15 Stunning Orange Flower Arrangement Ideas

Choosing orange as a featured color for a flower arrangement adds a tropical flair sure to impress. However, creating a fully coordinated bouquet is never simple. In this post, we provide some examples and advice to help with the creative process involved with creating an orange bouquet.

Orange lends itself to bright centerpiece arrangments. This means there is no hiding poorly arranged flowers or colors that clash. Common colors which do go well with orange include blue, red, and yellow. Which of these colors you choose, and at what ratios, depends on the feel you want from your finished product. 

For a great selection of orange flower arrangements, look no further. This post highlights 15 high-quality flower arrangements for almost any occasion. Even the most experienced or meticulous florist should get a few great ideas here.

Pumpkin with beautiful and bright autumn flowers inside, standing on the brown wooden window sill, 15 Stunning Orange Flower Arrangement Ideas

1. Bright Orange Orchids

Vases of beauitful flowers isolated on white background

This arrangement centers around bold orange orchids. These particular flowers provide significant interest and variety even when alone. As such, the orchids are complemented by subdued tones and significant greenery. Choose this type of arrangement for a tropical inviting look.

Notice the dark-colored rocks in the vase. These rocks not only help support the flowers in their specific places but also function to boldly contrast the flower's bright color. As an added design touch, the rocks also match the black spots on the orchid tounges.

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2. Cream Orange Lily

Bunch of flowers

This lily-centric flower arrangement features cream orange lilies and other cream orange flowers like roses. Notice the blue flower and how well it complements the overall look. This is because blue is the complementary color to orange on the color wheel.

3. Cream Orange Roses

Floral arrangement in a bouquet

This bouquet example features cream orange roses with a strong showing of blue. The orange and the blue complement each other well. Even though by area blue is dominant, the bright nature of the orange flowers draws the eye first. 

4. Lilies that Pop

Tulips bouquet isolated on white background

This orange flower arrangement focuses on these gorgeous bright lilies. The lilies are joined by several other flowers of analogous colors. Analogous means colors that are next to the main color on the color wheel. In this case, red and yellow are next to orange.

While flowers are certainly an important part of a bouquet, the vase plays an equally critical role. The rectangular vase of heavy glass is a popular way to neatly arrange flowers in a timeless look.

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5. A Lily Bouquet to Remember

Beautiful bouquet of bright flowers

This bouquet features very similar flowers to the example provided in number four. However, notice that the analogous colors venture farther around the color wheel. This provides a more adventurous look which would be sure to brighten up any occasion.

6. Orange and Yellows, Oh My

Flower bouquet isolated on white background

This orange flower arrangement keeps all the colors close to the family. The orange centerpieces are joined by reds and yellows. Notice the small white flowers interspersed throughout. These white flowers function to highlight the bright colored flowers even more. Overall, this bouquet is warm and vibrant.

7. Solidly Orange

Colorful wedding bouquet

This bouquet of orange, red, white, and green features several splashes of color built from flowers and leaves of a solid variety. Incorporating sturdy blooms imparts a sense of permanence and a certain austerity. Consider this type of less fragile arrangement either for a bouquet that might see some impacts or for a more serious occasion.

8. Keep it Simple

Tulips in a green vase

This orange flower arrangement is elegant and simple. With only two analogous colors present, red and orange, the eye has time to fully appreciate the delicate beauty of every single bloom. Consider this type of bouquet for more open and/or professional settings.

9. Delightful Dahlias 

Bouquet of autumn flowers

This arrangement features bold fall dahlias and several complimentary blooms. The orange and blue-purple flowers combine for a fresh, inviting look. When placed in the woven wicker vase cover, the overall impression is down-home and friendly.

One of the simplest tools to help you design flower arrangements is a color wheel. Colors that appear near the chosen color are analogous, and colors that area across from the chosen color are complementary. 

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10. All Out Orange

Pumpkin with beautiful and bright autumn flowers inside, standing on the brown wooden window sill

This flower arrangement heard orange and just ran with it. As you can see, it works great. Using several different orange-colored flowers served to highlight the depth and variety of the color. For an added autumn touch, notice the pumpkin bowl vase!

11. Nothing But Lilies

Orange lily on windowsill

This arrangement uses beautiful bright orange lilies and nothing else. The delicate flowers with their intricate petal designs provide more than enough to look at. Be careful though, this type of lily sheds pollen that can be very hard to clean off many surfaces. The white jug vase imparts a timeless farmhouse look.

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12. A Flowery Fall

Autumnal flowers and berries in a vase

This bouquet takes several bright orange flowers, a few analogously colored flowers of yellow and red, and pairs it all with fall leaves. It is hard to imagine a flower arrangement more excited for the autumn season. These bouquets would look great in an entryway or perhaps spread around during a fall time event. There is even a pinecone in the mix for a really unique addition.

13. More Fall Flair

Autumnal flowers and berries in a vase on a table

This bouquet is very similar to the example provided in number 12, with a few distinct differences. The main difference is the amount of green in the overall arrangement. Adding more green, which is a very natural color, imparts a sense of life to the bouquet. The white flowers serve to make all the other present colors truly pop.

14. Creme Orange Box Bouquet

Orange bouquet in a box on orange background

This creme orange arrangement uses a square format to produce a unique, attractive look. The green pods throughout the bouquet are simple and geometric. This serves to highlight the complicated nature of the flowers. This type of arrangement would be perfect for bookending a high table or throughout a banquet hall.

15. Bold Orange Roses

Red roses bouquet in white vase on gray background

This orange flower arrangement relies on the timeless elegance of roses. And as you can see, only orange roses look excellent. Notice the use of the ornamented metal vase, which imparts a stately aura to the whole grouping. This simple arrangement would look great as a dinner table centerpiece.

Orange Flower Arrangments

As shown in this post, orange makes for excellent flower color for a variety of arrangments. Consider pairing with blue and purple for a fresh complementary look or yellow and red for a warmer analogous look. Enjoy!

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