21 Great Outdoor Wall Decoration Ideas

Outdoor areas of your home can be just as important as indoor areas, especially if you enjoy entertaining guests. Decorating an outdoor space to feel warm and welcoming can be a fun escapade, but sometimes deciding what to do with that outdoor wall can be daunting.

If you have a lot of wall areas in your outdoor space and are looking for inspiration on how you can decorate it, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of 21 great decoration ideas for your outdoor wall to help inspire you. Let's begin!

Rustic pergola in a garden with dining table, barbecue and sofa outdoor, 21 Great Outdoor Wall Decoration Ideas

1. Lit Floating Shelves

Adding some texture to the wall with wooden planks can add visual interest to your space, but why not elevate that look even more by adding some floating shelves and potted plants?

The plants add color to the wall, and this designer took it further by adding lighting underneath the shelves.

2. Starburst Trellis

Keep it simple by adding a starburst trellis to your wall. You can create your own using thin pieces of wood and then paint or stain it any color you'd like.

Keep it simple with a neutral color or add a bold pop of color by painting it blue or yellow, for example.

Two clay lanterns on brick wall above trellis work

3. Repurposed Windows As Cute Flower Containers

You can find old windows at many secondhand or thrift stores or check out the local craigslist or Facebook marketplace listings.

The point is, it's pretty easy to get your hands on a couple of old windows you can repurpose into flower pot holders.

4. Hanging Pot Trellis

Here's another similar example: repurposing an item into a flower pot holder. These metal frames make delightful backdrops for flower pots and plants.

Flowerpots filled with blooming flowers hanging on a white stucco wall in Andalusia

5. Mix And Match Wicker Or Woven Baskets

This simple but effective way to add an art piece to your wall. Mix and match different textures, colors, and styles, to create a display of woven pieces on your wall.

This is another example you can put together with thrift or secondhand items, making it super cost-effective too!

6. Framed Text Wall Art

There's lots of framed wall art available for purchase, but this is also something you could do yourself. If you're not interested in making anything by hand, many craft and home decor stores will sell similar products for purchase.

View this framed porch art on Amazon.

7. Window With Wreath

Here's another repurposed window, with a cute wreath added to the front. You could attach it permanently or switch out the wreath seasonally with different seasonal themes.

8. Succulents In Picture Frames

This wall could be straight from an Alice in Wonderland movie. It's quirky and eccentric and would be a conversation starter at any garden party.

Succulent plants in a gray frame attached on a wall

9. "Welcome To Our Porch"

Keep it sweet and simple with a friendly, wooden, or metal "Welcome to our porch" sign. If you plan to entertain, make your guests feel welcome with an inviting greeting.

Click here to see a porch sign on Amazon.

10. Tobacco Baskets

In the 1800s, people used tobacco baskets to keep tobacco leaves off the floor. Now, they can add a rustic flair to your porch or backyard.

Their woven design adds a nice touch to any plain wall, and you can paint them any color you like.

11. Good Vibes Only

Let people know no negativity is allowed in your relaxing garden or porch area with a "Good Vibes Only" sign! The sign pairs great with the other black and white decor in this example!

Not your style, but do you like the idea? Well, the good news is that this sign has many different types for purchase.

12. Metal Hanging Star

Here's another easily purchasable porch decoration that's a simple but fun way to add some visual interest to your outdoor wall. Adding one star can create a more interesting space to look at, but don't be afraid to mix and match sizes and add a few more!

You can also purchase these stars with an American flag design, which can add to your 4th of July decor! Or, if you're patriotic year round, display it all year!

Check out this porch star on Amazon.

13. Family Initials

Proud of your family's name? You can show your pride by adding a large metal initial to your outdoor wall. It can be displayed by itself, or get creative and layer it on an old window shutter for a farmhouse-inspired design!

14. Wall Of Hanging Lights

If your backyard or porch could use more lighting, why not kill two birds with one stone and add a wall of lights to your outdoor space. It takes care of the plain, and maybe boring, wall and adds additional light to the area.

Lights can completely alter the mood of a space, so consider this when choosing the type and brightness of the lighting.

Summer evenig terrace with candles, wine and lights on the wall attached

15. Nautical Theme

If your home is coastal-themed or you want an ode to the beach, you could always opt for a nautical-themed wall.

This example uses old paddles and buoys to create a fun wall that will trigger memories of being oceanside!

Click here to see this nautical decor on Amazon.

16. Painted Mural

If you want your home to be the talk of the neighborhood and to transform the outdoor wall completely, then you could opt for a painted mural.

If a huge design is too much for you, adding a coat of paint in a fun color could also change your space.

17. Garden Mirror

Mirrors can make spaces look bigger, so if you want to create the illusion that your porch or garden is bigger than it seems, this might be the option for you.

Also, there are so many different designs and styles of mirrors, which gives you creative freedom when designing your space.

18. Gardening Supply Cabinet

If you enjoy gardening and frequently get your hands dirty by potting plants and growing seeds, you could incorporate your hobby into a cute decorative piece.

Though this supply cabinet is fully functional, it also adds quirky interest to the wall.

Of course, it doesn't have to be full of garden supplies either; you could decorate it with other decor items instead.

View this distressed wood cabinet on Amazon.

19. Fence Panel Trellis

If you enjoy growing vegetables or even climbing plants, you could add a fence panel that doubles as a trellis. It adds a modern, artistic touch to a raised garden bed.

This is another one of those examples that can double as a practical and aesthetic decoration!

20. Printed Wood Tiles And Climbing Vines

These printed wood tiles and the climbing vines offer a Mediterranean feel to this brick wall. The tiles act as a statement art piece, and the vines help add an organic aspect to the design.

The tiles are separate, so they can be mixed and matched and add as few or as many as you'd like.

21. Outdoor Mini Bar

Our last, but certainly not least, idea is to convert your wall area into a minibar.

Whether you like entertaining friends and family or just enjoying a drink in the tranquility of your garden, this is a great idea for those looking to enjoy a "cold one" outside.

If you purchase a drop-down minibar, weatherproof it before exposing it to the elements on your outdoor wall. You could also try building one yourself for a fun DIY project.

Building it yourself leaves you with lots of flexibility with customization.

Final Thoughts

Rustic pergola in a garden with dining table, barbecue and sofa outdoor

Trying to decide what to do with a blank wall can sometimes feel daunting. Hopefully, our article has inspired you, and you now have a better idea of what you want to do with your outdoor wall.

We gave several examples that were just decorations, but we also provided several practical decorations. The possibilities and combinations of decorations for your outside wall are endless.

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