Should You Have An Outdoor Rug On A Porch?

The front porch, idealized, is a sanctuary. It is a place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of life. With this in mind, we love to furnish it with anything that will enhance its charm. So what about a rug? Is a rug an essential element for a porch? Should you have an outdoor rug on your porch? Fortunately for you, we've thoroughly investigated this query and have come up with some satisfying results.

A rug is not a necessary component for a porch; the use of one is entirely dependent on personal preference and taste. This being said, there are several benefits to having a rug on your porch. First of all, an outdoor rug definitely adds to the atmosphere of your porch. Secondly, an outdoor rug can keep your porch looking clean as well as keep the inside of your home cleaner! Finally, utilizing a rug can help to protect the finish of your porch's floor, enabling it to last longer.

We've listed some of the advantages of having a porch rug, so continue reading as we elaborate on each benefit. We will also answer some more questions that have to do with outdoor rugs. You don't want to miss these, so keep scrolling to get some helpful tips!

A porch of a modern contemporary house with a plant placed next to a rug, Should You Have An Outdoor Rug On A Porch?

An Outdoor Rug On A Porch Is Optional Yet Beneficial

As was stated earlier, a porch rug is a garnishment that is entirely optional. Some porches do very well without a rug, especially those with a pattern on the floor. You can see an example of a porch without a rug in the picture above. This porch is very pleasing aesthetically, without an outdoor rug.

Other porches benefit greatly from the addition of one, such as the picture that we have included below.  Try to narrow down the style you are going for and decide if a rug would improve your porch.

Outdoor rugs are widely used on porches, and with good reason. There are many different advantages to these floor coverings. Let's take a closer look at the many benefits of an outdoor porch rug.

Improves Atmosphere

Rugs, wherever they are placed, add greatly to the space's atmosphere in which they are used. On a porch, rugs add a cozy, room-like feeling that will have you drinking your coffee out there every morning. A rug also softens a porch. This is especially true if the floor is made of a rough or hard material such as concrete or stone. 

Less Cleaning

This one applies to both the inside and the outside of your house! Rugs have the capacity to collect a lot of dirt before it begins to show. The practical benefit to this is less sweeping required to keep your porch looking nice. Additionally, that rug will catch a lot of the dirt and sand that would usually be tracked inside. You can even double-up on a welcome mat atop a porch rug, as depicted below.

Rugs Cover the Floor

What do a brand new floor and a worn-out floor have in common? Both benefit from being covered! Sand and dirt can really do a number on porch floorings and finishes. A rug will protect your new stain or paint job, and keep it from wearing down quickly.

Alternatively, if your porch floor has already retained a good amount of wear and tear, a rug can help. There may be a few spots that have worn down, and you wish they weren't so prominent. Simply lay a rug down in a tactful way, perhaps adding some decor, and your problem is solved.

What Type Of Rug Is Best For Outdoors?

When you're selecting a rug for your porch, always look for one specifically made for the outdoors. These will be made of materials capable of withstanding the elements, allowing rugs to last a long time despite constant wear.

So what material is the best choice for your porch? There are so many different options, it can be difficult to choose one! However, we have researched and selected the hardiest materials for the most difficult of conditions. 

Synthetic Outdoor Rug Materials

Synthetic materials are completely manufactured by chemical synthesis, to mimic a natural substance. These materials are not grown, and cannot be produced naturally. Materials such as polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic are ultimately the best types of synthetics to use on your porch rug.

Synthetic rugs do not fade in the sun, do resist mold and mildew, and are very resilient when it comes to heavy traffic. Additionally, polypropylene is almost entirely stain-resistant! Other synthetic fibers are stain-repellant, except for being susceptible to oil-based stains. Synthetic materials are the most common material for outdoor rugs.

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Seagrass, sisal, hemp, and jute are just a few examples of the natural fibers used to make outdoor rugs. These rugs will usually be more expensive, but worth the extra cost. Rugs made from natural materials are usually softer underfoot, with beautiful textures that add to your porch's ambiance. They are also environmentally friendly.

Both seagrass and hemp resist mildew well. However, unlike synthetic materials, natural rugs are not stain-repellant and will need to be cleaned carefully. They also do not hold up as well when it comes to everyday wear and tear. 

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Can You Leave An Outdoor Rug Out All Year?

Yes, your outdoor rug can be left outside year-round, if desired. Because they are meant for the outdoors, the materials used in these rugs are made to withstand the elements. Your rug can adorn the porch throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter.

However, you may not use your porch during a certain time of the year. Perhaps you have a summer home, or you live in an area with severe winters. If this is the case, feel free to roll up your rug and store it in a dry place. This will certainly extend the lifespan of your rug. Just be sure that the rug is clean and dry before putting it in storage. 

How Do You Keep An Outdoor Rug Clean?

Perhaps you are contemplating adding a rug to your porch but are a bit worried that it will soil quickly. Here are a few tips that will help to keep your rug looking fresh and clean.

  • Regularly sweep, vacuum, or shake out your rug.
  • Be proactive -if you notice a small stain or a spill, promptly remove it.
  • Use Scotchgard Rug Protector -apply this when you first get your rug and every six months thereafter.

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Can You Power Wash An Outdoor Rug?

Cleaning your outdoor rug with a pressure washer is not recommended. Although it is possible to clean your rug in this way, it is also possible that you will damage it. A power washer uses an incredibly high-pressure stream of water. This could cause some of the fibers on your rug to loosen or cause backing to detach.

Usually, a simple detergent and hose will do the trick. A good compromise would be to use a hose attachment with a jet-stream option. For more stubborn stains, try using a rug detergent like Sal Suds, or OxiClean.

Important Note: Do not use these cleaning methods on outdoor rugs that are made of natural materials. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for help in cleaning your natural area rug.

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In Conclusion

Outdoor area rugs are a great addition to your porch and can be found in various types and colors. If you decide that your porch needs a rug, you now know the best kinds to look for and how to care for them.

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