17 Amazing Orange Bathroom Ideas

Contrary to what you might think, the bathroom doesn't have to be a room that exists solely for functionality. With the right approach, the bathroom can be a room that boasts exquisite decor, a space that supports your home's overall decorative scheme.

One of the best ways to really make your bathroom pop is by incorporating the color orange. Orange isn't commonly used for interior decor, which means a bathroom with an orange color scheme will certainly be noticed. What's more, the color orange adds a sense of freshness and vitality to the room even when used sparingly.

However, it can be difficult to determine how bold to go with the color orange in the bathroom. After all, the prospect of going too extreme with this unique color can certainly be daunting. 

But fear not, because we created a guide that will give you some creative inspiration for a bathroom with an orange theme. Without further ado let's get into it!

An orange wall bathroom with white paneled cabinets, white tiled base wall, and a white bathtub and white shower curtains, 17 Amazing Orange Bathroom Ideas

1. Orange Accents With Floral Design

Interior of a white walled bathroom with an orange wall vanity area


This bathroom features a beautiful contrast between white and orange. What makes this color scheme so incredible is the various shades and tones of orange. For example, the tile is a deep shade of orange while the towels and bath mat are a lighter, more moderate shade of orange. This variation adds depth to the space and enhances the aesthetic. 

The glass tiles flood the bathroom with natural light, also helping the orange colors not to look too harsh. 

Consider placing these orange bath mats in your bathroom for the perfect pop of color.

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2. Sparse Yet Powerful Orange Accents

Modern spacious bathroom with a hardwood door, orange bathtub and cabinets, and a sunroof window

In this bathroom, there are only a few pieces that are orange, but this choice certainly has a big impact on the room's aesthetic. The cabinets and bathtub share a rich shade of orange that really pops against the surrounding color palette. What gives this bathroom visual depth is the incorporation of wooden elements. These colors almost function as a shade of orange, supporting the loud color choice.

And lastly, the vibrant green mat is the perfect accent that ties the bathroom's colors together. It even looks a bit earthy.

3. Orange Bathtub Focal Point

An orange colored bathtub inside a gray wall and wooden tiled bathroom with a huge picture window

It goes without saying that the bathtub, thanks to its deep vibrant orange, is the focal point of this bathroom. Since the rest of the bathroom features a neutral color palette, the addition of a few small orange pieces (such as towels) helps ease what would otherwise be a harsh visual contrast. 

4. Orange Paint And Cabinet Hardware

An orange wall bathroom with white paneled cabinets, white tiled base wall, and a white bathtub and white shower curtains

In this bathroom, deep orange is the color choice for the walls. This color pairs exceptionally well with the white-and-black color palette, making for an eye-catching color combination. This contrasting color scheme is supported by the orange cabinet hardware that introduces the perfect amount of orange to the lower half of the room, tying it together.

Consider this orange cabinet hardware to create some visually-stimulating color contrast. 

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5. Orange Bathtub And Shower Tile

Narrow and modern bathroom with an orange tiled accent wall with a small vanity section and indoor plants

The orange in this bathroom is limited to the tile of the bathtub and shower, but the visual impact is profound. This use of color coupled with the bathroom's modern design makes for a truly remarkable space. 

What's more, white and black tile has been integrated into the wall of orange tile, adding more texture and visual interest. This breaks up what would otherwise be visually monotonous. The pebble tiles make it possible to create a mosaic-like look. 

6. Modest Terracotta Color Palette

A simple western country themed bathroom wiht a white bathtub, wooden flooring, and white curtains on the side

Who says that an orange bathroom has to be bold and vibrant? This bathroom showcases the visual effect of a more modest shade of orange. To be more precise, this shade of orange is best described as terracotta, and it blends seamlessly with the terracotta pots next to the bathtub. The white bathtub and towels pop against the soft muted orange background. 

7. Lively Yellowish-Orange Walls

Modern interior of a contemporary bathroom with orange decorative accent walls, a white vanity section with indoor plants, and a huge mirror on the side wall

This bathroom demonstrates how color choice can brighten the mood of the bathroom. The vibrant yellowish-orange tile on the bathroom walls makes the space feel lively and warm. When the color palette is paired with an abundance of natural light flooding the room, the result is exquisite. 

8. Matte Orange And Warm Brown

A spacious and orange walled bathroom with a glass wall shower area, white bathtub and wooden vanity area

The color orange is seldom paired with wood, but this simply shouldn't be so. The right shade of orange pairs blissfully with wood tones as evidenced by this bathroom. This alternating pattern adds dimension to the room, and the color combination makes the space feel warm and cozy. The white porcelain pieces pull the bathroom together. 

9. Quaint Bathroom With A Light Orange Color Palette

A gorgeous orange themed bathroom with and orange accent wall with a small vanity area and a white bathtub

This bathroom features an exquisite light orange color scheme with some bamboo and wooden colors here and there. The aesthetic of the orange paint is heightened by the abundance of natural light that pours in through the large window. The color combination here makes for a contemporary yet classy aesthetic. 

10. Vibrant Orange Towels With Moderate Orange Backdrop

 Interior of a rustic themed bathroom with a wooden pattern orange tiles and a wooden shower rack with orange towels

In this bathroom, there are only a few "orange" accents—the towels and the bath mat. The backdrop of the room features a light straw color, with a hint of orange undertones. This color combination makes the bathroom look like a spa with a sauna, and who doesn't love that? There are just enough white elements in the room to tie it all together, creating the perfect visual balance.

11. Colorful Bathroom With Orange Undertones

Interior of a orange colored bathroom with an white tiled walls, orange flooring, and decorative tiles on the bathtub window

This lively bathroom features a variety of bright colors that make the room stand out. Orange serves as the undertone, the color that binds the space together; striped orange flanks the window, a segment of the wall is orange, and the floor of the room is orange. This strikes the perfect blend of lively and warm yet grounded. The combination of patterns also looks flawless. 

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12. Orange Floor And Striped Subway Tile

Modern contemporary bathroom with decorative orange tiles, orange flooring, and a white-vanity area with indoor plants

In this bathroom, white and orange subway tile blend harmoniously, creating an aesthetic that exudes classy luxury. The far is different than the other walls in the room, featuring both white and orange segments. Three rows of orange subway tile streak the other wall, adding greater depth and intrigue. The most notable use of orange in this bathroom is the floor; the orange tile gives the room a warm feel. And lastly, a few small houseplants finish the look.

13. Elegant Orange Bathroom

Interior of a luxurious orange themed bathroom wtih a decorative tiles on the shower area and a small lamp on top of a table

Orange is often viewed as a wacky color, but believe it or not, orange can be a color of elegance and sophistication. In fact, this elegant bathroom is chock-full of the color orange, albeit in different shades and varieties. 

The tile behind the sink contains an assortment of brownish-orange colors that add texture and visual richness to the room. The wall on the right is painted an even, bright orange that perfectly balances the medley of tile color. Even the lighting in the bathroom gives off a warm orange light.

14. Muted Orange With Creative Patterns

A gorgeous modern bathroom with orange floral walls, orang flooring, and a hardwood entrance door

If you want your bathroom to make a daring statement, consider combining the color orange with unique patterns. This bathroom features an orange and white color scheme paired with unique swirl and stripe patterns. Each wall features its own unique pattern, so nothing is ever repetitive in this space. 

15. Orange Uniform Subway Tile

Interior of a modern bathroom with orange tiled walls, white urinals and lavatory, and a huge mirror hanged on the wall

Uniform orange subway tile adorns this bathroom. The white porcelain pieces make the orange pop, and vice versa. If you want to incorporate orange in your bathroom but are unsure of exactly how to, orange subway tile is never a bad option. 

Something to consider: if you have existing white subway tile in the bathroom, you can paint the tile any hue of orange that you want. After all, painting tile is a whole lot more inexpensive than completely replacing it. 

16. Neutral Colors With Strategic Orange Accents

A minimalist themed bathroom with gray walls, white bathroom lavatory and toilet, and orange towels

If bold and vibrant orange really isn't your cup of tea but you still want to include some orange elements, consider this color scheme. This bathroom features neutral gray tones with the exception of the wooden accents and the orange towels. As you can see, merely two orange bath towels are enough to transform the aesthetic of this bathroom.

These orange bath towels are the perfect accent for a bathroom that needs a bold statement.

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17. Clay Color Palette

A small narrow bathroom with orange tiled walls and a white wall on the window section

This bathroom is adorned with clay orange tile. This color choice makes the bathroom look warm and inviting. It has a bit of a Southwestern modern zing to it. The combination of white and terracotta tile brings balance to the look so that the warm color doesn't overwhelm the room. 

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you the confidence to be bold and take your bathroom in a creative direction with the color orange—you certainly won't regret it! Whether you want an understated look or an "out there" one, you're sure to enjoy an orange bathroom. Before you go, take a look at these other bathroom theme ideas that might be of interest to you:

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