25 Paint Color Combinations For Living Room Walls

It's no mystery that the living room is generally the focal point of a house. The living room is where we spend most of our time when we entertain and relax. For this reason, it's pertinent to ensure that the living room boasts a unique and memorable aesthetic.

Paint is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a space to give it a touch of personality. And painting the walls is a great way to dress up a living room. To take it a step further, incorporate a color combination for the living room walls to boost the aesthetic even more.

But this is certainly easier said than done. After all, there are so many colors and color combinations to choose from. What's more, painting the living room walls is a big commitment; painting is time-consuming, and it changes the aesthetic foundation of the space.

But don't worry, because we created a list of 25 paint color combinations for living room walls to steer you in the right direction. Let's get into it, shall we?

dark gray and white living room wall with brown sofa, black center table. 25 Paint Color Combinations For Living Room Walls

1. Light Gray And White

An elegant navy blue sofa in the middle of a bright living room interior with gold metal side tables and three paintings on a gray wall

These walls are painted light gray and white. This combination is an excellent choice for a living room with a statement piece—like this blue couch—as it allows bold pieces to really pop. The lighter tones of the walls also let the houseplants and wall art stand out. This color combination makes for a contemporary vibe. 

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2. Dark Beige And Blue

Modern living room with fireplace, brown wall and blue armchair

The combination of brown and blue is timeless, and the aesthetic impact is profound. Though these colors aren't complementary by definition, they work together harmoniously in virtually any space. The blue lounge chair accentuates the blue section of the wall, and the large brown area rug highlights the brown. 

3. Tan And Dark Brown

Modern living room interior with leather sofa

Though a less popular choice, combining tan and dark brown is an excellent way to elevate a living room's aesthetic. When paired with other warm tones (such as these wood floors), the result is a cozy, welcoming ambiance. The couch, lampshade, and coffee table all feature some shade of the wall color, which helps balance the space.

4. Dark Beige And White

Classic brown living room with white fireplace, sofa and ottoman

This living room exudes sophistication thanks to the combination of dark beige and white. Dark beige is an excellent primary wall color, as it creates a sense of luxury and class. The small white section on the wall provides the perfect amount of color diversity, breaking up the beige ever so slightly. The choice of furniture perfectly balances these colors. 

5. White And Gray

Bright contemporary living room trend

This living room boasts a contemporary color combination of white and gray. The larger wall is white, which makes the room feel open. The smaller part of the wall is painted a dark gray, a great choice for a modern aesthetic. This color combination is perfectly complemented by the gray and bluish-gray furniture that adorns the room.

6. Red And Black

Living room with red walls and fireplace

Though an unusual choice, red and black make for a memorable color combination for living room walls. The majority of the walls are painted red, providing the perfect background for the black sofa. The black border that runs around the top of the walls ties into the dark furniture, unifying the different elements in the room. Consider a bold color combination like this for a significant aesthetic boost. 

7. Yellow And White

Modern living room interior with sofa

A cheerful combination, the use of yellow and white certainly make this living room stand out. The shelf of wall decor pops against the lighter wall color behind it. Likewise, the light-colored sofa stands out against the vibrant yellow wall. Elements of both wall colors can be seen in the coffee table, a key piece of furniture that binds the wall colors together.

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8. Green And White

Living room of a modern house with sofa set and coffee table

Green and white walls combine to create a serene living room ambiance. The choice of mossy-green gives this living room a nature-inspired vibe. White is the perfect complement, making the room feel bright and spacious. The neutral brown furniture binds the wall colors perfectly.

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9. Dark Gray And White

Modern minimalist Scandinavian-like living room

This is another living room that features a combination of dark gray and white. In fact, this entire room is chock-full of neutral tones that blend together harmoniously. Dark gray and white is a great color combination for a living room with light-colored wood flooring, as it allows the natural wood tones to really shine.

10. Blue And Yellow

Yellow sofa and aquarium on table in living room

Blue and yellow make for an exceptional combination. This room features muted blue and muted yellow walls. The vibrant yellow couch is certainly the focal point of this space. Consider a similar color scheme to create a truly unique living room.

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11. Shades Of Blue

Scandinavian style interior with modern furnitures and poster frame on wall

Who says a color combination has to feature vastly different colors? This living room highlights the fact that similar shades of the same color can be strategically utilized to achieve a wonderful, unique look. Clearly, teal is the predominant color in this living room. But the slight change in shade adds immense aesthetic interest, breaking up what might have otherwise been visually monotonous.

12. Pink And White Brick

White sofa in pink living room interior with white brick wall, striped rug, posters and bookcase with books and decorations

This color combination is for homeowners who aren't afraid to be bold. Pink and white (white brick in this case) makes for a cute combination that boosts the aesthetic of this space. The white bookshelf pops against the gorgeous pink wall, and the white brick serves as the perfect background for the off-white couch. 

13. Light Gray And White Brick

Orange pillows and blanket on gray couch in living room interior with wooden table

Gray goes exceptionally well with white brick. Paired with contemporary furniture and an abundance of lush green houseplants, this combination creates a look with the perfect balance of modern and boho. This particular shade of gray will accentuate virtually any piece of decor that sits in front of it.

The best part about this kind of color scheme is that any accent color will do; even a mustard yellow looks amazing against this versatile background.

14. Black And White

Modern loft living room with polished concrete floor, black wall and black wood ceiling furnished with brown leather furniture

What color combination is more classic than black and white? Though this combination might seem to be overused, it remains one of the most effective and visually powerful choices. The walls in this living room appear bold, but they highlight the luxurious dark brown leather furniture. Black and white is a great way to make a living room look luxurious and sophisticated.

15. Salmon Pink And Tan

Colorful interior with archs, sofa, armchairs, terrazzo floor and plants

Salmon pink and tan is perhaps the most unique color combination for a living room. However, this combination might very well be a hidden gem of living room decor. When used together, both of these colors are bold, but they still highlight the furniture and decor in the room.

16. Light Gray And White

Open space living and dining room interior with gray sofa, wooden tables, white chairs and plants

Light gray and white is a timeless combination, and for good reason. This color combination is extremely versatile; this living room features numerous colors—gray, white, yellow, orange, and green. The soft wall color combination is compatible with all of these different colors. In other words, this color combination allows the living room's decor to stand out and look amazing.

17. Light Gray And Light Orange

Living room of a modern villa with gray sofa against orange wall and front door on background

The walls in this living room boast a unique color scheme. The wall behind the couch is a slightly muted orange that highlights the sleek charcoal-gray sofa. In the same way, the other gray walls accentuate the decor around the perimeter of the room. This unique paint color combination gives this living room a contemporary, inviting atmosphere.

18. Gray And White

Posters on gray wall above white cupboard in bright living room interior with sofa and carpet

This entire living room boasts a gorgeous color scheme consisting of gray and white. The far gray wall accentuates the gray couch. Likewise, the white tables are highlighted by the white wall. A large tan area rug ties these colors together, giving the space perfect visual balance. 

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19. Aqua And White

Minimalistic loft interior design with sofas and concrete walls

The walls in this living room feature a combination of aqua and white, and the result is an aesthetic that guests won't soon forget. All of the furniture Additionally, decorative elements like the lampshade and throw pillows tie in with the hint of green that can be seen down the hallway. 

20. Mint And Off-White

Cozy armchair in the living room

This wall features mint-colored wall paneling below an off-white. These two shades blend together softly, creating a dainty aesthetic. The furniture matches this color scheme perfectly—the chair and footstool feature mint-green upholstery, and the accent table is painted a soft off-white. This living room demonstrates the amazing result of strategically coordinating furniture with the wall colors.

21. Grayish-Blue And White

Yellow sofa and blue chair of cozy living room with parquet floor

The wall color combination in this living room consists of grayish-blue and white. The white wall makes the blue chair stand out, and the grayish-blue wall makes the yellow couch stand out brilliantly. This living room highlights the ability of a simple wall color scheme to emphasize furniture as the focal point of a space.

22. White With Gray Accent

Flowers in vase on wooden coffee table in fashionable living room interior with brown corner sofa with pillows and abstract painting on the wall

The walls in this living room are painted white and a light shade of gray. Against the warm-colored furniture, the walls practically disappear, allowing the furniture to take center stage as the focal point of the space. This color combination also lets decor that sits close to the wall (such as the bookshelf in this case) really pop.

23. Dark Gray And White

Interior design of living room at modern home with stylish furniture

Dark gray and white are a great color combination for a boho living room. These colors serve as the perfect neutral backdrop for boho decor. Since this decorative style generally consists of neutral tones, a combination of gray and white will tie the space together nicely.

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24. Gray And Off-White

Interior of home office with overview of the city on glass window

The walls in this room are painted gray and off-white, an excellent choice to achieve an aesthetic that is subtle yet visually powerful. This color combination doesn't jump out at you, but it's certainly noticeable when paired with contemporary furniture and other decor items.

25. Cream And Mint

Empty poster frame on beige wall in living room interior with modern furniture and decorative green arch with trendy dried flowers, white sofa and armchair

This living room features a unique combination of cream and mint. These colors aren't technically complementary, but they might as well be; the visual result of this pairing is exquisite, to say the least. The recessed green portion of the wall adds depth to the room, and it serves as the perfect backdrop for an accent piece. 

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In Closing

We hope this guide has inspired you to incorporate a spectacular paint color combination for your living room walls! If you draw some inspiration from these examples, you'll be well on your way to achieving a remarkable living room aesthetic.

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