21 Amazing Outdoor Jacuzzi And Hot Tub Ideas

Many homeowners agree that hot tubs are a worthy investment in their property. They don't require as much upkeep or space as a traditional pool. You can turn the heat off in the summer months and use these tubs as a cold plunge. Conversely, in a colder climate, there is nothing like soaking in a hot tub to warm your entire body. Stress relief, muscle relaxation, and pain relief are just a few of the many benefits soaking in a hot tub or Jacuzzi provides.

Typically a hot tub and a Jacuzzi are thought to be separate things, but the Jacuzzi is just a brand of hot tub made popular in the 1980s and 1990s. When referring to a Jacuzzi or hot tub, they are the same. They are both oversized tubs with heated water, equipped with many jets used for soaking and entertaining purposes.

If you've taken the plunge and have decided to invest in a hot tub for your outdoor space yet aren't sure how exactly you want to incorporate it into your outdoor space, you're in luck! We'll share our top 21 amazing ideas to really enhance your outdoor space with any variety of hot tubs.

An awesome water view with hot tub at dusk, 21 Amazing Outdoor Jacuzzi And Hot Tub Ideas

Types of Tubs and Jacuzzis

There are several different styles of hot tubs to choose from; the most common is the above-ground, portable hot tub. Portable hot tubs have an acrylic body, seating with many jets, and skirting, usually made of wood.

Another popular option, recently on the market, is called Plug-N-Play. These don't usually require any special wiring like the traditional portable tubs and are made of hard plastic or even blow-up materials. The downsides include receiving power from a standard outlet and usually only one or two jets.

The last style is the most expensive way to go with, which is an in-ground hot tub. These are just like an in-ground pool and are typically built into pools at the same time the pool is built on the property, though they can be added later.

1. Built Into The Yard Water Feature

Jacuzzi and house exterior

This design is a bit more like a traditional in-ground pool but with an in-ground hot tub built-in instead. It has a gorgeous rock waterfall and lush greenery surrounding the tub, making it appear like a little pond in the yard, doubling it as a water feature and a soaking tub.

2. Outdoor Retreat

Hot tub in backyard


This design has a portable hut tub partially put in the ground with a paver deck built around it overlooking the lush backyard greenery. Then they've set the table and chairs nearby for entertaining. A true backyard oasis.

3. Balcony Tub

Close-up of wooden hot tub

If you have an outdoor second-story patio or deck, this could be a prime location for a portable tub. It offers privacy and a fantastic view to boot! This design simply places the tub in the corner of the patio to maximize the view seen from the tub.

4. Spa-Like Retreat

Covered hot tub in a garden

This is a Plug-N-Play hot tub that they have installed a gazebo over the top with lighting and raised seating around it. This makes for a luxury feel out of the most inexpensive hot tub option.

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5. Modern Vintage

Modern wooden hot tub with stairs in garden outdoor

This is a fun vintage eclectic look fashioning the modern hot tub to look like a barrel with steps leading into it with a nice stone platform for the hot tub to sit on in the middle of the lawn.

6. Simple Minimalist

Drone view of the wooden cottage and surrounding area

This tub is situated on the corner of a balcony deck with a modern metallic railing and several seating areas adjacent to the hot tub on the other end of the balcony.

7. Indoor/Outdoor

Jacuzzi at Mediterranean resort

This one is an in-ground design within a sunroom that surrounds it, so you get the added benefit of feeling like you are outdoors but benefiting from protection from the weather.

8. Resort Atmosphere

Luxury Jacuzzi 03

This spa has a killer view! They've taken the hot tub and built a stone surround around it, and built steps leading into the tub on one side. Very simple and draws your eyes to that spectacular view!

9. Sun Protection

Beautiful terrace of a penthouse

This design has wooden decking built around the tub to match the wooden balcony, plus a sun sail to protect soakers from harsh UV rays.

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10. Seating

Round outdoor cushion chair

Here they've added a custom-built rim around a circular inflatable hot tub with seating situated underneath- perfect for entertaining! 

11. Hot Tub Waterfall

Elegant pool and garden

Here they've incorporated the hot tub above the pool with a water feature in the tub and waterfall flowing into the pool.

12. Garden Tub

Hot tub in the garden

In this design, they've placed the tub in the middle of the lawn so you can take in all the greenery and landscaping while taking your nice relaxing soak.

13. Patio

Outdoor concrete patio with a hot tub near the facade of a new home

This design places the hot tub against the house out of the way and not in the yard but overlooking it. Half of the house covering two of the sides of the tub offer added privacy from the neighboring houses.

14. Oasis

Brilliant Blue hot tub in the foreground and awesome fire pit and landscaping in the background

Here is another tub strategically placed tub overlooking the gardens, firepit, and stone walls of a meticulously landscaped backyard.

15. Forest retreat

Gorgeous landscaped wooden deck with sun shining through trees of surrounding forest into mist of hot tub

This property butts up against a lush forest. They've set the hot tub on a wooden deck and added potted plants for extra visual interest. Then constructed an upper level of decking to act as a platform for ultimate ease when entering the tub.

16. Greenery

Hot tub in garden of home during the day with no people

Adding in lush greenery surrounding a hot tub provides both privacy from the neighbors if needed and a relaxing, tranquil retreat as this design shows.

17. Platform

Twilight exterior of home and hot tub

This design adds a tub sunken into a platform out into the far edge of the yard, with the landscaping done around the platform for a natural, luxurious feel.

18. Paver Deck

Wide angle shot of a private backyard spa at night

This is a classy design for an in-ground spa with landscaping on one side of the tub, a tile feature, and paver stone decking.

19. Privacy Fencing

Wooden hot tub with swirling water at outdoor

In this design, they have placed the tub on wooden decking but then installed a decorative lattice privacy fence surrounding the tub for a private at-home retreat. To add some greenery to this design, you could plant or add some potted vines at the base of the fencing to interlace into the lattice.

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20. Sunken

Large long balcony home exterior with hot tub and chairs

This design has the tub sunken into the balcony with patio furniture nearby for easy entertaining.

21. Ultimate Oasis

House Exterior with swimming pool

This built-in design is incorporated into a backyard swimming pool with the exterior area of the hot tub blending into the pool seamlessly as a unique waterfall feature with rocks.

In Closing

We hope this post has inspired you to create your perfect backyard oasis. There are so many designs to chose from when incorporating a hot tub into your outdoor space. Whether entertaining friends or recreating a luxury spa-like feel in your backyard, a hot tub is a worthy and wonderful enhancement to any backyard space!

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