10 Owl-Themed Kitchen Curtains You’re Going to Love

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always had a penchant for owls. Now that you finally have a home of your own, you want to showcase your interests through your decor. In particular, you’re looking for owl-themed kitchen curtains.

Curtains don’t have to be purely functional, as they can be cute, too. If you have an especially eclectic kitchen with lots of bright, fun items and appliances, installing owl-patterned curtains should really add to the look of the room.

In this article, we’ve combed through Amazon for the best owl kitchen curtains that should match your tastes. Read on to see reviews and shopping links so you can get to decorating your kitchen right away!

Collage of stylish owl-themed kitchen curtains, 10 Owl-Themed Kitchen Curtains You're Going to Love

1. Kitchen Curtains Pattern with Owl, Fox, Squirrel, Birds

Our first set of owl-themed curtains for the kitchen is quite bright and cheery. These Ambesonne curtains are made of satin and polyester. The curtains themselves are beige. Then throughout, there are trees, leaves, acorns, and plenty of outdoor creatures all over, the owl among them. These adorable owls have blue bodies with brown wings and white faces.

The two curtains measure 55 inches wide and 39 inches long. Also included with your order are curtain panels for installing these sweet-looking curtains quickly and easily. If they get a little dingy, you can easily clean the curtains in your washer.

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2. No. 918 Hoot Owl Kitchen Curtain Tier Pair

Add some stateliness and class to your kitchen with the Hoot Owl Kitchen Curtain Tier Pair from No. 918. These ruffled kitchen curtains come in three sizes: 56 inches by 14 inches, 56 inches by 24 inches, and 56 inches by 36 inches for those especially spacious kitchen windows.

These curtains also come in a lighter color, this time an off-white. Gray and blue owls sit on large gray vertical trees replete with leaves, which overall creates a slightly colorful pattern. With their rod pocket design, No. 918’s curtains should easily hang on most curtain rods. When the time comes to clean these kitchen curtains, they too can go in the washing machine.

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3. Three-Piece Embroidered Kitchen Window Curtain Set

Here’s an owl-themed kitchen window set in a different style from Luxury Home. Their three-piece embroidered set is mostly white with thick dark blue bases. Embroidered owls on branches decorate these otherwise simple polyester curtains.

The tiered curtains measure 30 inches by 36 inches each while an included swag valance is 60 inches by 36 inches. The curtains are also safe to wash in a machine.

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4. Ambesonne Nursery Kitchen Curtains With Couples Of Owls

If you want an especially large pattern for your curtains, this set, also by Ambesonne, certainly delivers. These sizable white curtains feature owl pairs, some bigger, others smaller. In each pair, there’s one teal owl and one neon pink owl, both on branches.

The smallest size these curtains are offered in is 55 inches by 39 inches; you can get them as large as 108 inches by 108 inches if you have especially big kitchen windows. Like the other Ambesonne kitchen curtains, these too are made of satin and polyester for a breezy, silky feel. A rod pocket measuring 2.5 inches comes with your order as well.

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5. RT Designers Collection Grand Owl Embroidered Kitchen Curtains

For an easy kitchen look, these RT Designers owl-themed curtains are an ideal pick. A white, billowy polyester curtain, the border features a cluster of colorful owls in such hues as brown, red, blue, and yellow. On the curtains as well as the included swag valance are two owls sitting on a pine branch with pinecones.

Safe to wash in your machine, RT Designers’s curtains are tiered. Each measures 30 inches by 36 inches while the swag valance is 60 inches by 36 inches.

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6. SKL Home By Saturday Knight Ltd. Spice Owl Curtains

Decorate every kitchen window with this set by SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. The Spice Owl pattern has a warm beige base. Colorful starbursts among a group of staring owls comprise this timeless pattern. The bottom of the curtains has a dark red and beige polka dot pattern. Other colors included in the curtains are teal, orange-brown, dark brown, and white.

The tier pair measures 57 inches by 24 inches and the valance curtains are 58 inches by 13 inches. All are made of polyester and are great at filtering light. If you have a curtain rod with a diameter of at least 0.75 inches, these curtains should fit.

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7. 86 York Home Fashion Cartoon Owl Embroidered Roman Curtains With Vertical Ribbons

Do you want a more upscale set of owl-themed curtains for your kitchen? Try this set from 86 York. The semi-sheer curtains are decorated with a lengthy vertical ribbon in either a sand brown or a bright orange hue.

Of course, you’re here for the owls, of which there are plenty. Three owls rest on branches and are prominently displayed on these curtains. There are also plenty of sizing options. The curtains come in sizes like 47 inches tall by 24 inches wide, 55 inches tall by 24 inches wide, 39 inches tall by 31 inches wide, 47 inches tall by 31 inches wide, 55 inches tall by 31 inches wide, and 55 inches tall by 39 inches wide. There are no kitchen windows these curtains won't fit.

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8. Ambesonne Cartoon Kitchen Curtains

This set of curtains from Ambesonne lets you shout your love of owls from the rooftops...err, your kitchen. They’re incredibly vivid with a pale yellow base, colorful flower petals, and owls in hues like orange, blue, and green. All the designs are oversized so they can’t be missed.

Like the other Ambesomme owl-themed curtains we’ve discussed, these too are made of the manufacturer’s satin polyester for a soft feel. You also get the 2.5-inch rod pocket. When hung together, the curtain set is 55 inches wide by 39 inches long. Make sure you set your washer to the cold delicate cycle when washing these, and don’t put them in the dryer!

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9. Jasmine Linen Three-Piece Printed Kitchen Curtains With Owls

For an understated owl-themed curtain set, Jasmine Linen’s design is a great pick. These mostly white curtains with a feather pattern feature dark brown owls around the border. They’re against a lighter brown base that has a texture like tree bark.

Made completely of polyester, the Jasmine Linen curtains are safe to go in the washer when cleaning time arrives. Besides the dual tiered curtains, you also get a single valance curtain, which measures 36 inches long and 60 inches wide. The tiered curtains are each 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. While understated, they’re a sweet and pretty kitchen addition for sure!

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10. Ambesonne Owl At A Tea Party Kitchen Curtains

Ambesonne Owl Kitchen Curtains, Owl at a Tea Party Bird Lemon Cupcakes Teacups Vintage Design Border Art Print, Window Drapes 2 Panel Set for Kitchen Cafe Decor, 55" X 39", White Pink

Our last pick is a whimsical one that should match your interests well. It’s yet another set of owl curtains from Ambesonne, this time with an absolutely precious pattern. In an off-white with a pale blue polka-dotted border is an owl getting ready for a tea party. The dark teal bird is stacking a teapot and teacups on its head with a happy look. To the other side of the owl is a table with cupcakes and a teapot a small bird is sitting on. The bird looks cheery and holds a lemon.

These are large curtains, measuring 55 inches by 39 inches together. Curtain panels included with your order make everything easy to set up, as does the curtain rod pocket. You’ll feel like hosting a tea party yourself with these great owl curtains!

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In Closing

If you have odes to owls in other rooms of your home, the kitchen doesn’t have to be an exception. The ten owl-themed kitchen curtains we found on Amazon are all inexpensive yet wonderful ways to express your personal tastes. Whether you want bold, in-your-face patterns or simpler, understated embroidery, you have your pick in the list above. Have fun decorating!

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