13 Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Layout Ideas

Open kitchens with minimal walls seamlessly flow into dining and living areas, giving your home a modern and spacious feel. However, they come with some challenges.

13 Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Layout Ideas

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Less wall space means fewer cabinets and any kitchen mess is visible from the rest of the house. No hiding dirty dishes here!

Despite these issues, open floor plans are super popular and sell faster than closed ones. If you’re interested in an open kitchen and living room design, here are some images to inspire you:

1. Bi-Level

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A double floored apartment space with a brown sectional sofa, glass coffee table, and an open kitchen area

This dual-level design would be great for a home where a lot of different activities occur in common areas. A small kitchen could be placed on the wall in the dining area.

The living room and multipurpose loft are all connected, allowing family members to talk to each other no matter where they are. 

2.  Maximizing Space

Small living room with an open kitchen area and living area with white sofas, and a wooden flooring

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on amenities. By using an open floor plan, this designer was able to fit a dining room, living room, and kitchen in a very limited space.

There’s even a small bonus loft that would be great as an office. 

3.  Cook’s Treat

An open plan kitchen area and living room with white painted walls and a modern kitchen island

It can seem impractical to have a huge kitchen when your space is limited, but this design proves it can work.

This gourmet kitchen doesn’t scrimp on luxuries, and the open plan seamlessly incorporates it into the rest of the house.

The bar doubles as an island for working and a dining space, while the living room is close enough for the cook to chat with everyone else. 

4.  Minimal and Modern

A small living room with an open kitchen and dining area

The clean, simple lines of the furniture and structures in this home make for a beautifully modern space.

The three main common areas, the kitchen, living room, and dining area, are all close enough to feel like they are in the same room.

Because the kitchen is situated by the far wall and includes an island, there is a surprisingly large cabinet space. 

5.  Industrial Chic

Interior of a gorgeous living room with cream painted walls and an accent wall on the living room area

An open layout can work with any design style. Modern industrial design is particularly well-suited to an open floor plan, though.

The locker-like cabinets and task lighting in this plan carry the industrial aesthetic throughout the space. At the same time, the natural stone finishes and blocky furniture add to the sparse, modern feel. 

6.  Spacious Retreat

Interior of a luxurious contemporary open kitchen living room with white sofas, contemporary kitchen, and beige walls

While open floor plans do make the most of a small space, that doesn’t mean they can’t look great in a bigger space as well. This large home manages to feel both spacious and homey.

There’s a bar for casual dining and a dining room for more formal meals. The glass doors that lead to the patio make the room seem even more expansive by providing a view of the outside. 

7.  Retro Charm

Open designed living room and kitchen incorporated with a contemporary design

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design, you’ll love this look. The barrel chair curves and the bar stools stand out against the counters and furniture’s straight lines.

The red accents complete the look by providing a pop of color in the otherwise neutral tones that characterize the rest of the house. 

8.  Small Style

Interior of a narrow apartment living room with an open kitchen and living room layout

Open floor plans shine in small spaces, packing everything you need into a cozy, intimate area.

This layout includes a bar, a separate dining area, and a distinct living room. Despite the lack of walls, it feels cozy and perfect for entertaining.

The numerous seating options ensure no one will feel crowded despite the small space. When the guests leave, the compact nature of this home makes it ideal for a small family. 

9.  Simple Flow

Interior of a spacious combined living room and kitchen with white painted walls, huge picture windows, and wooden flooring

This gorgeous combination room provides an effortless flow from the living area to the dining area to the kitchen.

The extra-large sectional sofa means there’s room for plenty of family and friends to gather to watch a movie. The plants bring a touch of nature, a welcoming element to modern homes.

Generous built-in bookshelves house a home library and decorative pieces, while accent lighting on the wall is perfect for displaying your favorite painting.

10. Airy Oasis

Interior of a spacious combined living room and kitchen with white painted walls, huge picture windows, and wooden flooring

One of the main benefits of an open floor plan is the shared light. This house lets all of the common rooms benefit from the natural light pouring in from the living room.

The grays and whites in the furniture and appliances really let the yellow of the spectacular chair in the living room be the focal point.

The glass coffee table echoes the oversized glass windows and does its job without providing additional clutter. 

11. Natural Inspiration 

Interior of contemporary living room and kitchen area with minimalist furnitures, and a white sofa

Another benefit of the open floor plan is that the decorative items in one room influence the other rooms.

In this adorable space, just a few plants seem like more because they can be seen throughout the house. The red refrigerator adds a lot of personality to this kitchen.

The floor plan’s modern aesthetic is carried over into the furnishings, such as the bookshelf and television stand. 

12.  Picture Perfect

Spacious contemporary open living room with a combined dining area and kitchen

This house is all about the view outside of the bank of windows. When you have a fabulous view, an open space lets it be seen from every area in the house.

With minimal, neutral furniture and just a few pops of color from the plants, every aspect of this home is designed to maximize the view. This home plan would be perfect for a beach or mountain home. 

13.  Effortless Design

Interior of a modern spacious living room with wooden flooring, modern furnitures, and huge glass sliding windows and doors

This plan is so simple and understated that the green chairs steal the show.  The rest of the house’s elements fade into the background, as they should.

Modern design focuses on function first. This kitchen features clean, sleek lines for cabinets and appliances, while the chairs add curves, keeping the neutral furniture from looking boring.


While there are some drawbacks to an open floor plan, such as less privacy and increased heating and cooling expenses, most homeowners find the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

One of the main reasons people remodel their house is to give it a more open floor plan, which is proven to increase the value of a house.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new house, there is a perfect open floor plan to suit your needs. 

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Spacious contemporary open living room with a combined dining area and kitchen, 13 Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Layout Ideas
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