27 Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Outdoor living spaces can add character and value to your home. Outdoor furniture extends your home's usable space and is an important feature to provide your family with comfort to enjoy. With all of the available options, finding outdoor furniture that is both durable and visually appealing can be an overwhelming task. We have searched multiple sources to bring you an inclusive yet condensed selection of gorgeous outdoor furniture ideas.

Because outdoor furniture is prone to damage by the elements, carefully consider your outdoor furniture placement. Protection from the outdoor elements is important because direct sunlight, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures can weaken and prematurely age your furniture. Take precautions that keep this fact in mind when planning your layout as outdoor furniture can be pricey.

The following selection of 27 gorgeous outdoor furniture ideas will demonstrate why your planning result will be worth every extra step!

Beautiful terrace with view of the sea, 27 Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture Ideas

1. Boho outdoor furniture

This blue color scheme's mixed patterns give the patio example below a subtle, cool bohemian appearance. The wicker outdoor sofa and hanging chair add a natural whimsy to this bohemian-inspired patio. 

Garden patio decorated with Scandinavian wicker sofa and coffee table

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2. Rustic outdoor dining furniture

Open garden patios offer a tranquil, relaxing space to relax and unwind. The rustic wood outdoor furniture pictured in the example below keeps with the nature-inspired ambiance. Simple and natural colors from potted flowers accent this space with bright warm colors.

Hard landscaping of a new luxury stone patio and garden of an English home

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3. Outdoor armchairs 

Comfortable seating around an outdoor firepit gives your outdoor space a cozy warm centerpiece that will turn a chilly night into a memorable outdoor evening. The round stone fire pit combines with the casual outdoor armchairs in the example below for a relaxing feel to the patio. It makes the perfect centerpiece for an evening with friends or family. Small tables in between the armchairs are the perfect practical addition to the outdoor space.

Above-ground fire pit on a beautiful stone patio

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4. Concrete benches with metal bowl fire

For a more simplistic look and feel to your outdoor living space, consider a fire bowl instead of a fire pit. The metal fire bowl in the example below, combined with concrete benches, adds an understated ambiance to the space.

Fire bowl in the garden with stone benches around

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5. Warm Wicker Sets

For a uniquely elegant look, concrete fire bowls combine small stones and propane to create a luxurious space. Warm tones of browns and oranges in the simple wicker patio furniture under the warm-toned wood-covered patio pictured below are enhanced by the warm glow of the concrete fire bowl. 

Large backyard with grass and covered patio with fire pit

6. Outdoor sectional sofa

Turn your patio into an outdoor living space with this outdoor sectional sofa made for group seating. You and your family or friends can enjoy an evening outdoors with comfortable seating. 

Contemporary patio with large wicker sofa

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7. Cantilever outdoor umbrella

Enjoy your outdoor space with the addition of a big shady umbrella. Cantilever umbrellas can be moved to any space that you need a little shade and have a side-mounted stand for easy placement. Dine comfortably in an outdoor kitchen at the shaded table.

Paver patio with a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven and lighting at dusk

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8. Repurposed furniture

Repurposing materials for outdoor furniture is a great eco and budget-friendly way to make a bold statement with your outdoor furniture. The repurposed pallets in the example below make the perfect warm-colored base for this simple but stunning outdoor furniture.

Modern recycling furniture in a terrace set on a wooden deck

9. Wicker lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are the perfect addition to your poolside or patio. Sturdy wicker furniture makes a great material for an outdoor lounge chair as shown in the example below. 

Tropical refreshments add to the leisure time at the the pool

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10. Brown wicker outdoor living set

Brown wicker outdoor furniture can give your outdoor living space a naturally cozy look and feel. The mixed brown outdoor living set in the example below gives this space a toasty tranquil ambiance.

Patio of a villa with tiled floor

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11. White outdoor furniture

While the color white may not be a practical choice for all areas and climates, white outdoor furniture can make a stunning contrast to your outdoor surroundings. The white wicker furniture pictured in the example below is combined with off-white pillows for a warm subtle accent color.

Patio with beach view

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12. Gray and white outdoor furniture

Gray has recently become one of the most popular colors in home decor. The gray and white furniture is a beautiful cool contrast to the natural green and brown backdrop in the example below. 

Large terrace patio with rattan garden furniture in the garden on wooden floor

13. Round outdoor daybed

For a relaxing day out in the sun with a good book, nothing beats the comfort of an outdoor daybed. With the added convenience of a built-in canopy, the outdoor daybed in the example below is the perfect space to enjoy a tranquil day outdoors.

Nice cozy white round chair with canopy and blue cushions

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14. Black and white

The classic combination of the two ultimate neutrals, a black and white color palette, is classy and elegant. The black wicker modern outdoor sectional with white cushions in the example below is the perfect contemporary accent to the red house and gray tile combination. 

Large terrace furnished with outdoor furniture

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15. Bright blue and yellow

Nothing brightens up your outdoor space like two bright and vibrant colors. The vivid combination of bright blue and yellow, pictured in the example below, adds a warm and cool contrast along with a tertiary color combination when combined with the green background.

Outdoor patio in the garden with sofa chair and pillow decoration

16. Modern round wicker outdoor couches

Statement pieces can give your outdoor space an entirely different look. A modern, curved statement couch set in the example below gives this patio a relaxing modern ambiance. 

Home exterior patio

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17. Wood chaise lounge chairs

Relaxing in the sun on a warm day is made perfect with chaise lounge chairs. The wood chaise lounge reclining chair with white cushions in the example below gives the terrace a crisp, clean accent color.

Beautiful terrace with sea view

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18. Metal-framed outdoor couch

For an ultra-modern look to your outdoor space, metal accents give any area a contemporary industrial feel. The metal-framed outdoor couch in the example below gives the natural brown and green scenery a stunning cool contrast.

Outdoor wooden patio with pillow on sofa and nature view

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19. Outdoor lounge pod

For a cozy shady spot to hang out in your outdoor space, an outdoor lounge pod offers all of these things plus a unique accent piece for the outside of your home. The soft white and gray combination of the lounge pod in the picture below adds a beautiful cool contrast to the warm brown shade of the surrounding wood borders.

Patio with comfortable pillow on wicker sofa with tropical and nature view

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20. Elongated outdoor table 

Many outdoor living spaces can also be used as outdoor dining spaces. Using an elongated wicker table with matching couches on either side, the outdoor dining space in the example below adds a homey feel to this amazing space.

Outdoor patio with table and chair around rainbow bridge

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21. Built-in seating

To maximize space in your outdoor area, get creative with seating options. Built-in seating is a great way to make use of every corner of your patio, deck, or other outdoor space. 

Outdoor patio decoration

22. Wooden table and benches

Another option for outdoor dining is a table and bench combination. The wood and metal picnic-style table and bench in the example below offer ample seating as well as eating space.

Long wooden table and benches with modern grill cabinet

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23. Hammock chair 

Not only is sitting in a hammock chair good for relaxing outside, but it is also beneficial to your body. Hammock chairs can relieve pressure and stress on your back and joints leading to decreased inflammation and pain. Additional throw pillows can easily be added to coordinate with surrounding accent items such as the rug in the example below.

A cozy hammock with pillows on a deck in a green garden during summer vacation in a luxurious hotel

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24. Deep-set, black chairs and glass tabletop

Elegant and classy, black furniture adds a sharp flair to any outdoor space. The dark wicker outdoor dining set in the example below, paired with a modern glass tabletop, keeps a cozy feel.

Veranda with garden furniture, blue sky and views of the mountains

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25. Vintage wicker outdoor furniture

For a soft subtle look for your outdoor living space, vintage-inspired decor can add a perfect touch to a wood deck or patio. The vintage wicker pictured below is a slightly different shade than the wood flooring, adding a soft contrast to this space.

Wooden terrace with wicker sofa set and wooden table

26. Vintage wood outdoor bench

Another beautiful example of vintage furniture used for outdoor furniture is pictured below. The brightly accented vintage brown wood bench is the perfect touch to the deep-colored wood patio floor.

Wooden packyard patio with sofa and pillows

27. Distressed white outdoor table and benches

For a brighter vintage look, distressed white outdoor furniture can add an antiquated look to your outdoor space. The distressed white outdoor table and bench combination in the example below, accented with bright floral throw pillows, is a stunning addition to this area.

Empty table in the house garden

Final Thoughts

Because your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, the outside decor can be just as important as the inside decor. Outdoor decor can be both practical and attractive, making choosing a design scheme for the outside of your home can seem like a daunting task. We hope that the selection that we have provided you has helped to inspire your decorative spirit. 

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