Should You Paint Your Garage Floor? [And How To!]

A garage floor can quickly become the dirtiest place in your house. If yours has accumulated oil stains and scuff marks, you might be thinking of ways to refresh it. Should you paint your garage floor? We've researched this and have discovered many reasons you may want to paint your garage floor -- and a few reasons you may not.

Painting your garage floor can be a great way to update your garage. Here are some of the top reasons you should paint your garage floor: 

  • It will give your home a custom look. 
  • It will keep your garage cleaner.
  • It will brighten up your garage. 
  • It will protect your car and belongings stored in the garage. 
  • It will protect your garage floor from wear and tear. 

You may be convinced of the benefits of painting your garage floor but wondering how much of an investment it is. Does it cost a lot to paint your garage floor? Is it a massive undertaking? Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks for painting your garage.

An empty garage with beige walls, Should You Paint Your Garage Floor? [And How To!]

Why You Should Paint Your Garage Floor

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Give Your Home A Custom Look

Painting your garage floor is a sure-fire way to upgrade your home's look. Whether you go with one color of latex concrete paint or use an elaborate design with epoxy paint, having a painted floor in your garage will add a high-end touch.

While it may not add a lot to the value of your home, it will increase its curb appeal and make it stand out to buyers if you decide to sell. A painted garage floor will make your garage look more finished and professional. 

Keep Your Garage Cleaner

A concrete garage floor is a dusty surface and not just because you drag in dirt from outside on your car or bicycle tires. As you walk on, drive on, or even sweep your concrete floor, it stirs up concrete dust. This is part of the natural aging process of concrete. Painting it will seal it and cut down on the dust it generates. 

Painting your garage floor will also make it easier to clean. With a properly sealed paint finish, spills won't soak into your floor and are easier to wipe up. Damp mopping is also easier on a sealed surface than on concrete. 

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Brighten Up Your Garage

Concrete, even if it's light-colored, doesn't reflect light very well. Its matt surface can make a room look dull and dark. Painting your garage floor and sealing it with a high-gloss sealer can add a lot of reflective light, making your garage look bigger and brighter. 

If you want to paint your floors a dark color but still want a reflective surface, you use epoxy to paint them. You can even add sparkling epoxy flakes to increase the reflective powers of your floor even more. 

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Protect Your Car and Belongings

By cutting down on the dirt and dust in your garage, you're protecting your car's finish as well as all of your belongings stored in the garage. Keeping your garage clean and bright will help ensure your off-season decorations aren't covered in layers of dust when you need them. 

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Protect Your Garage Floor from Wear and Tear

Concrete absorbs the fluid leaks from your cars and accidental spills, leaving behind ugly stains. Sealing your floors will let you quickly clean up spills without leaving behind residue. Concrete is naturally porous, so painting it will give it extra layers of protection and help prevent cracks and chips that can wear away your floor. 

Disadvantages Of Painting Your Garage Floor

While there are many great reasons to paint your garage floor, there are some downsides as well. These include: 

  • Lots of prep work. Preparing your garage floor for painting can take a while. 
  • Expense. You can cut down on the cost by doing it yourself, but painting your garage floor will cost more than not painting it. 
  • Time. Regardless of what type of paint you use, you will need several days to complete the process. 
  • Inconvenience. Unless you're painting your garage floor before you move into your house, you're going to have to move everything out and store it elsewhere while you're painting. 

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Concrete Garage Floor? 

There are two kinds of paint that you can use on your garage floor, epoxy and latex. Epoxy paint is different from an epoxy coating, which is a much more complicated process. Epoxy paint has epoxy added for increased durability. The process of painting is very similar for both epoxy paint and latex paint. 

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How Do You Paint Your Garage Floor? 

If you want to do the job yourself, follow these steps:

1.  Move everything out of the garage floor.

The floor needs to be completely clear before you start. If you have stuff hanging on the walls, you can leave it as long as it doesn't interfere with your access to the floor.

2.  Patch any cracks or chips on your floor. 

Using a concrete patching compound to repair any imperfections in your floor. Filling holes, cracks, or gouges in your floor will help you achieve a professional finish when you paint. Let the compound dry completely before you clean the floor. 

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3.  Clean the garage floor. 

Start by sweeping up your garage floor. Once you've cleaned it of all noticeable dust and debris, apply a cleaner and degreaser. Let it sit for a few minutes and then work it into the floor with a stiff broom or brush. Wash it off with a power washer or high-pressure hose attachment. Let the floor dry completely. 

3.  Apply a primer.

This step is optional but will result in a smoother finish. Apply one coat of primer. Use a roller with an extension to make the job easy. Start on the outside perimeter of the garage and then fill in the interior. Let dry completely. 

4.  Apply your paint. 

Once the primer is dry, apply the first coat of paint using the same method you used to apply the primer. Let the first coat dry completely. Apply a second coat in the opposite direction of the first coat. For instance, if you applied the first coat from the front to the back of the room, apply the second from side to side. Let dry completely. 

5.  Apply a sealer.

Use a concrete sealer to make your hard work last longer and provide even more protection to your floor. You can apply it the same way you applied the primer and paint. Apply a second coat for better protection. Let the sealer dry completely before you start moving your stuff back into the garage. 

Interior of a clean garage in a house

Do You Need to Prime the Garage Floor Before Painting? 

You don't have to prime the floor before painting, but it helps the paint bond to the floor and provides better coverage. Applying a coat of primer will also provide more protection from stains and make your paint job last longer. 

How Long Does Garage Floor Paint Last?

How long your paint job lasts depends on several factors, including the kind of paint you use, if you use a primer, and if you use a sealer. If you use a primer, epoxy paint, and a sealer, your paint job should last around five years. If you use don't use a primer or sealer and use latex floor paint, you may have to repaint in two years. 

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Can You Paint Over Sealed Paint? 

You can paint over sealed concrete. It will be easier to paint over sealed concrete since you can skip the primer. 

In Closing

Painting your garage floor has many benefits, from updating your house's look to making cleaning easier. Though it's not an easy job and takes some time to accomplish, you'll enjoy the rewards for years to come. 

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