11 Outdoor Patio Curtain Ideas

Curtains have a place inside the home, for sure, but have you ever considered adding curtains to your patio space? This outdoor decor trend can elevate your patio’s existing style as well as serve an important function. Patio curtains give your outdoor space a bit of privacy while also adding some protection from outdoor conditions. If you are considering enclosing your patio, curtains may be a cheaper and more stylish option for you to consider. 

When shopping for curtains for your outdoor space, you must know which ones to purchase. Outdoor curtains are made of more durable material than your indoor curtains, making them able to withstand the elements without getting wet or damaged. Save yourself disappointment and money by ensuring that the curtains you purchase explicitly state that they are for outdoor use. 

Like your indoor curtains, though, outdoor curtains are versatile. You will find that they come in many colors and styles, as well as different fabrics and sizes. Whether you are adding curtains to your porch or patio, or you want to create a whole new space within your larger space, you will find the curtain that fits your needs. 

If you are new to the concept of using curtains outdoors, it may be difficult for you to wrap your head around how to use them in your outdoor space. Never fear, though! Designing your patio with curtains is easy and fun. And we are here to tell you everything you need to know and give you some inspiration to help you achieve this look!

Outdoor patio with tables, chairs and red curtains, 11 Outdoor Patio Curtain Ideas

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Create Magical Spaces 

1. Poolside Cabana

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Beautifully designed outdoor living area at an estate home with a view overlooking a lake

Use curtains to create your own poolside sanctuary. Gathering and tying them to the side will allow you to keep an eye on your guests in the pool while you relax out of the splash zone. As pictured, this suggestion works best if you have an in-ground pool and a patio off of it. However, you create this look on a deck as well. 

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2. Romance, Party Of Two 

A brick patio with wooden patio posts and a cover of canvas curtains

Curtains can be used to create smaller, intimate spaces in your larger backyard or patio. Here, a simple white curtain is draped over a small open patio to create a perfect dining space for romantic dinner dates. If you are working with a closed space, you can still create this look by hanging curtains instead of draping them. 

3. Here For The Party

Outdoor gazebo with curtains and furniture on the sidewalk in the park

Traditional white tents are staples for outdoor gatherings. Smaller ones protect food and other setups that cannot be exposed to outdoor elements, while larger ones are big enough to house party guests. A simple way to dress up these tents is to add curtains. Whether they are the same color as an event’s theme or white, they can make your event area look more polished and elegant. 

Eye Candy

4. Bold And Neutral 

Pergola with tables, chairs and red curtains

Don’t be afraid to add some color to your outdoor curtains! While light neutral colors can create a whimsical or elegant look, bold colors can elevate your design and make your space more look more fun and visually pleasing. Pairing them together brings your space to a new level and adds more depth. To achieve this style, choose a color that matches your outdoor furniture or accents and pair it with a white or light neutral. 

5. Pretty Patterns 

Modern Outdoor patio with trellis roofing and curtains with different patterns on the curtains

Color combinations for outdoor curtains are endless, but you don’t have to feel limited by solid colors. Patterns add another layer to your outdoor furniture, especially if your furniture is solid. Like with indoor curtains, outdoor curtains are available in many different styles and patterns. You are sure to find a pattern that fits your outdoor decor theme. 

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6. Earth Tones 

Outdoor patio with white sheer curtains and an earth tone interior decoration

Although patios and porches are outdoor spaces, curtains can sometimes make people feel closed off from the outdoors around them. Earth tones are a great way to bring a natural feel back into your enclosed space. 

7. More Is More 

the blue and white striped outdoor curtains with grommets in the patio area of an elegant home, and black trim for tropical style windows

Using a solid, a neutral, and a pattern in one outdoor space might seem like too much for the eye. However, this image masterfully blends these elements. The key with this style is installing the pattern curtains on their own wall and installing the solid and the neutral together on their own wall. The resulting look is balanced, interesting, and visually pleasing. 

8. Framed In Elegance 

An outdoor curtain with black trim on the bottom and beige curtains. The trim is black on the bottom edge and the curtains are beige in color

If you want a little more depth than solid colors, but you aren’t ready to frame your patio in patterns, white curtains with a black border might be just what you’re looking for. The black border of these curtains adds a pop of color and adds contrast to the white’s simplicity. Because white and black naturally create an air of elegance when paired together, white and black curtains are an effortless way to elevate your outdoor space. 

Form and Function

9. White With Lights 

View over cozy outdoor terrace with table and chairs, very romantic lighting, white lanterns, candles burning, led string party lights and bulbs with star effect in the evening

While curtains have many purposes on your patio, one you may not consider is they make a beautiful backdrop for sparkling lights. Whether you enjoy the magical aesthetic, they create or want unique lighting for backyard entertaining, string lights and white curtains create a beautiful look. 

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10. Hang Some Shade

A modern outdoor patio with a minimalistic boho design with white sheer curtains and blocking out the sunlight

While the other suggestions on this list focus on style, this suggestion focuses more on function. Installing outdoor shades is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space in more weather conditions. They block the sun and provide a bit of warmth in the winter months by blocking the wind. You can install these alone or put curtains up as well. 

11. Sheer and Knotted 

Wicker furniture on veranda balcony in modern interior design

Sheer curtains allow you to adorn your patio without obstructing your view. On calm days you can let the curtains hang free. A slight breeze will send them flowing, creating a relaxed and ethereal atmosphere. On severe or windy days, a knot in the center of the curtains will keep them protected so you can still enjoy them and not have to take them down. 


Too often overlooked, outdoor spaces are an extension of your home. They reflect your personality, and they provide spaces to spend your time. Because of this, it is no wonder that some of the comforts that are used inside the home are making their way to the outdoors as well. Because they are so simple but so versatile, installing curtains is an easy way to make the best use of your space and refresh your style. 

They are temporary, too, so it is easy to switch them out when you want a new look or add them when you want to try a new layout. If any of these suggestions caught your eye or set your creative wheels turning, there is no time like the present to give them a try! 

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