How To Organize Clothes Without A Dresser [6 Great Ways]

When you need to store folded clothes, a dresser may be your first thought. Dressers are traditional bedroom furniture, but they are also bulky, heavy, and expensive. If you have a small bedroom or don't have enough folded clothing to justify a dresser, they can an unnecessary expense and take up precious space in your room. So what are some alternatives to organizing your clothes without using a dresser? We researched the options so you can make the choice that best suits your needs. 

When you want to forego a dresser, these are some of the most effective ways to store your folded clothes:

  • Closet organizer
  • Cloth drawers
  • Under the bed
  • Trunks and chests
  • Shelf dividers
  • Bookshelf

Even as a traditional piece of bedroom furniture, the dresser is not a necessity. Getting creative on where to store your clothes will help you keep folded clothes organized without the use of a dresser. Take a look at this list we put together of great ways to store clothing when you don't want to use a dresser.

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How To Organize Clothes Without A Dresser

Closet Organizer

Stylish clothes, shoes and home stuff in large wardrobe closet

When you choose not to use a dresser, the next best place for clothing storage will be your closet. Some walk-in closets or larger closets may have shelving already built-in, giving you plenty of space to place the clothes you would normally put in a dresser. However, standard closets tend to have one shelf along the top, if that.

To remedy this situation and get you ample closet storage to replace a typical dresser, you can invest in a large closet organizer. Simply put, a closet organizer is a set of shelving designed to fit into your closet and around your clothing rod. These provide extra space to store clothes, shoes, and other items where there would normally be unused and empty space.

There are various closet organizers to fit almost any type of closet you may have. They also have many different designs that give you more room for hanging clothes, more shelves, or even drawers. Whatever needs you have, you will most likely be able to find an organizer to meet them.

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If you're a renter, installing a closet organizer may not be an option for you. Instead, you can use hanging organizers. These organizers hang from the closet rod to give you shelf space without any installation. For larger closets, you can even hang several side by side for more storage space.

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Cloth Drawers

Fabric drawers are a smaller alternative to a dresser that can be used to hold anything that isn't able to be hung up. This includes socks, undergarments, and even pajamas. These will save space compared to a dresser and are fairly inexpensive. They can also be stored inside your closet or used as a bedside table.

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Under The Bed

If you have any type of raised bed frame, there's a ton of storage space under your bed that you can utilize. Most under the bed storage containers will fit under standard bed frames and platform bed frames. These are usually made from cloth with some form of a see-through plastic side that zips up. Some will also have wheels on the bottom, so it's easy to move them in and out, but that adds to the container's height.

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You can also use a storage drawer that fits under your bed to look as if the storage is built-in. However, if you have a bed skirt, any type of storage under your bed can be hidden.

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If you want to store clothes under your bed but your bed is too low, you can use bed raisers. These go under the legs of your bed frame to raise it higher off of the ground. If you want to use bigger drawers with wheels, you will have enough room to move the containers easily.

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Trunks And Chests

Bedroom interior with exposed wooded floor and furnishings including white painted walls

Trunks and chests are made for storage, so they're perfect for keeping folded clothes out of the way. These are decorative storage that can be used for clothes, blankets and often used as a bench. Trunks and chests come in a wide range of colors, finishes, styles, and sizes. You can easily find one to match your decor and storage needs when you need an alternative to a dresser.

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Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are perfect when the standard shelf in your closet is enough to hold the clothes you would typically store in a dresser. These clear dividers attach to the frame, allowing you to create separate compartments. Not only do they help to sort your items, but they can create clean, neat stacks for your folded clothes.

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Since these dividers are placed individually, you can choose the size and space of each section. This is great if you need to use any storage boxes to hold smaller items that won't fold neatly into one of the spaces.

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Adding decorative boxes or baskets to a bookshelf can help you disguise the clothes you would normally put in a dresser as decor. Use smaller containers with lids to hold personal clothing and bigger boxes for storing folded clothes. If you aren't using the entire bookshelf for clothing storage, you can incorporate them into your books and shelf decor.

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What clothes go in drawers?

Open drawer with jeans and sweaters

Dressers tend to be reserved for clothes that don't warrant hanging up. Socks and undergarments are always stored in a dresser when you have one since there's no better way to store smaller items.

Pajamas, sweatpants, and workout clothes are also best suited for drawers. These items don't tend to wrinkle easily, and even if they do it's not generally a problem since they are worn for bed or working out. Jeans are sturdy enough that they can be folded and placed into drawers without wrinkling as well.

What To Hang And What To Fold

When determining what clothes should be hung up and what clothes should be folded, a good rule of thumb is to think about their purpose and if they need to be in a wrinkle-free condition. Hanging clothes in your closet will prevent the clothing from developing wrinkles. For that reason, nice work attire like dress pants, blouses, and blazers should be hung up to keep them crisp and clean for work.  

Folding clothes can be reserved for those smaller personal items and clothing that isn't expensive and/or nice. Jeans, leggings, workout tops, and old simple teeshirts. 

What can you substitute for a dresser?

There are a number of different types of furniture you can use instead of a dresser. These items will probably take up the same amount of space, but whether you want a more modern look or something more affordable, these products can help you achieve that goal.

 For a youthful look, clear cubby shelves have tons of room for storage. These can be used for holding folded clothes, shoes, and anything in between.

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Storage towers are smaller versions of a dresser. They're lightweight, easy to move, and are a nicer looking alternative to a dresser.

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Armoires are also a great alternative for a dresser. They're tall and slim, so they take up little space. They also have room to hang up clothing and drawers for the smaller items.

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In Closing

Dressers are not necessary, and you have options if you don't want to use a dresser in your bedroom. From storage baskets to closet organizers, you can explore different ways to store your folded clothes without using a dresser.

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