15 Ottoman Ideas For The Living Room

Ottomans have long been a common piece of living room furniture and for good reason. An ottoman is a simple yet effective way to decorate a living room while simultaneously creating a cozy, inviting ambiance and even providing some extra seating. As an added bonus, some ottomans even have internal storage space, making them an even better living room option.

While the benefits of having an ottoman in a living room are clear, it can certainly be challenging to choose the right one for your particular space and position it in the best part of the room. After all, there are so many options, and it can be difficult to decide which approach will yield the best result from an aesthetic and functional standpoint.

So, to make this process easier, we created a list of 15 ottoman ideas for the living room. Let's get to it, shall we?

Interior of a modern contemporary living room with laminated flooring, beige sectional sofa, a small ottoman on the side, white painted walls, 15 Ottoman Ideas For The Living Room

1. Color-Coordinated Pouf Ottoman

Scandinavian themed living room with blue painted wall, mock up picture frames, a small gray sectional sofa with a gray round ottoman on the side

Sometimes color-coordinating your ottoman with the other living room furniture yields the best look. This living room features a small gray pouf ottoman that supports the room's gray color scheme. The pouf's woven fabric adds a unique sense of texture to the space, too. If you're a minimalist, consider a similar decorative scheme.

2. Yellow Accent Ottoman

Modern minimalist themed living room with a hardwood flooring, white wooden framed sofa, yellow ottoman, and a small indoor plant on the side

Yellow is the perfect color for those that want to make a statement. This yellow ottoman works in concert with the other yellow accent pieces to pull off a bold color scheme. The ottoman's sharp yellow hue and unique texture make it the focal point of the space. This ottoman would certainly be suitable as a footrest or for sitting.

3. Large Neutral-Colored Ottoman

Luxurious white themed living room with white walls, white curtains, cream colored sectional sofa, and a white ottoman with a fur blanket

When in doubt, choosing a neutral color is never a bad option when it comes to selecting an ottoman for your living room. Large neutral-colored ottomans like this one make the room feel cozy and full. The ottoman in this living room is fairly large, making it the perfect place to drape a throw blanket for supplemental decor. 

This large white ottoman looks luxurious, and it also boasts significant internal storage space. 

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4. Luxurious Leather Accent Piece

Luxurious retro themed living room with a white sofa, brown ottoman, and a round metal coffee table

A piece of furniture as seemingly insignificant as an ottoman can actually do a lot to transform the look and feel of a space. In this living room, the large leather ottoman stands out in stark contrast to the surrounding furniture. When paired with the other furniture, this ottoman creates a luxurious yet cozy atmosphere. It can easily serve as an extension of the sofa when you need it to do so.

5. Tall Color-Coordinated Ottoman

Rustic farmhouse themed living room with wooden flooring, cream colored sectional sofa and wooden coffee table infront, and a small beige ottoman

When choosing an ottoman for your living room, sometimes unique is the best way to go. This tall cube-shaped ottoman is color-coordinated, supporting the room's mood. The size and placement of this ottoman also make it a viable side table. While it might not necessarily stand out in the design, it certainly adds value. 

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6. Boho Pouf

Interior of a modern contemporary living room with laminated flooring, beige sectional sofa, a small ottoman on the side, white painted walls

A boho aesthetic is all about texture. Oen of the easiest ways to build upon the aesthetic is with a specially curated, textured pouf. The fibers of the pouf pull from other design elements around the room. While it may not be the plushest item to sit upon, it serves as a wonderful footrest and accent piece. Its small size also makes it easy to move it around the room to where it's most needed. 

7. Large Elegant Accent Piece

Interior of a luxurious living room with cream painted walls, beige carpet and a fireplace with beige colored fireplace mantel and cream sofas with cream ottoman

Have you thought that an ottoman should be small and a bit understated in a room? Think again. Don't be afraid to go bold and choose an oversized, elegant piece to fill the room. This ottoman features a soft texture and a unique design, adding to the overall contemporary yet traditional feel of the room. 

Since there are already two sizable couches in the room, having a third one could make the room feel a bit overcrowded. The ottoman is the perfect solution.

8. Sleek Black Leather Ottoman

A white painted wall living room with a black two seater sofa, black end table with an indoor plant, and a small black ottoman

It doesn't get more classic than black leather. Especially when it's featured in multiple pieces of furniture in the room, such as the couch and ottoman. If you have the black leather ottoman but aren't sure exactly what type of couch to go with, this article may inspire you: 19 Black Leather Sofa Ideas For Your Living Room.

In a living room full of black leather, you can create softness with decor such as throw pillows, blankets, and even rugs. 

This black leather ottoman will give you a similar look. As an added bonus, this 34-inch ottoman has internal storage. 

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9. Luxurious Raised Ottoman

Interior of a large living room with modern Victorian themed architecture, gray small chairs, small green ottoman with a wooden coffee table on the center

Talk about a bold yet inviting aesthetic. The contemporary luxury vibe in this space is certainly supported by the choice of ottoman. This green velvet ottoman is raised slightly, making it the perfect footrest or an improvised table. If you're looking for a highly-functional ottoman that radiates luxury, consider adding one like this to your living room.

This raised velvet ottoman is highly-functional, and it has a unique luxurious aesthetic. 

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10. Timeless And Simple White Ottoman

Modern Victorian themed living room with white sofas, comfortable white accent chair with a white ottoman infront

Shabby chic coziness probably comes to mind with this room, and the choice of the ottoman is largely responsible for creating the aesthetic. This timeless skirted ottoman exudes a homey feeling. In regard to placement, this ottoman is situated at the foot of the armchair, an open invitation to put your feet up and relax. 

Do you want to create your own shabby chic living room? Check out this post for more guidance and inspiration: Shabby Chic Living Rooms On A Budget

11. Colorful Assortment Of Ottomans

Interior of a retro themed living room with multi-colored throw pillows, yellow coffee table, and multi colored ottomans, and a gray faux wall

If you consider yourself the creative type, consider using an assortment of colored ottomans for your living room. As you can see, the three different colored ottomans in this living room are coordinated with the overall color scheme. However, these pieces still make a bold decorative statement. In addition, by virtue of their texture and material, these poufs make the space cozy. 

Never underestimate the power of color in a living room! Even small pieces such as these ottomans provide an extra bit of flair.

If you like this look, consider some of these more colorful options.

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12. Paired Ottomans

Small rustic themed living room with Victorian styled curtains, curved white sofas and white ottoman, and fireplace with decorative tiles

One simple yet unique way to get creative is to pair two identical ottomans together. When paired this way, these two ottomans make for the perfect footrest for the whole family. Who wouldn't want to sit on this couch and watch a movie with their feet propped up on these ottomans? In a way, this setup can also function as an improvised coffee table. And on that note, you may want to head over to read this post: Can An Ottoman Be Used As A Table?

13. Black And White Square Ottoman

A white and light blue themed living room with a white loveseat sofa, light gray ottoman, and a white metal framed end table

Black-and-white is the color scheme of choice for this living room, and the ottoman completes the look. In particular, the pattern on the ottoman works in concert with the area rug, the accent pillow on the couch, and the artwork in the background. This ottoman is situated a good distance away from the couch, the perfect position for an ottoman that is used primarily for decorative purposes. 

It's never a bad idea to play around with patterns. An ottoman is a relatively small piece of furniture, so you could cycle through a couple of them. This allows you to bring patterns into the living room at a comparatively inexpensive price.  

This square pouf-style ottoman features a unique black-and-white pattern that will suit virtually any space with a modern flair. 

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14. Rounded Modern Ottoman

Spacious modern contemporary living room with dark wooden flooring, white sectional sofa and white ottoman, a huge indoor plant next to a huge picture window

The sides of this large ottoman are rounded, giving the piece a contemporary look. In addition, its white color means that it will fit right in with virtually any color scheme. 

As an added bonus, the size of this ottoman renders it a coffee table as well; small decorations, books, and more look perfectly natural situated on top of this large piece. You could even pull it right up to the couch cushions to create a massive bed-like space. This would be perfect for movie nights or when you want to feel extra cozy. 

15. Color-Matched Accent

Interior of a rustic themed living room with brown square armed chair sofas, small brown ottoman, and a glass coffee table

The ottoman completes this color-coordinated living room. For such a small piece of furniture, an ottoman is certainly capable of bringing aesthetic balance to a living room, and this room is a great example. When pulled close to the chair, the ottoman is a great footrest. It's also big enough to be used as a small table for magazines and other small items. 

The color matches beautifully with the rest of the furniture pieces, so it's a subtle accent that brings a lot of utility with it.

This ottoman will go a long way toward making your living room cozy and comfortable. What's more, it has a sizeable internal storage capacity. 

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In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some needed creative inspiration for a living room ottoman (or multiple). From modern to cozy boho, there's an ottoman style for you and your living room. Before you go, be sure to take a look at these other guides that might be of interest to you:

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