15 Fresh Peony Flower Arrangements for a Pop of Color

Did you know peonies aren’t just stunning to look at? They also symbolize romance, prosperity, and good fortune.

We’ve got 15 fresh peony flower arrangements for you below!

With these must-try peony flower arrangements, you can brighten your living room, add a touch of elegance to your dining table, or bring cheer to your bedroom.

1. Fuchsia and White Peonies in a White Pitcher

Fuchsia and white peonies arranged in a white pitcher, placed on a rustic surface.

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First up, we’ve got this gorgeous fuchsia and white peonies in a white pitcher.

The bright fuchsia blooms pop against the delicate white petals, which adds a lively, elegant touch, while the white pitcher brings vintage charm, making it perfect for rustic or farmhouse decor.

2. Light Pink Peonies with Baby’s Breath

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Light pink peonies with baby's breath in a ceramic vase on a light-colored table.

Lighten up your space with these soft pink peonies in a cute ceramic vase.

The gentle pink petals mixed with baby’s breath bring a romantic vibe that’s lovely for a cozy living room or sunny breakfast nook.

3. Multicolored Peonies in a Glass Vase

Multicolored peonies including orange, pink, and white in a glass vase on a stylish coffee table.

Next, we’ve got a burst of color with these multicolored peonies in a sleek glass vase.

Bright oranges, deep pinks, and crisp whites combine to create a cheerful, dynamic display. This arrangement is wonderful for a contemporary living room or a chic office space.

4. Orange Peonies with Green Hydrangeas in a Ceramic Bowl

Orange peonies and green hydrangeas arranged in a wide ceramic bowl on a wooden table.

Transform your home with this lush mix of orange peonies and green hydrangeas in a wide ceramic bowl.

The warm tones and fresh greens create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere, making it fantastic for your living room or sunroom.

5. Light Pink Peonies with Yellow Daisies

Light pink peonies in a checkered vase on a wooden kitchen table.

If minimalism is your thing, check out these light pink peonies in a modern checkered vase.

The soft pink petals mixed with yellow daisies are perfect for a contemporary or minimalist kitchen. That checkered vase makes their natural beauty pop!

6. Burgundy Peonies in a Brass Vase

Burgundy peonies in a brass vase, set against a dark, elegant background.

How about a bit of drama in your space? These burgundy peonies in a polished brass vase are a must!

The deep, rich color of the peonies pairs beautifully with the warm, metallic sheen of the vase, adding a sophisticated touch to your formal dining room or office.

7. Yellow Peonies in a Blue and White Porcelain Vase

Yellow peonies in a blue and white porcelain vase, placed on a windowsill.

Looking to brighten up your space? These sunny yellow peonies in a classic blue and white porcelain vase are just the thing.

The cheerful yellow blooms against the intricate blue designs make for a fresh, inviting look, great for a cozy reading nook or sunny kitchen window.

8. Pink and White Peonies in a Rustic Stoneware Vase

Pink and white peonies in a rustic stoneware vase on a wooden surface.

If you’re going for a rustic look, you’ll love these pink and white peonies in a rustic stoneware vase!

The mix of pink and white petals gives off a soft, harmonious vibe that would look amazing in a cozy kitchen. And that stoneware vase? It adds a nice, earthy touch.

9. Purple Peonies with Lavender in a Gold Vase

Purple peonies and lavender in a gold vase on a marble-topped table.

Create a luxurious, calming atmosphere with these purple peonies and lavender in an ornate gold vase.

The combination of rich purple hues and metallic gold brings an opulent touch, making it fabulous for a glamorous living room or chic entryway.

10. White Peonies in a Glass Bottle

White peonies in a clear glass bottle, placed on a neutral-toned surface.

Not a fan of extravagance? Keep things simple and elegant with pure white peonies in a clear glass bottle.

This minimalist look is perfect for modern decor and would look amazing on a dining table or a sleek office desk. It’s all about that clean, effortless style!

11. Peonies in a Geometric Vase

Vibrant pink and white peonies in a geometric white vase, placed on a dark wooden surface.

Another great idea for a modern twist! These vibrant pink and white peonies in a striking geometric vase do just that.

The vase’s sharp lines contrast beautifully with the soft petals, creating a contemporary look that’s ideal for a stylish living room or edgy office space.

12. Purple and White Peonies in a Glass Vase

Deep purple and white peonies in a glass vase on a wooden table.

Check out these deep purple and white peonies in a sleek glass vase!

The dark hues add drama, while the glass vase offers a modern touch. Great for a formal dining room or chic office!

13. Pink Peonies and Wildflowers in a Rustic Vase

Pink peonies and white wildflowers in a rustic, distressed vase on a white table.

Bring a touch of wild beauty into your home with pink peonies and delicate wildflowers in a rustic vase.

The vibrant peonies and subtle wildflowers create a charming, whimsical look that’s perfect for a country-style kitchen or cozy living room.

14. Pink and Peach Peonies in a Cocktail Glass

Pink and peach peonies in a large cocktail glass

How about adding some romantic charm to your dining room? Check out these gorgeous pink peonies in a large cocktail-inspired glass!

The soft pink tones and lush greenery create a warm and inviting centerpiece. It’s the perfect touch to make your dining area feel elegant.

15. Pink Peonies with Greenery in a Stone Vase

Pink peonies with green foliage in a textured stone vase on a dark surface.

Now, we’re wrapping up our list with these lush pink peonies paired with rich green foliage in a textured stone vase.

This bold arrangement stands out against darker backgrounds, making it a solid choice for a dim entryway. It’s fantastic for adding a welcoming and stylish touch as you enter the door.

Have Fun with These Peony Arrangements

There you have it, a delightful array of peony arrangements to transform any space in your home.

Each arrangement brings its unique flair, from rustic charm to modern elegance, ensuring your decor is as dynamic and beautiful as the flowers.

So pick your favorite and let these stunning peonies breathe new life into your living space!

If you’ve got more time, check out our related home decor ideas below for even more inspiration to make your home look its best!

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