11 Gorgeous Picture Frames That Look Like Windows

There are a broad array of gorgeous picture frames that look like windows on the market today. From the ever-popular farmhouse decor style to a simplistic, minimalist aesthetic, whichever design is your favorite, there’s a window-like picture frame for you. Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or if you prefer to click that order button and wait for the Amazon driver to ring your doorbell, either way, we’ve found the perfect window-like frame for you!

A sure-fire design element that will draw in the eye and create a sense of airiness to any room is gorgeous picture frames that look like a window. Adding a picture frame that looks like a window to a room is a great way to add depth and sense of air without breaking the bank. While also adding brightness to the room, these frames can mimic a window where one isn’t available. 

If you’re in the market for a picture frame that looks like a window, wondering how to stick pictures to old windows, or have questions about window illusions, then this article is for you! In no particular order (although we may have our eye on number five on this list), here’s a listing of 11 of our favorite frames that look like windows.

A window picture frame with four photo of four seasons, 11 Gorgeous Picture Frames That Look Like Windows

11 Window-like Picture Frames

1. Cathedral-style Frame

We absolutely fell in love with these rustic farmhouse window frames.  The cathedral arches coupled with the white finish will be a gorgeous addition to any room. While these window panes aren't outfitted with glass, those who previously purchased this item say that it wouldn't be hard to add a pane of glass thanks to the deep well inside of the frame.

Click here to see the Barnyard Designs Store Rustic Wooden Cathedral Arch Frames at Amazon.

2. Rustic Farmhouse-style Wooden Window Pane

This rustic window pane is available in a distressed farmhouse-style; however, it could easily be transformed to fit in with any decor by adding a coat of paint, a few embellishments, and some stunning family photos. 

Click here to see the Barnyard Designs Store Rustic Country Farmhouse Wooden Window Pane at Amazon.

3. Vintage-Look White Window Frame 

This adorable vintage-style white window frame is a mirror! This window frame comes with a solid wood frame and is complete with a hanging rod.  It even slides from side to side! The classic white and black color combination easily fits in with many styles.

Click here to see the Stone & Beam Store Vintage-Look Window Frame at Amazon.

4. Vintage Farmhouse Photo Frame with Handle 

This embellished window pane comes adorned with hinges and a cute handle, giving this photo frame an antique finish. We love that the matte can be removed, which allows the option of 4x6 or 5x7 photos.

Click here to see Excello's Vintage Farmhouse Window Photo Frame at Amazon.

5. Rustic Collage Windowpane Picture Frame

This picture frame combines a beautiful and sturdy window frame with attached chicken wire - it also comes with handy clips for displaying photos and other memorabilia. 

Click here to see Kate and Laurel's Photo Collage Windowpane at Amazon.

6. Chicken-wire Window-style Picture Frames

Chicken wire and window picture frames are becoming more and more popular these days, but not everyone's into the farmhouse-look. This two-pack of frames is perfect for someone who wants to create their own style using this wire and wood combination. 

Click here to see Bright Creations Chicken Wire Window Picture Frame Set (pack of 2) at Amazon.

7.  Decorative Window Pane Collage Frame 

If you're looking for options, this collage frame from a windowpane will do the trick! Complete with metal corners and hanging hardware, this frame is easily wall-mounted or can be displayed on a tabletop as well. 

Click here to see Losour Window Pane 4x6 Photo Frame at Amazon.

8. Scenic Window Frame Photo on Canvas

This scenic view is not only a photo - but the frame is too! If you're worried about a heavy frame on your wall, this canvas art of window framed view might be perfect for you.  Bonus - you'll always have that vacation view. 

Click here to see Woxfcart's Scenery Window Frame Canvas at Amazon.

9. Stunning Wedding Photo Display using a Vintage Window Pane

If you happen to spot a vintage window pane, or if you're lucky enough to have one hanging around the house, this might be the perfect way to display your most treasured memories. 

10.  Window Pane Turned Artistic Display

Think outside the box when it comes to using your window frame for display. It's not just photos that can be mounted within a frame, but artwork and creative displays, too!

11.  Upcycled Antique Window Pane turned Photo Frame

We love the idea of gluing small clips on the glass of the window panes to make it easier to switch out the photos as new ones come in.

How do you stick pictures to old windows?

There are a few - permanent and non-permanent - ways to stick pictures to old windows. A common method in the crafting world is by using a glue that is designed just for this purpose to attach photos to old windows, such as Mod Podge. If you’re hesitant to adhere pictures directly to the glass and would like to rotate the photos within the frame, there is another option for you. The invisible tape is a great temporary solution that makes adhering photos to frames a breeze!

Can you hang a picture over a window?

If you’ve ever wondered if you can hang a picture over a window, you’re not alone. It’s one of our most frequently asked questions! Ultimately, like most design trends, it all comes down to preference and style. While it isn’t common to hang a picture over a window, it isn’t unheard of.

If you’re thinking of trying this trend and aren’t sure where to start, consider a bright and airy room with lots of windows. If you’re going to hang a picture over a window, you’ll want to choose a window without any functioning blinds or drapes, which could potentially (and accidentally) knock it down. All you need is a bit of confidence and a nail or adhesive hook and a picture that won’t cover the entire window to tackle this trend.

How do you make a window illusion?

If you have a space in your home without a window, you might be curious how to make a window illusion. A window illusion can make a room seem brighter and more open. As we mentioned, picture frames that look like windows are a great way to create a window illusion. Another one of our favorite ways to create the illusion of a window is by using mirrors. There are two ways to create the illusion of a window using mirrors. First, if you have an empty windowpane, you could insert a mirror within the panes. The tricky part might be finding mirrors to fit within the panes. Another option is by using a mirror and gluing strips of wood or dowels onto the mirror to create the look of a windowpane. All that’s left is a bit of paint!

Window Panes turned Picture Frames

There are so many opportunities when using window panes as picture frames, no matter the size or style. Whether you decide to buy or DIY, the options are limitless. We hope you found inspiration for your next design project.

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