10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Peacocks have long been the subject of awe and wonder. A symbol of the Greek goddess Hera, and a sign of good luck and success in the Hindu religion, peacocks and their inspiring, vibrant plumage have been captivating all who behold them for thousands of years.

10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas

10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas 10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas 10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas 10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas 10 Gorgeous Peacock-Themed Bedroom Ideas

As a bird that exemplifies brilliance and color coordination, it's no wonder that peacock based designs are a popular decision when it comes to decorating. Each of the hues it possesses complement each other beautifully, and as a bird meant to grab your attention, your peacock inspired decor is sure to do the same!

1. Navy Blue

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Do you want to bring extra attention to the brilliant greens and shimmering blues in your peacock decor? Navy blue is a wonderful color to choose as a background. Not only does it perfectly compliment the already existing colors, but its dark hue allows the lighter ones to really jump out and make a statement. Having an understated background will bring the design you've chosen to the forefront of people's attention. And let's be honest, if you're decorating with peacocks, attention is what your decor deserves.

If you're looking for a navy blue and peacock pillow of your own, look no further! This realistic version of a peacock feather on a pillow is exactly what you need. Are you worried it's too bold? Don't be! Peacocks are bold! You are taking bold and you're flying with it better than a peacock ever could!

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2. Expressions of Vanity

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This peacock themed bedroom has it all. Teal bedding? Check. Cyan chandelier? Check. GIANT peacock painting to overlook the entire room? Absolutely! Don't be worried that it's a little too much. Just like the rest of everyday life, a daring outfit, or conquering a specific fear, it's all just a matter of confidence. Do you think you can pull of this decor in your home? If you think you can, you're right!

Of course, if you've decided to go the route of peacock themed decor, you might as well go all the way, and add in this peacock vase. It's stunning, bold, and absolutely everything you could want in an item of decor inspired by this magnificent bird.

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3. Elegance

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Are peacocks loud? Absolutely. Are they gaudy? Without question. But they're also undeniably elegant. While you most certainly can make a peacock centered decor quite a showy power move, you can also make this look a center of very tasteful ambiance. Light wood complemented by light shades of blue is a look that can never go wrong.

The light, neutral colors of this woven table will go beautifully with any and all of the colors in a peacock's array of hues, making a perfect nightstand in your peacock themed bedroom. Very light, with a metal frame to help maintain the shape, this is a purchase you won't regret making.

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4. Subtle Accent

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Do you like the idea of using the peacock as an accent, maybe a little bit of inspiration, but not as a centerpiece? Unsurprisingly, any amount of peacock decor looks good in a living area, and this bedspread lightly touched by peacock accents just goes to prove that theory, making it a fact.

If you're wanting a similar setup for your bedroom, this bed set consisting of a duvet cover, pillowcases, and sheet would be a great way to do it. Featuring two white peacocks on the bottom left-hand side, they're definitely there, and they're noticeable, but they don't take up the whole bed. Tasteful, and elegant.

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5. Light as a Feather

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If a small accent just doesn't quite fit the bill, why not go more dramatic and obvious? A large print of a peacock's feather that covers almost an entire blanket? That should do the trick! The beautiful hues in the feather are given their own room to shine on this white blanket, which is contrasted beautifully by the dark blue sheets and pillows.

Are you looking for a peacock feather bedspread with a white background to call your own? Look no further! This gorgeous bed set comes with a duvet cover, bed skirt, and two pillowcases, ready to transform your room into a peacock paradise.

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6. Quiet Dignity

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Sometimes an actual peacock isn't exactly what you want in decorating. A more artistic approach may suit your style of decor, rather than a more realistic view. This bed set still features a peacock, but the colors are more muted, and the features have a slightly more whimsical feel about them. With the inclusion of some patterns that compliment the peacock's natural array and a muted tan background that keeps things calm, this could be the perfect bedspread for you.

You may already have a blanket that suits your more vintage needs, but the perfect pillow has been eluding you. This picturesque peacock pillow should go perfectly with the rest of your peacock decor. Even the black and white background is perfect for matching anything you already have set up.

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7. Extravaganza

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Sometimes, just a peacock isn't enough. You need artistic interpretation, you need more color, you need cylindrical designs in the background. This peacock blanket decided that the peacock was beautiful and that it needed more. Somehow, it doesn't seem like too much! Peacocks have very complementary colors that make them easy to match with a number of different kinds of decor, which is an element that works very well in your favor.

This bedspread is everything you could possibly ask for if you're looking for something that says "I love peacocks, and so much more". With a duvet cover, pillowcases, and more to match, you'll finally be able to satisfy the craving for the extravagant peacock bedroom you've wanted for so long.

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8. Just a Whisper

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Did you know that peacock is also a specific shade of blue? Well, it is, and this beautiful bedroom shows us perfectly what a gorgeous color it is when you use it for decorating. Accented perfectly by the peacock feather canvas on the wall, we've been shown that it doesn't take much to be captivating.

Brought to life by a brilliant purple background, this peacock feather canvas is sure to help the colors in your other peacock decor shine as they deserve.

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9. Natural Inspiration

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Do you feel inspired by the radiant beauty of the peacock, but don't want to necessarily have birds everywhere in your house? Feel free to just use the colors! If you decide to go this route, you have the freedom of using numerous combinations of blues, greens, purples, and yellows any way you want. And who doesn't love decorative freedom? This rug is a beautiful example of the options open to you. Is there a peacock or a peacock feather on it? Nope. But the colors are all there, and it's clear where the inspiration came from. Try some combinations of your own!

For example, here is a rug with a color palette pulled from a peacock's plumage. It's not directly or obviously peacock themed, so you could make it work with just about anything you wanted to. Feel free to add actual peacocks to your surrounding decor, but if that's not what you have in mind, the colors in this rug will go beautifully with a number of decor styles.

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10. Birds of a Feather

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You may feel like redecorating, and peacocks may be just the theme for you. But what if there are elements of your bedroom you don't want to change? How can you make a real, significant change in the bedroom without changing up the bed itself? The answer is simple. The walls! Between paintings, canvases, stencils, vinyl wall stickers, and another available wall-mounted decor, you have many options, and you're sure to find something that works for your specific vision.

Did you know that wallpaper isn't only made in repeating patterns? They also make it to more resemble giant pieces of wall art. It's not nearly as expensive as purchasing a painting or canvas of the same size, which makes it a perfect, inexpensive statement piece for your room.

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That being said, maybe covering an entire wall in peacocks isn't really your style. A simple, classy painting might be all you need to finish off the look you've already completed. This painting, with more muted colors than many other kinds of peacock-inspired art, will be perfect for a room that's more understated.

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