23 Eye-Catching Orange Living Room Ideas

Sure neutral colored rooms are a safe versatile color choice when it comes to living rooms, but there is something to be said for a warm bright space to liven up your home. Orange, a warm mixture of red and yellow shades, is a vivid bold color choice that can elevate the look of your living room and give a vibrant burst of color to the overall color scheme of your home.

An enthusiastic color that inspires imagination and happiness, orange makes a great dominant color for your main living area. Not as versatile as neutral tones, orange can be difficult to match or coordinate with, but when paired with the right shades, orange can be a beautifully unique color choice for your home. 

This beautiful lively hue can be combined with a wide array of colors to achieve very different looks for your living room. With an endless number of different shades, finding a color or color scheme to pair with your particular shade of orange can seem daunting. But don't worry, because we created a list of orange living room ideas to give you some inspiration. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Orange room living room with parquet floor, sofa and wooden coffee table, 23 Eye-Catching Orange Living Room Ideas

1. Neutral/Earth-Toned Orange Living Room

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Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

For a muted and more subdued look using the color orange, consider lighter shades of earthy or clay oranges used to complement neutral colored walls and furniture.

In this room, neutral colors ranging from cream-colored walls to the earthy orange throw pillow that closely resembles the clay orange of the planters combine to create this orange bohemian-inspired living room.

2. Orange And Green Living Room

Urban jungle in beautiful living room with gray, orange and green interior

While orange and green may seem like an unlikely pair, this bold deep shade of orange is paired with jewel-toned deep green shades for an elegant moody ambiance. The brilliant orange undertones are accentuated by the combination of these elegant shades in the metallic copper used for the fireplace and coffee table.

3. Orange And Gray Living Room

Stylish coffee table with kinck knacks in front of elegant couch with pillows

Gray has recently emerged as the new favorite cool neutral color for all things home decor. Orange and gray is a popular color pairing that balances warm and cool colors for this stylish look. The contemporary combination of orange and gray in this living room gives this room a modern cozy feel. 

4. Brick Orange And Charcoal Living Room

A darker spin on the ever-popular gray and orange color pairing, the brick-red orange and moody charcoal gray color scheme creates the perfect enigmatic ambiance. The combined textures of the brick, velvety couch, faux fur throw, and shaggy rug is a hallmark trait of eclectic design. This dramatic color scheme is softened using rich gold tones, natural wood pieces, and bright bursts of natural greenery. 

5. Orange Walls Living Room

Orange room living room with parquet floor, sofa and wooden coffee table

Wallspace is the perfect space to add a burst of orange color to any home in your room including, but certainly not limited to, your living room. The vibrant traditional orange wall color in this room is the perfect backdrop for this neutral-colored couch and deep chocolate wood accent pieces. Natural shades of golden orange are present in the chevron flooring and complement the vivid wall shade.

6. Muted Peach Living Room

For a softer citrus shade, consider a lighter shade of orange like peach or deep golden orange. The muted peach-colored walls in this living room are enlivened by the black accent colors of the throw pillows and furniture. Using this pastel shade of orange to cover the ceiling as well as the walls creates a sense of expansiveness in this space.

7. Autumn Palette Living Room

Living room with red sofa and wooden crates used as a bookcase

Orange and red, though both are warm colors, pair well. Inspired by autumn leave colors, the deep pumpkin-colored walls highlight the deep red couches for a fall-like feel, making for a gorgeous aesthetic.

8. Retro Print Orange And Black Living Room

Modern and cozy apartment living room with sofa and armchair

A bold combination of orange, black, and yellow come together to form a color scheme that was hugely popular in the 70s. This living room puts a modern twist on this retro look. Using the lively striped print couch as the main focal point in this room, black and warm shades of brown accentuate the subdued retro shade of orange. The closely coordinating rug gives this room a sense of cohesion.

9. Orange And Tan Retro-Glam Living Room

Old Hollywood style living room interior

Vintage styles have long been popular for their everlasting elegance. The bold red-orange walls coordinate with the distinguished tan, orange, and brown plaid flooring for the perfect retro backdrop for this nostalgic glamorous decor. Characteristic of this decor style, the furniture is very detailed, elaborately designed, and stylishly accessorized with orange vintage print throw pillows.

10. Funky Eclectic Orange Living Room

The purposeful mixing of several different colors, textures, geometric prints, and design trends from different time periods or genres is known as eclectic design style.

In this fun orange living room, the charming peach color on the walls is combined with the bold red-orange furniture, eye-catching monochromic print rug, and bright natural greenery splashed throughout the room for a funky cozy feel characteristic of eclectic style. 

11. Chic Citrus Orange And White Living Room

Modern lounge with sofa, floor lamp and white empty poster on wall

White is arguably the ultimate neutral color and can add a clean crisp accent to any room. In this room, sherbet orange walls provide the lush citrusy backdrop to the clean lines of this ultra-sleek and modern white couch, floor, ceiling, and wall art. The subtle detail of the darker shade of orange used for the floor trim closely coordinates with the vase, throw pillows, and lampshade for a chic cohesive look.

12. Bright Orange Ceiling Living Room

Home living room interior with parquet floor and orange ceiling

An alternate placement for adding color to your room is the ceiling. Establishing the overall atmosphere to the room, a vivid shade of orange is used as a ceiling color and combined with several natural shades of orange to set the stage for this bold artsy living room.

13. Modern Geometric Orange Living Room

Orange living room with couch, house plant and parquet floor

Wall decor can be just as important as wall color in decorating your living room. In this room, the ultra-modern look is achieved through the use of this unique geometric wall decor. Using similar shades for the wall color and the couch color allows the wall decor to be the focal point of this room. The warm unassuming floor color pairs well with this vivid shade of orange. 

14. Red-Orange Accent Wall Living Room

Modern living room interior with corner sofa and hardwood floor

Accent walls are a great way to add color to a room without the commitment of painting every wall in the room the same color. Accent walls are often a bright or dark shade that may be a bit too much for all walls. In this living room, the red-orange textured painted accent wall adds some liveliness to this otherwise plain room.

15. Pink, Purple, And Orange Living Room

Purple and orange lounge with yellow lamp

Brilliant colors can be combined to create an enthusiastic mood in your home or room. An energetic color combination of pink, purple, and orange in this room combines for a radiant and welcoming palette. Accented with neutral-toned trim matching the modern streamlined couch, this color scheme is not for everyone but can create a fun space that is inspiring. The unique geometric window treatment gives this space an exotic twist.

16. Rustic Country Orange And Blue Living Room

Another shade of orange that makes a great choice for your living room is rusty orange. The rustic country look in this living room is created using this velvety rust colored couch, country shades of denim blue, and sprouts of white cotton to accent the western ambiance. To tone down the look and add to the country feel, earth-toned shades of tan cover the walls and floors.

17. Peacock Blue And Orange Living Room

Deep sophisticated shades of blue combine with vivid redish shades of orange to achieve an alternate spin on a blue and orange color scheme. The peacock blue colors used to accent the two shades of orange makes an excellent contrasting shade in this room. Because both of these colors are strong shades, neutral colored wallpaper, furniture, and rug provide color breaks within this boldly colored space.

18. Sunrise Orange Living Room

Orange living room with sofa

Yellow is another perfect pairing to citrusy shades of orange. The bright golden orange shade of the couch closely coordinates with some of the in between shades on the geometric wall of shades progressing from sunshiney yellow to deep shades of redish orange. Muted shades of neutral color are used for accents in this brilliant and energetic design scheme.

19. Coral Orange Living Room

Gray sofa and table in orange living room

A perfectly sweet mixture of pink and orange, coral is a delicious shade of orange that makes a wonderfully unique color for your living room. Light natural wood pairs beautifully with this particular shade of orange. Crisp shades of light gray and bright greenery give this living room some cool contrasting colors to complete this look.

20. Orange Brick Living Room

Stylish and cozy living room interior with sofa, table lamp and modern cylindrical fireplace

For an urban look, a brick wall is an excellent way to achieve a rugged look using this bold color. A closely matched couch seems to blend in to the naturally textured background. Accented with bold black furniture and faux fur rug, this metropolitan look is a unique spin on the orange living room.

21. Victorian-Inspired Orange Living Room

The classic conservative look of victorian style decor is timelessly stylish. While orange may not be a typically used color for victorian style decor, this muted sherbet shade provides the ideal amount of color to this room and is perfectly accented by the faint orange color of the ceiling. Classic tones of neutral cream and black combine with this shade of orange for a classy quintessential ambiance.

22. Burnt Orange And Brown Living Room

Burnt orange is a warm elegant shade that makes a luxurious rich color for your living room. Paired with a dramatic shade of brown, this shade of orange creates a sophisticated cozy feel. Lighter shades of brown on the floor and couch lighten this pallate without disturbing the mysterious dark color scheme. 

23. Spanish Stucco-Inspired Orange Living Room

Characteristic of Spanish style decor, vivid and rich colors combine for a unique colorful southwestern ambiance. A distinct combination of cool blues and greens and fiery oranges are the trademark hues for this Latin-inspired design style. Warm shades of orangey-brown wood line the ceiling and trim for an authentic look.

In Closing

One of the most popular rooms in your home, your living room should appeal to you and represent your personal tastes, styles, and interests. If a boldly-colored space is the look that you are going for, we hope we have inspired you with this selection of orange living rooms.

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