16 Paris-Themed Bathroom Rugs – Ooh La La !

We just love it when a practical item can set the tone in a room design. That's why we were excited when we found Amazon carries such a fantastic selection of Paris-themed bathroom rugs. What an easy and affordable way to add that magical French chic into your room decor!

Bath mats play a multi-functional role, although they don’t get credited at all because of how work behind the scenes. They are built with a variety of materials, different styles, colors, and patterns. There are several bath rugs on the market, and choosing one might seem a little difficult.

16 Paris-Themed Bathroom Rugs

The primary function of a bath rug is simple: to be walked all over; so the material obviously has to be durable enough to withstand the abuse. Bath rugs also need to soak up all the water that would inevitably splash from the surrounding area. The material should dry quickly to prevent the bath rug from getting all soggy.

Bonus points if the bath rugs stay in one place without sliding and slipping around.  At the same time, the bath rug should look visually appealing, nice smelling, and stay clean.

To save you the hassle we have rounded up 16 of the best Paris themed bath rugs on Amazon.

1. Paris Themed Door may by AUPET

The artist utilized predominantly gray, black, and soft red colors to draw the chic Eifel tower with random words scribbled over. As a result, the bath mat enhances your room’s overall appearance without going overboard. The material utilized is highly durable; expect the doormat to take a lot of beating before padded texture finally dulls out.

Maintenance is simple enough, simply toss in the machine washer. Make sure to use cold water and non-chlorine detergents.

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2. Beach Shell Bath Rug by Uphome

It is a soft, easy to care for bath mat that comes in a visually appealing design, the Beach Shell Themed Bath Rug by Uphome is just what you need to spruce up the bathroom without breaking the bank. The bath rug is unique because it doesn’t get soggy when exposed to water thanks to the breathable material, this maximizes your comfort level every time you step on it.

It is easy to care for requiring low maintenance thanks to being machine washable.

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3. Paris Eiffel Tower by InterestPrint

If you’re looking for a bath mat that includes an eclectic Paris themed design, the Paris Eiffel Tower by Interest Print is one of our top picks. The unique print utilizes heat dye sublimation techniques to make sure it doesn’t fade out after rough use. Furthermore, the bath rug utilizes non-slip backing which maximizes your feet’s grip with the texture.

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4. French Paris Eiffel Tower City by Daring One

This bath rug will span the width of your door. It is available in two popular standard sizes, so make sure you choose the appropriate one. The stylish décor takes advantage of high quality digital prints which are designed to not wear out when exposed to high foot traffic. Furthermore, the material is waterproof, to maximize the rug’s lifespan.

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5. Paris Black Decorative bathmat by CafePress

A lot of people prefer bath rugs with simple designs instead of elaborate patterns, and if you’re one of those, then this should be your pick. It still manages to carry an ornate Parisian theme with style!

It is available in two standardized sizes, making it compatible with most rooms. There is a soft layer of foam beneath the digital print which cushions your feet as you step on to it.

All in all, the rugs feel nice on your feet, especially because of the extra safe slip-resistant rubber backing.

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6. Paris Eiffel Tower by Excell

This much loved classical rug is embroidered with a visually striking layout of the Eiffel tower, taking advantage of neutral colors to maximize compatibility with your room’s interior layout. The rug itself is made with a plush and thick material which instantly feels soft on your feet. Furthermore, the soft cotton is durable enough to withstand rough use.

Maintenance is also easy, simply tumble dry under gentle settings.

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7. Paris Bath Mat by Lunarable

Great quality of construction and visually striking silhouettes of Eiffel, hearts and the name "Paris" - all mean that this bathroom rug is bound to receive praise. The rug takes advantage of advanced digital printing technology to withstand rough use and won’t be fading away any time soon. The material itself is soft to the touch, plush, and water resistant. This rug is low maintenance designed with longevity in mind

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8. Paris Bath Mat by Lunarable

This bath rug comes with a beautiful mural with a vast color palette that will match with your bathroom’s interior. Romantic in theme and colors, the visuals showcase a Parisian couple kissing under a classic French streetlight, right next to the Eiffel Tower.

It is made with polyester material that can stand up to rough use. The digital print utilizes state of the art printing technology that does not fade with rough use. Furthermore, the texture instantly feels soft to the skin. The rug naturally resists moisture and dries fast, which means it won’t get soggy.

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9. Tower Bath Mat by Ambesonne

This Paris-themed bath rug features brilliantly designed murals that were creatively utilized by the artisan to maximize your bathroom’s visual appeal. The artist carefully utilized neutral colors throughout including, gray, red, pink, and blue to enhance its overall design. There is a non-slip backing that secures the rug in place.

This bath rug is an ideal choice that can withstand the bubble baths and extended shower times while maintaining its print and shape for years to come!

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10. Eiffel Tower Bath May by Ambesonne

The bath mat depicts a lively Paris themed environment that should sit well with most interiors. Featuring predominantly pink colors in different gradients, portraying hot air balloons, heels, and even a bike – all perfectly sitting in place. The bath rug takes advantage of high-quality soft surface that feels comfortable to your feet. Furthermore, its anti-slip backing secures the rug in place.

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11. Hand Made Paris Stamps by Popular Baths

This much loved mat will add the right amount of interest to your bathroom thanks to the eclectic murals hand drawn by the artist. The rug itself is thick, plush and instantly welcomes you into the bathroom. Its front utilizes 100 percent acrylic extra longevity and durability. Furthermore, the rug utilizes skid-resistant latex backing that ensures the rug does not slip, even if you splash it with water.

This product is fairly low maintenance and can be tossed in the machine washer without worrying about the digital print fading.

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12. Fashion Girl Décor by KOTOM

Although the bath rug features a feminine touch due to the high heels embroidered on the texture, it will match the majority of bathroom rugs you have. It utilizes predominantly pink colors for that feminine touch. The rug is made with high density non woven fabric that is plush and thick. It utilizes non-slip backing to stay in one stop.

This rug is also machine washable, making maintenance fairly less laborious.

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13. Tower Bath Mat by Ambesonne

If you’re searching for an affordable budget bath mat with Paris-themed murals, this vintage bath mat is an excellent value for money and has a retro side to it. The Eiffel tower ominously stands its ground against dark gray clouds while a bright red Rolls Royce is parked the center. In terms of build quality, this rug is highly durable and fully machine washable for extra longevity.

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14. Paris Bath Mat by Ambesonne

Fun and fabulous, this Paris bath rug will add a ton of flair to your room with its monochrome Paris theme that is completed with a kiss mark. The rug utilizes a high quality of material that is extra soft for added comfort. It is water resistant and does not get soggy, drying fast. Anti-slip backing prevents the rug from slipping out of place.

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15. Rug Mat Carpet Sets by Tezoo

For the perfect combination of a beautiful, unique style and high durability, look no further than this set of 2 rug sets. It includes a non-slip bathroom mat and contour rugs. Both these items are extra soft thanks to the velvet fabric material. This rug can absorb water and dries very quickly to prevent the rug from getting soggy.

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16. Custom Bath Mat by DEGTTF

This bath mat is specifically designed for people who want to personalize their bathrooms. It features a white Eiffel Tower against a pitch black backdrop, this design allows it the rug to be customized in an endless number of ways by utilizing bespoke captions. Make sure to get in touch with the manufacturer to explore design possibilities.

Furthermore, the bath rug is fully machine washable, just toss it in and call it a day.

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