10 Tips For Organizing and Decorating Your Bathroom Shelves

It's time to put that bathroom in order, but you're wondering what the best way to organize and decorate your bathroom shelves is? Based on our experience, we're going to share with you ten of our top tips for taking your bathroom shelves to the next level of awesome. Say goodbye to clutter and chaos and hello to organization!

Are you ready for those ten tips? Here's the short version (we'll elaborate more, later in this article) -

  1. Keep things light and neutral in small spaces
  2. Use baskets and bins for organization
  3. Choose shelving for design features as well as function
  4. Mix things up
  5. Get crafty
  6. Add storage if necessary
  7. Utilize your under-sink area
  8. Hang hooks for hiding things out of sight
  9. Transfer soaps and lotions into decorative bottles
  10. Use color for best effect

10 Tips For Organizing and Decorating Your Bathroom Shelves

As you keep reading, we'll illustrate each of these tips with fabulous bathroom spaces to inspire your organization. We'll have links to the perfect products and things to think about as you transform your bathroom shelves into the organized spaces you've been desiring.

Keep Things Light And Neutral In Small Spaces

Though master bathrooms can be quite large, for many of us, our bathrooms are not so large. How do we maximize the organization in such a small space? Think about tucking some natural wood shelves beneath your pedestal sink. This gives you room to roll up towels, put a few necessary items neatly away in baskets, all without cluttering up your space. Keep your linens light and neutral, and your small space will remain calm and serene.

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Use Baskets And Bins For Organization

Baskets, and bins, and containers, oh my! Using organizational containers is the absolute best way to make your bathroom neat and organized, and attractive. There are so many great types of bins out there for use, and then you have the choice to label or not to label. Pick baskets and bins that go with your overall style. If you know you're messy, get ones with covered lids that aren't see-through. If you can keep things neat, consider clear bins to make finding things easier.

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We found these great woven storage bins that come in a set of three. With lids and handles, they'll keep things neatly tucked away, and the three different sizes will allow you to utilize them for your own needs.

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If you're looking for something a bit more farmhouse in style, consider this set of three baskets made out of vintage-inspired chicken wire type baskets and lined with lovely machine-washable fabric liners. These have both rustic appeal and practicality for your bathroom storage needs. What's even better is that the liners come in a variety of colors to match most decors.

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Glass apothecary jars are a great way to store things like cotton balls and Q-tips. Ditch the original packaging and utilize the repetition of design inside of a clear glass jar to create a design element on your shelves. We found this great set of two below.

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Choose Shelving For Design Features As Well As Function

If your bathroom doesn't have built-in cabinetry and shelves, use that to your advantage. Your bathroom shelves can have as much style as what's stored on them. Shelving as art, who would have ever figured it could be both?

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Shadowbox shelvings are fabulous in the bathroom for their sleek rectangular styling and the way they allow the wall color to show through. It keeps things light while still being able to use dark wood if you choose.

This small set features two shadow boxes at approximately 6.5" tall x 24" long x 6" deep. Be sure when choosing your shelving that you keep your intended purpose in mind, as rolled towels will take more depth and space than decorative items.

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Mix Things Up

When working in a small space, you want to vary things. On these above toilet shelves, we've got a great mix of practicality and personality. Plenty of toilet paper, some apothecary jar items, but a little bit of swag, too, in the form of a decorative plaque and perfectly chosen house plant.

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We found this list of bathroom rules on a cute weathered-look plaque for your bathroom wall or shelf. It's a neat 10" x 15" and ready to hang.

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Get Crafty

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you come up with yourself. Consider mason jars mounted on a board to hold all of your small items like makeup brushes, cotton balls, and mascaras. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips in a way that's both organized, creative, and handy.

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Here's a cute jar on board set already made up for you. It's easy to install and comes in both a rustic brown (as shown here) or a washed gray.

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If you're more into the do-it-yourself type or want a different board and a different number of jars, you can also buy the collars and mason jars without the board in a set of two.

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Add Storage If Necessary

Don't be afraid to add a piece of storage furniture if you don't have enough space for everything you need. Glass-fronted style cabinets are perfect for the bathroom. They don't add as much bulk and allow for tasteful organization inside. If you're worried about a mess, you can always frost the panels to keep things light while hiding what's inside.

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Utilize Your Under-Sink Area

One of the best ways to keep things organized and tidy is by utilizing your cabinet spaces. Under the sink, think about finding cabinets with some height as the plumbing often keeps people from having shelves there. So add your own.

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These sliding shelf units are great because you can easily pull them out to find what you need under the sink. They're made by Simple Houseware and come in a variety of configurations to fit several different sized spaces and needs. They're also available in black, pink, and gray, in addition to the white version pictured here.

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Hang Hooks For Hiding Things Out of Sight

It's so easy to leave blowdryers, straighteners, brushes, and curling irons out on the counter. But it's also easy to put them away if you have hooks waiting for them. Whether you choose to hang them behind a door, inside a cabinet, or even next to the sink, neatly hung up is a great way to leave things feeling organized.

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Command Hooks are great tools in every space because they don't involve putting holes in your cabinet doors and are easy to change out if your needs change.

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Transfer Soaps and Lotions Into Decorative Bottles

Want to up your game in the decor department? Transfer your lotions and soaps into beautiful bathroom bottle sets that liven up your look. This is an easy way to add a little extra something to your space, and it's also an easy way to be able to change things out as the mood takes you to new colors or new looks in your bathroom.

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This gorgeous set from Willow & Ivory features handcrafted marbled porcelain containers. Each set comes with a dispenser, soap dish, two tumblers, and a toothbrush holder. The perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom.

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This fun four-piece ceramic set will go in many different design schemes. It includes a soap dish, toothbrush holder, dispenser, and tumbler.

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Use Color For Best Effect

When working in a small space, you can make your decor pop by setting one or two colors against a neutral background. Think about your towels in one color and any design elements in the same or a second complementary color. This lovely above toilet shelving set, highlights a pop of aqua against the white of the bathroom and shelves, with a few pieces of natural rattan and a warm green house plant. It gives a cohesive and soothing look to this bathroom's shelving.

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This small set of four vintage bottles would look amazing on a bathroom shelve with a single sprig of wild oats in each. They are approximately seven inches tall.

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If you're feeling the turquoise, we found these luxurious towels that will look amazing rolled up on the shelves next to these bottles. They're made of Turkish Cotton and come in a set of two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. They also come in a whole host of other colors if turquoise is not your thing.

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So there you have it. Our top ten tips for organizing and decorating your bathroom. The main thing is to make it intentional, tuck things away, and choose your elements judiciously. But most of all, have fun as you go about transforming your space. If you want to see more great bathroom tips be sure to check out other bathroom posts here at Home Decor Bliss. Here are a couple of our favorites:

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