14 Paint Color Ideas For A Family Room With A Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces can bring an unmatched vibe into any home. Using different paint colors with your stone fireplace, you can create distinct looks in your family room. 

Finding the right color to pair with your stone fireplace can be a daunting task. We have searched several sources to bring you an inclusive listing of paint color ideas for a family room with a stone fireplace that you are sure to love. 

There are many color options when painting your walls to coordinate with a stone fireplace. Many experts recommend choosing a color within the stone to match your paint.

Gray and beige are popular choices according to some sources, but there are many other colors that are sure to look amazing. We will discuss some different paint color choices in further depth as follows:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Beige
  4. Brown
  5. Black
  6. Gray
  7. Greige
  8. Sage green
  9. Deep teal green
  10. Pale blue
  11. Navy blue
  12. Gold
  13. Red
  14. Orange

Choosing the color to complement your stone fireplace is only one of many questions that must be addressed during your decorating project. You may wonder about different fireplace color choices. 

You may find yourself asking if your fireplace should match your trim or how to modernize your stone fireplace. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

Paint color ideas for a family room with a stone fireplace, 14 Paint Color Ideas For A Family Room With A Stone Fireplace

Paint Colors For Family Room With Stone Fireplace

1. White 

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Furnished living room in new home

White is the ultimate shade in light neutral colors and can add an expansive look to your family room. White pairs with nearly any color imaginable for a crisp clean look in any space. 

Cool gray stone combines with stark white walls for a modern contrasted look. Creamy neutral-colored furniture adds a welcoming warm dimensional look to your white and gray room. 

2. Cream

Log cabin fireplace close-up

Shades of white are beautiful but aren't for everyone or every home. Consider a cream shade if you are looking for a warmer color with the same expansive properties as white. 

Cream colors create a soft warm feel in any space while still adding an airy appearance to your space. This shade works especially well when you can coordinate your cream shade with the grout in your stone fireplace. 

3. Beige

Beautiful living room with fireplace

While beige may seem like a boring choice, walls in this color are the perfect warm neutral shade to pair with a natural stone fireplace. This shade is a muted shade of brown that creates a welcoming ambiance. 

Beige stone pairs with beige walls for a muted neutral color palette that looks great with deep shades of brown and black accents. Natural greenery brings a splash of tranquil color to this look. 

4. Brown

Stone fireplace with flames a-glow, rustic style in brown and gray tones, cozy home in winter

Rich brown tones pair with gray and brown stones for a toasty elegant look. Brown-painted walls will bring out any brown shades in your stone fireplace. 

Gray stone shades bring out the warm red undertones in your brown-painted walls. Pair this look with deep brown hardwood flooring and natural wood accents for a sophisticated cabin-like feel. 

5. Black

For a balanced, modern look, paint the wall behind your light stone fireplace in black

Black is the ultimate in dark neutral shades, but this color may not always come to mind when choosing wall colors for your home. This deep dramatic shade can overwhelm a space if you aren't careful. 

Painting only the wall directly behind your light-colored stone fireplace is a great way to tone down this look. Accent this modern look with black and white wall art and natural wood shades for a sense of balance.

6. Gray

a hyperrealistic living space with a gray-painted wall to complement the cool undertones in the stone fireplace.

Bring out the cool undertones in your stone fireplace with gray paint. The perfect combination of white and black shades, gray adds a modern subdued touch to any space. 

White modern lighting fixtures bring a unique pop of crisp contrast to this gray scenery. Lots of natural lighting ensures that tones of gray will not overpower your room. 

7. Greige

Living room interior in gray and brown colors features stone fireplace with built-in shelves and cabinets, large dark stained cocktail table atop beige fluffy rug and large window

The perfect mixture of cool gray and warm muted beige, the color greige makes the perfect color pairing for your stone fireplace. This subdued shade has become increasingly popular in home decor. 

Adding deep brown accents will help to bring out the warm undertones in this color. Cream and beige furniture add a welcoming touch to your family room. 

8. Sage Green

a serene living space by bringing the tranquility of the outdoors indoors with a calming shade of sage green

Bring a tranquil piece of the outdoors into your home with this particular shade of green. Cool and calm, sage green creates a mossy grayish-green color pairing for your stone fireplace. 

Use a stone with a slight green undertone to really make an impact in your space. Orangy wood tones create a warm contrast with sage green and stone. 

9. Deep Teal Green

a photorealistic family room with a stone fireplace featuring deep teal green accents.

Jewel tones can create a brilliant appearance on their own, but combining these vibrant shades with warm neutral stone creates an amazing look. Deep teal green is a brilliant bold color that is eye catching and fierce. 

The toasty shades of brown and beige in this brick provide an inviting contrast to the cool tones of deep teal. Light neutral wood tones and white soften this palette and add a detailed dimensional appearance to this room. 

10. Pale Blue

a hyperrealistic family room with a pale sky blue wall, creating a tranquil and airy ambiance.

Shades of blue add some cool color to any space. Pairing this subdued shade of blue with your stone fireplace is sure to turn heads in your family room. 

Blue is sophisticated and tranquil. This pale sky blue brings an outdoorsy element into your space that cannot be replicated using any other color. 

11. Navy Blue

Navy blue and White accents complement the design, and a stone fireplace adds charm

Add a bold sophisticated look to your family room with navy blue paint. This powerful color also has a tranquil side that is sure to turn heads in your home. 

Use lighter shades of blue to accent this color scheme and create a dimensional look in your space. White accents give this room a balanced appearance. 

12. Gold

a vibrant family room with deep shades of golden yellow that infuse unmatched energy into the space

Deep shades of golden yellow create unmatched energy in any room in your home. This color is especially stunning in a larger area, like your family room. 

Pairing this warm shade with a stone fireplace accentuates the warm tones. Deep espresso-toned accents add a sense of detail and dimension. 

13. Red

a photorealistic family room with a striking red stone fireplace that adds a powerful and eye-catching element.

Nothing compares to the striking look of red. Red is a brilliant primary shade with a power that cannot be matched. 

Warm red shades pair with the cool tones of a stone fireplace for a strong contrast that isn't easily replicated. Add bright natural wood accents for a modern barn appearance. 

14. Orange

a vibrant family room with a deep shade of vivid orange, creating a spicy and energetic atmosphere.

Bold and vibrant, orange is a warm mixture of red and yellow that adds a spicy flare to any area of your home. A deep shade of vivid orange will change the entire look of your space. 

This color closely coordinates with the red stone of this multi-colored stone fireplace for a cohesive appearance. Rich chocolatey brown accents highlight the toasty undertones in this deep orange shade. 

Should A Fireplace Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

As with any other decorative element in your home, choosing a wall color to pair with your stone fireplace is a matter of personal preference. If you wish to take the focus off of your fireplace, use a similar wall color to create a camouflage look. 

A darker-colored fireplace against light walls will add a dramatic bold look to your space. Painting your walls a darker color with lighter stone will create a modern, sleek touch to your family room. 

Should I Paint The Fireplace White Or Gray?

Finding the perfect color for your fireplace can be a tricky decision. A white fireplace will look modern and add a splash of bright color to your family room. 

A gray fireplace will add a more cool and natural look to your space. Both of these colors are sure to turn heads in your home when you paint a fireplace. 

Should The Fireplace Be The Same Color As The Trim?

Painting the fireplace the same color as the trim in your room can create a cohesive look within your space. This look works well with gray and white trim. 

Painting your fireplace a dark color to match your trim can easily overwhelm a space. Another option for coordinating your fireplace with your trim is painting the mantel the same color. 

How Do You Modernize A Stone Fireplace?

A stone fireplace can be modernized in several ways, including painting the stone. Gray and white are great color options when finding a color to paint your fireplace. 

Adding a mantel to your existing fireplace is another excellent way to modernize your stone fireplace. Refacing your stone fireplace with tile, MDF, or pine wood is also an option. 

Final Thoughts

A stone fireplace adds an unmatched sense of style to any space. It can bring a welcoming cottage ambiance into your home. 

The whole look of your room can change with the right colored walls. We hope that the above selection of color ideas for a family room with a stone fireplace has helped inspire your inner decorator. 

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