30+ Awesome Orange Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

When deciding on a bedroom color, most people don't immediately look at orange. However, orange is a surprisingly versatile color, spanning many different designs, styles, and themes with its variety of hues. Bright orange works well in more modern designs, while deeper shades are great in traditionally styled homes.

30 Orange Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you're considering a bright happy look for your bedroom, orange should be high up on your list of color schemes. This is a color for the bold at heart but when done right, it can be used to create an outstanding look in the bedroom, that's both vibrant as well as surprisingly relaxing.  The shade used, accent colors that are added, and furniture styles can work together to create pretty much any design vision when done right.'

It is easy to miss the mark with this particular color, though. Using too much of a darker shade of orange with other dark shades can create a room that feels more gloomy than elegant. Using too much bright orange with other bright colors can overwhelm the room.


Carefully consider how you want to feature it in the room, and check out these examples to get ideas for how to use this amazing color option!

To help you out, we've put together a collection of pictures of orange bedrooms, providing tips and insights as to what makes each one so unique. Let's take a breath and dive right into these awesome orange bedroom ideas!

1. Go Bold

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Spacious interior of a modern orange themed bedroom with a small indoor snake plant on the side

If you truly love orange and want as much of it as possible, then own it! The owner of this room chose to go bright and vibrant, using brilliant white to help the orange pop as much as possible. The furniture also keeps the room from being too overwhelming since it uses clean, simple lines rather than being heavy or chunky. This room uses the orange to keep a bright, energizing vibe and makes this a very modern space when combined with the furniture and lighting structures.

2. Orange with Neutrals

Modern interior of a bedroom with orange walls, white beddings, and two wooden end tables on the sides

The designer for this room took a similar approach as the room above but used neutral wooden furniture and accents along with white to accentuate the orange. Using this technique softens even the brightest orange and creates a zen vibe in the room while still allowing for the bright, energizing shades. Clean, simple lines in the furniture allow the orange to shine without overwhelming the space.

3. Cozy Orange and Grey

A gray inspired living room with gray painted walls, red beddings, and brown blinds on the window

The orange in this room is deep and spicy. Darker, deep shades of orange are naturally on the warm end of the color spectrum. When paired with other deep color shades, like the greys in this room, it makes for a cozy, comfortable space. It can get too dark if you overuse this, though. This designer combated that by adding lighter shades of grey and white accents throughout the room to keep it bright.

4. Soft Orange Walls

Spacious and luxurious interior of a modern bedroom with white and orange beddings

This room uses soft orange and white to create an airy, peaceful retreat. While orange is still a dominant focus in the room, the softer shade makes it calmer, and the white, as well as the minimal furniture, make the room feel breezy and cool. Using these softer shades is a great way to make a room feel less energized while still including a favorite bright color.

5. Orange Accents Neutrals

A pastel themed bedroom with white beddings, round metal framed end tables, and a beige curtain

This room has mostly neutral colors, but the designer used pops of orange in the pillows, bed linens, and flooring to add a little something extra. Using orange this way brings a warm, happy vibe and visual interest to a room that could easily be bland and boring. You can use this brighter color to energize a space easily like what's shown above.

6. Grey Room with Orange Bed

Gray inspired bedroom with orange and gray beddings

This room uses orange in bold places, but sparingly, with the grey and white dominating the surface area in the room. This allows the orange to pop out and catch the eye, creating great visual interest in the room, like in the shelving unit by the door. Using the orange in this room with its darker elements also brightens what would otherwise be a rather dark and gloomy space.

7. Different Orange Hues

Orange colored bedroom with small indoor plants on the side and a floor length curtain

The designer for this room played with various hues of orange to give it a unique look. The darker orange behind and above the bed play off the lighter orange on the sheer curtains and the wall to the side. Both of these, in turn, play off the orange hues in the wooden furniture. When combined with the simple furniture and the massive amount of natural light this all adds up to create a warm yet airy space.

8. Pop of Pink

A small two bedroom with orange nightstands and orange beddings

This is a good example of how to use other bright colors with orange. As you can see, the designer stuck with mainly orange throughout the room but added a rug that has pops of bright pink. When used this way, you can add other bright colors with orange to create visual interest without taking away from the main focus color or overwhelming the room.

9. Hint of Orange

A dark gray walled bedroom with orange and white beddings

Rather than using orange in large amounts, this designer chose to use only use splashes of it, sticking mainly to grey and white. This allows the orange to really catch the eye. The deeper orange shade playing off the various greys in the room keeps the room cozy even with the lighter colors used in the flooring, rug, and bedding.

10. Tangerine Curtains

Spacious and luxurious bedroom with carpeted flooring, white beddings, and lamps on the side

This room uses a long stretch of curtains to showcase most of the orange used, creating an accent wall of sorts. The designer also used hints of orange in the bedding and lamps to tie the room together. This keeps the room unified and adds plenty of orange in the space while still keeping the white walls, perfect for if you don't want to commit to painting your walls orange.

11. Orange Shade Accents

White modern interior of a bedroom with a gray bed with orange and white throw pillows

This designer stuck with a neutral color scheme, using orange in different shades to give color to this space. The various shades used in the pillows are echoed elsewhere in the room, like in the bookshelf at the bottom left. Using different shades like this adds visual interest while keeping orange the main color in the room and unifies everything together into one cohesive design.

12. Deep Orange

A red themed bedroom with a huge red header wall, white beddings, and a red floor length curtain

The deep oranges used in the headboard, chaise, and curtains give a sense of elegance to this room. This combined with the structure of the furniture gives the space a decidedly traditional feel. Using darker shades of a bright color like orange can easily transform a space from something bright and exciting to something refined and classic.

13. Orange Walls

Luxurious and modern interior of a living room with orange painted walls with beige and white beddings

The walls in this room are deep pumpkin orange and a great choice against the lighter neutrals. The wall color keeps the space warm and inviting, while the lighter colors in the rest of the major features add a lighter element. This keeps the room from being too dark and gloomy, which can happen when using a darker wall color.

14. Orange and Black

Cream colored walls, huge black bed with a huge header, orange bed with orange pillows, and wooden flooring

This room showcases a great way to use orange to draw attention to one main feature. The orange bedding against the solid black bed creates a major contrast of colors. This draws the eye directly to the bed as soon as you walk in the room. Using orange in this manner is a great technique for making sure the anchor of the room keeps the spotlight.

15. Blue and Orange

A huge blue floral bed with floral pillows and an orange accent wall

This room shows an interesting color combination. The navy blue may be the dominating color in this space, but the orange accent wall behind the bed really makes the room. Using an unexpected wall color like the orange can add a good deal of visual interest and contrast, bringing a space from mediocre to stunning.

16. Orange and Brown

A huge orange wall bedroom with hardwood flooring, huge wooden China cabinet, and a white bed

The room above uses the complementary nature of orange and brown really well. These two colors are both warm colors and meld together easily. The designer kept a light element through the white bedding and threw in a dash of contrast with the black in the bed to add a bit of visual interest. This could seem random and chaotic, but the grey rug with the orange, brown, and white design serves to tie everything together.

17. Orange Accent Wall

A white themed bedroom white painted wall and an orange accent wall

The orange wall draws the eye immediately to the bed, the main focus of any bedroom. Rather than leave the bed solid white, however, this designer chose to add pops of orange in the bedding as well, effectively tying the wall into the room's design. This is a great technique that keeps the orange as the main feature rather than an element that looks like an afterthought or add on. Using orange in this space rather than another color also keeps it fun and energizing, rather than calm and peaceful like the blue at the end of the bed would do if used in place of the orange.

18. Orange Walls with Blue Plaid

A small rustic inspired bedroom with orange walls, blue patterned bed, and two end tables with lamps on it

The room above echos the blue and orange we've seen earlier, but in this room, they balance each other out. All the walls are a deep orange, which when combined with the darker brown in the flooring and furniture could make this room a really dark space. The lighter blue and white bedding counteracts this, though, and lightens the room.

19. Eye-Catching Stripes

A small orange walled bedroom with bright colored striped blankets

The stripes on the bedding in this room are used very well to catch your attention. The neutral in the walls and furniture keep this room light and airy, but when you add in the different orange shades on the stripped bedding it adds warmth. This makes sure the room doesn't feel too cool and makes it have a cozy atmosphere.

20. Orange Geometric Design

Modern interior of a bedroom with purple beddings and a small wooden chair on the side

The orange in this room is used to create an awesome geometric design on the walls. This adds to the bright atmosphere already in place with the lighter bedding and curtains. Using orange this way adds a fun, playful element and a good deal of visual interest to this space as well. Orange is a great choice when looking to brighten a room as it's not only a bright color itself but it also enhances the other light elements in the room.

21. Southwestern Vibe

Rustic inspired bedroom with a huge wooden bed and orange walls

This room uses a terra-cotta shade of orange on the walls to create a southwestern element to this space. They started with brown and cream shades in the tile, then added to the atmosphere with the paint. Using these two elements plus the rusty orange accent pillow gave the room the exact vibe they were working towards. This is a great example of how orange can be used to complete a theme in a room.

22. Elegant and Rustic

A huge king sized bed with floral beddings, orange walls, and a ceiling fan

The orange in this room adds a bright element to an otherwise darker room. The green of the walls combined with the rustic furniture makes this a cozy space. The orange in the bedding, however, adds an extra element to this space and brightens things up a bit. You can see from this example that orange is a great choice to add to a more refined room to give it a playful nudge.

23. Orange Bedding Creates Focus

A huge orange bed with throw pillows, wooden laminated flooring, and a small work desk on the side

Having a main focus in a room is a useful design trick, and this designer created their own through orange bedding. The grey, black, and white shades in this room meld together fairly well, creating a great backdrop for the bed. Using bright orange bedding and orange and white pillows draw the eye right to the bed and allow it to pop out from its surroundings. Orange is a great color to use in this way as its bright shade is unlikely to fade into the background.

24. Drawing Out Orange

A floral bed with carpeted flooring, and white painted walls, and lamps on the side

In this room, the bedding has a mesmerizing mix of many colors, including orange. The owner of the room wanted the orange to be the main focus in the bedding, though, so they used an orange pillow and lampshades as accents. These added spots of orange make the orange in the bedding stand out from the other colors and works to give a solid foundation to the room. Using accents in a room to draw attention to one specific color is a great way to showcase a favorite shade when used like the orange here.

25. Reddish Orange

A two bedroom floral beddings, metal bed, and cream painted walls

Red and black have always been great contrast colors, and adding an orange element has only enhanced that. The reddish-orange design on the bedding makes for great visual interest against the neutral walls and the stark black of the furniture. This also adds a bit of warmth to a room that could have veered into the colder end of the color spectrum without it. Using orange in this way can easily add an extra dimension to a design that would have fallen flat otherwise.

26. Black and Orange

A gorgeous floral accent wall with white beddings and an orange curtain

Speaking of great contrast, we all know orange and black are a great contrasting pair. However, you can get a little Halloween-y if you aren't careful. This room is a great example of how to do this combo right. Using a good amount of white and grey in the room softened the clash between the two main colors, allowing them to play off each other without making it seem a favorite fall holiday-themed space year-round.

27. Soft Orange and Light Grey

Ultra modern bedroom with with modern furniture's, gray and orange beddings, and white painted walls

Orange and grey together work well, but they can overwhelm a room. This designer, though, used these two really well to create a calm and light space by using lighter shades of both. The orange adds warmth while the grey and white elements keep it light and fresh. This is a perfect example of balancing warm and cool elements in a room.

28. Light and Girly

Interior of a teenage girls bedroom with vintage designed furnitures

The softy, peachy orange of this room was paired with white to create a light, girly space. Adding in salmon curtains and throw pillows brought in a little more warmth to ensure this was a cozy space. The orange used here is a good choice for making a peaceful retreat for a little girl that loves orange.

29. Dark Orange and Light Grey

Interior of an ultra modern bedroom with gray painted walls, dangling floor lamps, and red and gray beddings

The light grey in this room is the perfect backdrop for the dark orange on the bedding and in the wall art. This really allows the orange to be the central focus of the room. This also keeps the bed the main focal point when it could have easily faded into the background if the had chosen grey or white for the bedding. This is a great way to use a finicky color like orange.

30. Dark Orange Accent Wall

A dark inspired bedroom with a huge dark bed with a red accent wall

The deep orange on the wall behind the bed in this room adds a sense of romance and elegance. This is a really rich color, which is echoed in the bedding and candles in the wall sconces to unify the room. Using a shade of orange as deep as this, as well as other darker elements in the linens and furniture, could very well make the room too dark. This designer made sure to not overdo it, though, by adding white lampshades, lighter neutral walls, and light-colored flooring.

Orange It Up

As you can see, orange truly is a versatile and fun color to add to a bedroom. You can use it so many ways, from bright and bold to soft and subtle. Create an energized space for a teen, a peaceful room for a baby or young child, or a romantic retreat for you and your significant other using different shades and color combinations with the amazing color!

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