21 Paver Driveway Ideas To Consider

Finding the perfect pavers for your driveway can be quite the undertaking. Are you looking to install a soft neutral paver or add something much more dramatic? Your driveway is the entrance to your home and needs to make a statement regardless of how detailed or not your paver design is. Lucky for you, we have done our research and have a lot to show you.

When choosing the paver design for your driveway, it is crucial to find a color scheme that will complement your home. You want to make sure the paver style you are using will last and look amazing in your driveway for years to come. We suggest starting with something simple and moving up or down from there depending on your home's needs. There are so many paver designs to choose from it can be challenging to know exactly which one is right for you. 

We will share our top 21 driveway paver ideas throughout this post and tag a few helpful related products. Finding the perfect inspiration for your paver needs is just a click away with these helpful ideas. Now let's get this list started!

A luxurious huge mansion with red asphalt roofing, gorgeous lawn with small plants, and a patterned driveway, 21 Paver Driveway Ideas To Consider

1. Warm Earth Tone Combo

A gorgeous house with decorative stones on the wall and a huge brown colored garage door

First, we have a warm paver idea divided by a solid color design that looks great with a stone home. Matching your pavers to your home's stone foundation is not necessary with this look, which we like. The dividing neutral-colored pavers make this look feel upscale and more planned out. 

2. Spanish Red Accents

A huge luxurious mansion with a brick patterned driveway with gorgeous landscaping on the side

Next up, we have a dominant red look using light shades of red pavers to match this home's Spanish tile roofing. If you don't mind a little bit of red, this is an excellent option for your paver design. We recommend trying this option out in a more tropical environment to fit that aesthetic. 

3. Same Color, Different Shades

A gorgeous driveway with a house with two way garage door and a paver driveway

Another driveway paver idea would be using lighter and darker hues of the same color. This driveway has a natural look to it and goes very well with the lighter shade house. Another neat feature in this style of the driveway is the wet glossy look the pavers have. 

Dominator LG+ Wet Look Gloss Paver Sealer

Here we have a glossy finish pavement sealer to give your driveway a smooth finish and prevent any staining. This sealer promises to cover up to 400 square feet and last about five years, which is very impressive. View this glossy paver sealer on Amazon here.

4. 3D Diamond Effect

Gray tiled driveway with parallelogram shaped patterns

Here we have a more geometric paver idea that turned out good in this driveway. Placing your pavers in a specific shaped pattern can give your driveway a modern and upscale look which might be perfect for your space. These particular pavers are known as diamond-shaped and do take extra time to lay down. 

5. Classic Cobble Stone

A gorgeous brick walled mansion with a paver styled driveway, gorgeous vegetations for landscaping, and huge trees on the background

Next, we have a cobbled driveway idea that is using a ton of different-sized pavers. This specific design has an old charm feeling to it and takes us back in time. This look is perfect for anyone wanting a classic cobblestone paver design for their driveway.

6. Low Maintenance Look

A gorgeous huge mansion with elegant landscaping and huge trees on the sides

Our next driveway paver idea is a more aged and natural look similar to this design. Not having your pavers look perfectly manicured gives off a natural and eclectic final look that we surprisingly can't get enough of. This is an excellent paver idea for those of us not wanting to do a weekly weed roundup. 

Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etcher And Cleaner

Here we have an eco-friendly paver cleaning option that won't kill the surrounding greenery you may have near your pavers. This is a multi-use cleaner that promises to remove stains and prevent aging on your pavers while also being safe for the environment. Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

7. Wavy Brick Design

Interlocking pavers on a driveway

Another fun paver idea for your driveway would be a wavy brick design similar to this. Using a unique shape for your pavers can add flare and more intricate design into your driveway, making even more of a statement. 

8. Bright Fun Pattern

Hexagonal designed tiled driveway with gray, white, and orange design

For anyone wanting to go with a fun and crazy design, we have this paver idea here. Choosing to use a brighter pattern with multiple colors is an easy way to make your driveway pop and look contemporary. Colorful designs like this are becoming more and more popular in new homes and are worth giving a shot.

9. A Touch Of Greenery

A paver design with Bermuda grass on the sides

Next, we have a grassy paver design idea that is sure to catch people's attention. Using greenery as a divider between your pavers is a fun way to add color and show off your green thumb. If you choose to go with natural grass, it will need to be watered versus an astroturf alternative. 

ZGR Artificial Garden Grass Realistic Astroturf

Here we have a realistic grass astroturf from the ZGR brand that can be cut and placed between your driveway pavers. This natural-looking grass astroturf measures out to 28 by 40 inches and can be customized to fit exactly the space you are looking for. Click this link to check it out on Amazon.

10. Natural Stone Blocks

A newly tiled driveway with gorgeous patterns

Here we have a stone block paver idea that will look great in any driveway. This design has a more natural look, which may be an excellent alternative to the other more intricate options.

Sheiner's Stone And Tile Cleaner

Here we have a stone cleaner from Sheiner that will get your driveway looking brand new. This product has been formulated for stone and tile specifically, making it a great option for cleaning and maintaining the stone in your driveway or home. View this cleaner on Amazon here.

11. Textured Hexagon

Hexagonal pavers on a driveway

Another geometric paver design idea we are loving would be a textured hexagon look similar to this. The pavers' honeycomb shape and pattern make for a unique look and may even be a quicker installation option. If you've ever had a paver install, you know that the more manageable the pattern, the better. 

12. Intricate Multi-Colored Pattern

A brick patterned driveway with a huge circular pattern on the center

Another clever paver design idea would be one following a multi-color and direction pattern like this example. For anyone willing to take on this challenge, the results are very much worth it in the end. Having a more detailed driveway paver design will only make your property stand out among others and increase curb appeal. 

13. Lowkey Natural Stone

Different patterned driveway pavers on a driveway

Here we have a natural-looking stone paver idea that will look amazing in your driveway. This design doesn't follow a specific pattern or mold, making it feel more in touch with the earth around it. If you want a lowkey natural stone driveway, we suggest going with something similar to this. 

Lataicrete StoneTech Professional Solvent-Based Sealer

Here we have an exterior heavy-duty stone sealer from the company Lataicrete that will protect your pavers for years to come. This sealer promises to protect your pavers from water, staining, and seal up to 1,000 square feet. Follow this link to Amazon to check it out.

14. Into The Suburbs

A castle type mansion with brown pavers with bermuda on the driveway

For those working with a lot of space, we have a rounded paver driveway idea that is perfect for the suburbs. This design follows a more French natural stone look and matches perfectly with the home. Stone homes look very good when paired with warmer, more natural driveway pavers, from what we have noticed. 

15. Just Like A Painting

A luxurious huge mansion with red asphalt roofing, gorgeous lawn with small plants, and a patterned driveway

Following a more detailed and artistic paver design, we have this stunning option here. The use of different color pavers to create wave-like patterns in this driveway makes for an upscale and one-of-a-kind final look that we are obsessed with. If you are after a truly unique driveway design, this is one to look into. 

16. Ultra Simple And Modern

A huge white mansion wit a two way garage with white painted doors

Here we have a very modern and simple paver design idea that turned out great in this dual driveway. Modern architecture has taken over the industry, and we see more and more of this simple and understated design coming into play. If you are working with a newer modern home, this may be exactly what your driveway needs.

17. Cool-Tone Design

A luxurious country rest house with a paver driveway

Following a more cool-tone paver design, we have this northern cabin idea that is very beautiful. The pavers' colors and shapes make this driveway feel timeless and give off a very sleek look. This is a great example of current-day meets classic design and is very visually pleasing.

18. Modern Meets Traditional

Coming up next, we have a simple and classic driveway paver idea that checks off all the boxes. This is perfect for anyone wanting to keep that traditional charm while also wanting their driveway to look fresh and up to date. You do not have to give up charm or modernism with a paver option like this one. 

EDOU 15 Inch Driveway Pressure Washer

Here is a pressure washer we found from the EDOU shop that will make cleaning your pavers much easier. This cleaner comes with two pressure wand attachments and two replacement nozzles and can clean 15 inches with each spray. View this pressure cleaner on Amazon here.

19. Light Neutral Stone And Concrete 

Here we have a light neutral stone and concrete paver idea that is very elegant and will add a ton of character to your driveway. This paver design follows a precise layout that feels picture-perfect in this driveway space. Choosing to use soft-colored pavers is an easy way to keep your driveway's temperature down and style up. 

20. Dark And Light Pattern

Next, we have this stand-out paver idea that catches our attention. This driveway design chose to use light and dark-colored pavers to create almost a checkerboard look that we are living for. If you look into a more modern and statement design, following a checkerboard pattern like this one is a great option. 

21. Dark Glossy Paver

Our final paver design idea for the driveway is this super dark and glossy layout. Choosing to go with such a dramatic dark paver can make your home feel both upscale and grungy in the perfect way. This driveway design feels eclectic and almost spooky, which makes it a favorite on the list.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect pavers for your driveway is not as easy as many would think. Are you looking for a soft, earthy feel or a bright multi-colored paver to line the entrance to your home? Your driveway is the very first place guests and neighbors see when they come to your house, so it is essential to make a statement with your pavers. Whether you are after a modern and simple driveway or a green-filled pattern, there are so many fantastic driveway pavers to choose from. You should select the paver design that feels most like you and the beautiful home you live in at the end of the day. 

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