Can Bathroom Tiles Be Painted? [Here’s How]

Collage of a bathroom tile paint with picture of a bathroom with paint roller on top of a toiletIf you're interested in renovating or rejuvenating your bathroom, but don't want to spend all the money and time on retiling, you might consider painting your bathroom tiles. You may be wondering: can it be done? And how? Well, keep reading, and we will tell you everything you need to know about painting your bathroom tiles, including the cost, and what kind of paint to use.

Can bathroom tiles be painted? The answer is yes! Painting your bathroom tiles will work. Painting your tiles, instead of retiling your entire bathroom, will also be the economical option. Painting can cost as low as $100, whereas retiling can cost $1,000 or more! Painting may also be the option for you if you like redecorating often, as you can re-paint and re-style with ease.

Before going ahead and slapping paint on your tiles, there are a few things you should know first. Certain kinds of tiles will respond better to paint than others. In addition, certain paints will be better to use than others. It is also essential to know that painting your bathroom tiles will take a weekend or longer, making that bathroom mostly inaccessible. The time it takes to paint your bathroom will depend on the size of your bathroom, and the dry time of the paints and sealants you are using. Keep reading to figure out how to navigate all these questions!

How To Paint Bathroom Tiles

Painting your bathroom tiles is undoubtedly an economical option, but it can also look fantastic. If you can follow these five easy steps, you can achieve a similar look in your bathroom for a low-price. The process of painting your bathroom styles is similar to the process of painting any surface. Follow these steps for a flawless finish!

Prepare the Surface

Thoroughly clean, vacuum, and scrub both the tile and grout lines. Cleaning the surface will ensure an even layer of paint and help your paint job to look nice and professional. You can use a homemade cleaner made from vinegar and baking soda, or purchase a cleaner that will help clear out any grit or grime.

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Prime the Surface

Priming the tile will make it more receptive to paint. Use epoxy or urethane primer. Each primer's dry time will vary. You will want to make sure that the primer is thoroughly dry before applying paint.

Paint the Surface

Use a roller to save time, or brush paint onto individual tiles. Painting the tiles would require more time and a remarkably steady hand. Hand-painting would be best for a few accent tiles, rather than the entire bathroom.

Apply Pattern

Adhere your stencil, homemade or bought, to the tiles, then roll over with a roller brush. You will want to wait until the paint is thoroughly dry before removing the stencil.

Seal the Surface

This step is crucial and will help protect your paint job, making it last. Use a clear sealer like a urethane sealer or masonry sealer. As always, you are going to want to wait for the full dry time before using your bathroom.

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Now that you know the basics of how to paint your bathroom tiles, you may have more questions related to cost, what kinds of paints to use, and what to do about water damage. Keep reading to have all your questions answered!

Can Shower Tiles Be Painted?

Yes, shower tiles can be painted. But it's important to note that your paint is most susceptible to damage on surfaces that will encounter moisture. The place where your paint job will last the longest is on walls, floors, and backsplashes. Areas that are exposed to moisture (the bathtub, countertops, area around the tub) will be more likely to fade, peel, or blister. Be sure to follow that final step of sealing your paint job with an epoxy sealant to help prevent damage.

To personalize the look of your shower, you might want to consider adding accent tiles. Purchase a shade of paint that compliments or contrasts with your chosen color, and hand-paint individual tiles to add pops of color. Similarly, you could purchase stencils to elevate the aesthetic of your shower. Stencils like these can help you personalize your shower tiles.

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Bathroom Tiles?

The cost of painting your bathroom tiles will vary depending on the size of your bathroom and the paint you choose to use. The cost of painting your bathroom tiles compared to retiling your bathroom is significant. You will save a great deal of money by painting your bathroom tiles yourself, as compared to retiling or having a professional come in.

Though the cost will vary, for a 124 square foot bathroom, the price will range between $69 and $200 (depending on the materials purchased). This estimate includes primer and sealant but assumes that you do the labor yourself. If you want to hire a professional painter, the cost of labor will add significantly to the total cost. If you are planning on hiring a professional, your cost will sky-rocket to anywhere between $500 and $1,100.

How Long Does Tile Paint Last?

The longevity of a bathroom tile paint job will depend on a variety of factors. Most notably, the paint used, the sealant used, and the traffic that a particular bathroom gets. On average, painted bathroom tile will last anywhere from 10 to 20 months!

You can increase the longevity of your paint job by cleaning carefully. Avoid using harsh scrubbers like scouring pads or steel wool, and avoid chemical cleaners that will burn through layers of paint or cause discoloration. Use neutral solvents when cleaning. A homemade solution of warm water and baking soda will do wonders, and be gentle on your painted tile. Be sure to be gentle when scrubbing and cleaning so as not to disturb the paint.

How Do You Grout Tile After Painting?

The simplest way to grout tile after the painting is by using this grout pen. This pen is simple to use. Just trace it along grout lines to whiten them and make them look sparkling new! Make sure the areas you are tracing are completely dry before using.

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Alternatively, you can buy grout paint to freshen up the look between your tiles. Painting directly onto the grout lines is tedious and requires a special kind of epoxy paint, but the end look will leave your bathroom looking sparkling fresh and new.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use On Ceramic Tiles?

On ceramic tiles (as well as porcelain or unglazed quarry tile), you can use epoxy paint or latex paint. Latex paint will cost you from as low as $10 a gallon and will smell less intense. Despite being cheaper and less toxic, it will be more susceptible to water damage. Consider using latex paint for tile surfaces that won't see much water. Epoxy paint will be more durable when it comes to water damage for areas that will see more liquid, like the tub or countertops, use epoxy paint. Epoxy paint can cost as low as $20 per gallon. It will be more durable, lasting longer and keeping out moisture.

Make sure you don't forget the vital step of sealing your paint in! You can purchase an epoxy sealer that will help make your paint job last, and keep out pesky moisture.

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Other Cost-Effective Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom

As we've said, painting your bathroom tiles is an easy way to change up your bathroom's aesthetic while also keeping to a budget. In addition to painting your bathroom tiles, you can add or change accent colors to change up your bathroom's vibe. Consider picking a color that is calming, or one that speaks to you and your personality. Click here to find ideas for simple bathroom accessories that will help elevate your bathroom's look.

Another way to change up the aesthetic of your bathroom is by choosing a theme. Choosing a theme will help tie your bathroom together, and allow the whole look of the room to appear chic and put together. Consider selecting a theme that fits your personality. Are you beachy, or bohemian? Do you love the outdoors, or have a thing for horses? Click here to find some themed bathroom inspiration.

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