21 Paris-Themed Bathroom Accessories (Tips, Inspiration and Shopping Links)

Paris is a great theme for any room - the bathroom included. The City of Lights is synonymous with great design and style and if you've ever visited there, its imagery can instantly bring back those fond memories.

Having visited Paris several times combined, our team is only too familiar with the fantastic decor vibes the name alone can generate. Today, we'd like to bring together our previous posts about Paris-themed shower curtains and Paris-themed bathroom rugs and complement them with a thorough list of matching bathroom accessories.

21 Paris-Themed Bathroom Accessories (Tips, Inspiration and Shopping Links)

So, how to pull this look together?

Tips for creating the perfect Paris-themed bathroom decor

Here are a few quick tips that will help you get on the right path.

Go with black and white as your base

The classic Parisian color-theme is based on black and white. That's why you'll see so many monochromatic items in the list of accessories below. It's easy to achieve as the base color in your bathroom. Plain white tiles are pretty standard, making the bathroom an ideal setting for this color scheme.

Choose one additional color

For a more feminine look, pink is a great option. So is red.

But if you have a blue or green wall, do not despair. As long as you keep the rest of the decor monochromatic, this could actually be a great look.

Decorative and ornamental works

The Parisian style has a long history. If you visited Versailles or any other French castle, you'll recognize the look right away -

What does this mean for your bathroom? It means pretty ornamental mirrors, faucets, sinks, and cabinets would work very well with this theme.

A claw-foot bathtub would be great

If you have the budget for it, switching to a tub with legs could be perfect for your Paris-themed bathroom!

Finally, accessorize!

For a complete look, don't forget the details. And this is where we come in with a thorough list of design ideas!

21 Paris-Themed Bathroom Accessories You Should Check Out

We've searched the largest retail website - Amazon - for the best and most suitable Paris-themed items for your bathroom. From soap dishes to towel hangers and even toilet brushes - we've covered them all!

1. Home Basics Paris Collection Accessories Set

French interior decors are usually dominated by whitewashed accessories, elegant details, and ornate motifs. This provincial 4-piece bathroom set fits the bill when it comes to all these design elements. Each accessory serves a crucial functional role, such as storage space for a soap dish, liquid soap, and a toothbrush holder with room for two.

The artworks on the provincial sets are perfect, with solid hues on each piece to match with most interiors.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

2. Bathroom Accessories Set by Home Basics

These French accessories effortlessly beautify your bathroom regardless of the interior décor theme. No matter which design element your bathroom utilizes, these eclectic accessories are perfect for long-term use. The material is made using premium quality ceramic, which will not easily chip. Each accessory features an Eiffel Tower to help you make your love for Paris and its culture well known.

Click here to learn more about this product here.

3. Ceramic Ensemble by Better Home

Better Home is a renowned manufacturer, having gained popularity for their stylish bathroom accessories that combine the best of both functionality and aesthetics. This ceramic ensemble is no different. Featuring a toothbrush holder, lotion dispenses, soap dish holder, and tumbler. Furthermore, each accessory is produced using a high quality of ceramic that is designed to last a lifetime. The soap dispenser comes with a smooth metal pump that gets the job done without wasting liquid soap.

You can’t go wrong with this material.

4. Bathtub Bath Soap Dish by Paris

A chic bathtub for your soap dish, this product should look neat in your bathroom thanks to its curved architecture that mimics real bathroom tubs. The front motif reads “Le Bain” in French, which looks cool even if you don’t know what it necessarily means. This soap dish is fairly lightweight at around 10.4 ounces and doesn’t take up too much space in your bathroom.

In terms of design, it hits all the right notes, earning a recommendation on our list.

Click here to learn more about this product on Amazon.

5. Bellaa Store Wooden Tissue Box Cover

This rectangular tissue box cover is exactly what your bathroom needs for a quick refresh that is easy on the wallet. The motifs borrow themes from French culture, featuring an Eiffel Tower, perfect for individuals who are inspired by French art. In terms of functionality, this tissue box does not pull any punches. It is fairly easy to install tissue papers and remove them as needed.

The tissue box is heavy enough to not tip over when force is applied. This makes it incredibly convenient for people who are in a hurry.

Click here to learn more about this tissue paper box on Amazon.

6. Antique Paris France Monumental Map by Marye-Kelley

This is a chic-looking tissue box cover that provides ample storage space for tissue papers. Each face of the box is thoughtfully prepared with interesting artwork that should make your room look more stylish. The artwork features monumental maps of Paris. In terms of functionality, this tissue box cover makes your life extremely easier because it seamlessly glides over tissue boxes.

The best part is that the tissue box has been crafted by hand, making use of only the most durable materials for extra longevity.

Click here to learn more about this product.

7. FEILIYA Wooden Tissue Box Cover

If you like rustic decors and want an accessory that will complete your décor, then look no further than the retro tissue box cover, it features prominently carved French florals that will look good in your rooms. It can be used to store paper tissue and even faux plants for added flair.

The curved shape should look good in most interior decors. This tissue container is extremely durable because of the tough material used for manufacturing. It’s a fairly low-maintenance product that is super easy to clean.

Click here to learn more about this product on Amazon.

8. Kassetex Store Cotton Jar Accessory

This finely detailed bathroom cotton jar is drawn by expert artisans who specialize in French culture. The result is a stylish container with fluid lines accentuating silver. Further enhancing the overall motif is the matte finish which looks lustrous. The authentic porcelain material should make this cotton jar extremely durable for long-term use.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

9. Hand Towel by Waimika

Dry on this luxurious, soft polyester hand towel; the moisture-wicking fabric keeps hands feeling fresh. A lovely Eiffel tower park scene will leave a lasting impression with guests using your powder room, feeling as though they've returned stepped away for a romantic retreat. This towel is machine washable, standard 16" x 30" size. 

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

10. Compact Mirror by Lissom Design

Bring the cosmopolitan feel of Paris into any bathroom or powder room when you freshen up on the go. This faux leather exterior, compact mirror feels luxurious to the touch; yet, durable metal encasement is up to the task of traveling in your handbag. Each side features a stunning scene of the bustle and romance of Paris city life.  

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

11. Decorative Removable Applique by Toilet Tattoos

This removable decorative decal is a stylish way to add a feminine touch to your bathroom’s interiors. The toilet seat is made using hygienic, durable material that is easy to apply and remove, perfect if you start getting bored of the design. Furthermore, you can wipe it clean should the removable cover start collecting dust and smudges.

The mural sports fashionable women in high heels walking their dogs against the backdrop of Eiffel towers. Meanwhile the yellow backsplash offers the perfect pops of color to brighten up your bathroom.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

12. Toilet Seat Decal by RNK Shops

This decorative, removable toilet appliqué is perfect for your toilet lid, allowing you to personalize your bathroom and enhance the commode. In seconds, it will transform the look of your toilet. Installation is extremely easy, simply peel the decal from the backer card, place it on the lit, and flatten it. One of its high selling points is being fully reusable, granting you the ability to experiment endlessly.

You can remove the product if you don’t like its appearance anymore. Maintenance is super easy because you can clean the decals without damaging them.

Click here to buy this decal on Amazon.

13. Toilet Seat Lid Cover Paris Sketch by Homesonne

Reminisce about your Parisian travels each time you use the bathroom when you adhere this stylish decal. Detailed sketches highlight the best features of Paris. Fade-resistant, waterproof decal can be applied to any clean, smooth surface.

Click here to buy this eclectic decal on Amazon.

14. Vintage Bathroom Rug Set by Bargburm

Add comfort and style to your bathroom with this three-piece bathroom rug and toilet seat cover set. Accessorizing was never easier than with a lovely, vintage scene and dash or color; it brings you straight onto the streets of Paris. Flannel rugs are soft to the touch, machine washable, and feature a non-slip backing. 

Click here to learn more about it on Amazon.

15. Plush Bathmat by Ambesonne Store

Escape to Paris when you step onto this plush, high-pile bathmat. This machine washable mat features an anti-slip backing; snuggle your toes into the vibrant design while you freshen up at your vanity. 

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

16. Home Basics Paris Collection Splash-Proof Toilet Brush

Even your toilet brush holder should have a stylish appearance that can make a statement. To this end, Home Basics features this white toilet brush case that heavily features French design elements. The tapered nylon head has durable bristles that allow you to thoroughly and gently clean the toilet bowl, keeping everything virtually spotless.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

17. Home Basics Paris Collection Wastebasket

Coordinate within the Home Basics Paris Collection by adding this stylish, three-liter wastebasket to your bathroom; available in grey or white. Hands-free, foot press lid is a sanitary way to discard items. The intricate font and styling cover the study steel facade.

Click here to learn more about this toilet brush holder on Amazon.

18. ZILucky 12-Piece Shower Ring Set

Add a bit of Parisian flair in an unexpected way when you hang your shower curtain from these intricate, stainless steel rings depicting the Eiffel Tower. Set of 12 shower rings have a polished finish. Easily attach your curtain to hook and hang with broad clasps and sliding rollers.

Click here to learn more about it on Amazon.

19. Naanle Gold Embellished Eiffel Tower Hand Towel

Dazzle your bathroom with the night lights of Paris on display, hanging this hand towel gives you a pop of bold styling. Ultra soft and absorbent polyester-microfiber material is quick-drying and machine washable. Available in standard size: 16" x 30". 

Click here to learn more about this product at Amazon.

20. Leather Trash Can by Meltset M

Even your bathroom’s trash can has the potential to overhaul the interior décor. All you really need is a colorful digital print with attractive French motifs to add an extra decorative dimension to your bathroom. The outer layer is coated with superior faux leather, which is easy to clean and highly durable.

Furthermore, the trash can is extremely low weight at 2 pounds, perfect for home use.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

21. Ambesonne Store Paris Shower Curtain

The Paris theme becomes center stage when you hang this modern shower curtain, depicting the Eiffel Tower and high-fashion. Polyester fabric is quick-drying and machine washable. 

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

We hope you found this list inspiring and helpful!

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