DIYer and want wallpapers that give you more creative control in terms of application and experimentation, then Annandale Wallpapers is a great choice.

Besides, the artwork more than impresses, lending amazing visual appeal to your walls.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

 47. Vintage Wallpapers

These guys claim to have the largest collection of rare and vintage wallpapers with an impressive time stamp dating back to the 1920s all the way to the 1980s. There’s a high chance you’ll stumble across something truly vintage that isn’t available on Amazon. Despite laying claim to exclusivity, most wallpapers on the online store are fairly affordable.

There’s tons of visual variety here. Our favorite wallpapers on the list feature floral patterns. Some items have limited stock, this mostly applies to wallpapers from the 50s though, so hurry up if you care about vintage appeal.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

48. Wall Candy Wallpaper

Wall Candy Wallpaper is a small company based in Australia with a fairly larger stock of some of the most beautiful wallpapers we’ve ever seen. There’s a treasure trove of eclectic wallpapers with different styles, color schemes, designs, and texture. You can also choose plain wallpapers to go for a predominantly Scandinavian theme.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

49. Silk Interiors

Chances are you probably haven’t heard of Silk Interiors, but that’s fine because they’re an up and coming startup with an ambitious plan – to give fans of the DIY mantra some more creativity and control. You can start off by ordering a sample, and if that impresses you, go ahead and buy the entire wallpaper roll.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

50. Manolo Walls

Last, but not the least is Manolo Walls. They’re new in town, and are already expanding aggressively with bright and vibrant wallpapers that make for a visually striking display. Give your home an eclectic touch up with murals that cover varying designs such as flowers, animals, and plain solid covers. They also feature free shipping within the US, not bad for a startup.

Click here to explore their wallpaper products page.

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