11 Oversized Round Swivel Chairs That Will Look Great in Your Living Room

Accent chairs for the living room come in many shapes and forms. Oversized round swivel chairs are a favorite one for many great reasons. These chairs are practical and super comfy, allowing you to sink into their welcoming seat and wrap yourself in the round back. They're also very stylish, contributing to a sense of luxury that other accent chairs may fail to convey.

11 Oversized Round Swivel Chairs That Will Look Great In Your Living Room

With that in mind, we've prepared this collection of gorgeous round swivel chairs that would make perfect accent chairs in your living room. We went with large ones, to make sure they're as comfortable as well as beautiful!

1. Furniture Adjustable Swivel Chair by Roundhill

Mounting evidence shows that sitting in one place for too long can increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and back pains. But this swivel chair by Roundhill is one chair that makes spending 10 hours a day on your chair a lot easier. The easy to reach gas lift mechanism makes it easy to adjust the chair’s height. This product will snugly fit in your room and add tremendous flair to its interior décor with its sleek design.


The chair is very comfortable to use, featuring cushioned bonded leather seat. It is perfect for by most people, especially those with smaller statures. The best part is that this chair is very easy to put together. It is very rigid and durable, providing your back with something to lean on while supporting both sides. So if you want something that doesn’t wobble, this is the chair every time you adjust your position, this is the chair you need.

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2. Cecilia Natural Fabric Swivel Chair by Christopher Knight Home

This chair is an extremely ergonomic option that doesn’t break the bank. This chair features a lower back, which is important if you want to accentuate design elements towards the back of the chair. Installation is as easy as plug and play, although you will have to attach four bolts with the swivel base. Once each bolt is properly secured in place, the chair won’t wobble is topple over.

The neutral color palette should go well with most interior decors. The off-white upholstery definitely adds a lot of luster to the chair. There was one area that we didn’t like, and that was the lack of proper arm support, making it difficult to sit on it for too long with your arms hunched towards the middle. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this chair, yet still get the most high-end features.

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 3. Madison Swivel Glider by Babyletto

This cozy chair has a soft back and sturdy metal base to provide a comfortable seat for the occupier. The chair itself is extremely small, designed to maximize space saved for other accessories in your room. Its brown texture and sturdy legs would look like a dream in your living room or bedroom. The chair features artistic curves that will complement your room’s interior décor.

The only problem with this chair is that it can only support a weight of up to 300 lbs, anything more and you risk breaking it apart. We were impressed with the forward-thinking approach from the manufacturers when it comes to the upholstery. It is free of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and safe for use. It can glide the full 360 degrees, making it easy to turn around, talk to your friends, and stay put.

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4. Accent Comfort Chair by Mac Motion

If you want to find an easy way to spruce up your interior décor without splurging a lot of money, then you won’t go wrong with these chairs. They feature bright pops of vibrant colors including orange, yellow, and blue. A soft, upholstered seat lets the durable polyester covering do the talking. The chair has a unique look, which is extremely versatile, allowing you to use it with most surroundings.

This swan chair has tubular steel construction that allows it to withstand wear and tear and excessive weight. The 360-degree swivel adds a tremendous degree of freedom, taking comfort levels an extra mile. We were completely sold out after learning that Mac Motion added extra padding to specific parts of the chair to make the sitting experience even more comfortable.

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5. Madison Swivel Glider by babyletto

For folks who can’t help but spill their drinks all over their furniture, this is the product you should buy. The upholstery is made with water-resistant microsuede that combines durability and comfort like no other. Despite being made to save the most space, this chair glider provides an adequate sitting area for most people, although it can only support weights of up to 300 lbs, making it ideal for only one person.

The contoured chair provides a deep seat with padded cushions that are perfect for enjoying your morning coffee and pondering over the intricacies of life. It is provided with a one year warranty.

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6. Hawthorne Collections Leather Swivel Chair in Black

This chair is a gorgeous example of a minimalist curvature that features a large and spacious seating space. It fully swivels 360 degrees, making you more mobile. The luxurious black leather should look good with most interiors but go especially well with mid-century modern living rooms.

This quality bonded leather would last for generations to come, as long as you maintain it properly. We also loved the shiny chrome round base - did we say mid-century style yet?

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7. Accent Swivel Chair by Coaster Home Furnishings

If you want to instantly delight your guests as soon as they enter the room, this is the chair you should go after. The stunning luxurious accent helps uplift the room with the powerful splash of red. It’s vinyl and leatherette upholstery is durable enough to last for long after purchase.

The only minor inconvenience, that is easy to slide, is that fact that minor assembly is required after purchase. This velvet chair can support a weight of up to 330 pounds. Watch out for the strong odor that becomes very prominent after you first unpack the chair. The good thing is that a few days later, the odor goes away completely.

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8. Skylar Nursery Glider by Delta Children

This chair has a classic shape that will go perfectly well with most rooms, especially nurseries. Upholstered with durable fabric that is designed for longevity, the armrests and padded cushioning of this timeless chair will last for ages. This chair is available in four different colors, all of them happen to be neutrally colored.

The smooth curvature of the chair along with its neutral color palette makes it the perfect addition to rooms with Scandinavian designs. Furthermore, this chair glides back and forth, making it perfect for use with children. The upholstery is smooth and easy to clean, making maintenance less of a chore. So if you come across any blight, just use a moist cloth and remove dirt and dust with ease.

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9. Round Tufted Swivel Chair by Coaster Home Furnishings

This is the second chair by coater home furnishings to have made it to this list, and for good reason. The off-white tufts will help you make a stylistic statement. There are no armrests on it, so be sure to factor that before buying the chair.

The vinyl upholstery will help inject some art into your home, offering plenty of comfort to your back. It definitely makes a great addition to your waiting area, delighting guests and offering them a comfortable place to while away their time. The weight limit of this chair goes up to 500 lbs, enough for large persons.

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10. Swivel Accent Chair by Roundhill Furniture

Roundhill Furniture is a renowned name in the market, known for its eclectic designs, durable frames, and comfortable aesthetics. This feature-rich product is no different and comes with polished leatherette upholstery that makes it easy to sit on it for hours. The swiveling seat can be rotated all the way to 360 degrees and back, and the height can be easily adjusted as well.

The chair itself is supported on a 17.7” chrome metal base that looks gorgeous to look at. Its unique contours are designed to support the body’s frame, ensuring endless comfort.

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 11. Elegant Contemporary Vanity Accent Chair by Duhome

If you’re looking for something more retro to suit your vintage kitchen or living room, then this product is something you would definitely adore. It features high-quality synthetic leather that is extremely durable and designed to last ages. A padded seat provides optimal cushioning to the chair, making it extremely comfortable to sit on it.

This tufted chair can be purchased in six different color designs, ranging from neutral colors to brilliant splashes of green and red, depending on what look you’re after. The chair can only support weight up to 285 pounds, perfect for use in your baby’s nursery or living room. Heavy individuals can also rest on the chair without damaging it, as long as they don’t swing and wobble too much.

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We hope you found this list helpful. Looking to see some other varieties? Make sure to take a look at this parade of gorgeous leather accent chairs too!

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