27 Pink Bathroom Ideas [Including Photos]

Ready to infuse your bathroom with a touch of whimsy and elegance? Our collection of 27 stunning pink bathroom ideas will inspire you to transform your space into a serene, stylish retreat.

Pink bathroom with tiled floor, bathtub, toilet and towels on cabinets

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Let's review some of the ideas presented below and watch the video, too. These examples will inspire you to start your own pink bathroom!

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1. Elegance

Spacious pink luxury bathroom

If you have an idea for a design but are worried it might be too much, don't be. Chandeliers, ceiling-mounted curtains, a standalone tub, and pillars look great in pink!

2. The Small Details

Small luxurious bathroom with cupboards, shower and sink

This whole room is a very muted shade of pink, bordering on grey or brown.

The brown carpet on the floor helps draw out the more brown tones, helping the designer focus on the shade that they want to achieve.

3. Brick and Paint

Retro style apartment bathroom with pink brick wall tiles

Adhesive vinyl brick can be used to decorate in a space where installing and painting pink bricks seems like too much of a hassle to get what you want.

4. Simplicity

Pink bathroom interior bathtub

A solid pink wall and floor, though pink, are not the focus, leaving you with the option to decorate however you like, as with this fern.

5. Wood and Stone

Modern interior design of millennial pink bathroom

This bathroom has a very natural look, with marble surfaces and a solid pink wall that gives a nice flourish to complete the job.

6. Pink Marble

Modern interior design of bathroom vanity with all walls made of stone slabs with circle mirrors, minimalist and clean concept

These pink marble floors and walls are gorgeous, and the patterns create enough visual interest that not much else is needed.

7. Contrasting Neutrals

Modern bathroom with pink and black interior design

When working with pink, it's a good idea to include neutrals, such as the black and white floor or black fixtures to calm it down. This is especially important when you start working with more attention-grabbing shades.

8. Marble Print

Modern bathroom interior with round mirror above pink wash basin, pink walls and pink bathtub

This pink tub and basin complement the wall very nicely, while the matching marble tiles on the floor and forward wall blend seamlessly, helping the bathroom seem bigger than it is.

9. Curtains

Modern bathroom interior design with pink walls and green cabinets

These pink textured walls add a pink glow to the tub, accented quite nicely by gold fixtures, and the inclusion of a house plant gives some variety.

10. Partially Unfinished

Luxury pink coloured bathroom interior with parquet flooring

Wood floors and an abstract pattern on the wall that is slightly dual-toned blend well together. The cabinet in the corner matches the color of the wood and has a pattern that matches the walls.

11. Utilize Neutrals

Luxury light pink and bold black bathroom with large wall tiles and natural gray stone block

The different blend of textures in this bathroom is beautiful. We have a solid pink wall, a dark grey and white surface behind the mirror, and horizontal lines in the shower.

12. Sandy Pink

Luxury hotel bathroom with wonderful interior design and greenery view window

This bathroom uses an open plan to incorporate the outside of the house into the bathroom decor. The desert outside gives the bathroom walls a sandy feel, which blends nicely with the use of stone.

13. Wall to Wall

Interior of modern pink bathroom

The choice to paint the walls pink but to leave the baseboards and cabinets white is a tasteful way to incorporate an accent color without putting in too much effort.

14. Accent Colors

Glamorous luxury bathroom with pink and white wall tiles

Using several different colors of tiles in your bathroom is a great way to utilize an accent color. Whether you decide to use pink as the accent color or the primary color is completely up to you.

15. A Subtle Touch

Clean country house bathroom with pink bathtub

Off-white, pink-tinted installations, like a sink and counter, are a smart, subtle way to include pink in your bathroom without it being too overwhelming.

16. A Cheaper Alternative

Bathroom with freestanding bathtub in luxury villa

Tiling your bathroom is a lovely way to get the specific color and aesthetic you want. So, when actual tiles are too expensive, you can use adhesive vinyl tiles instead, saving you time and money.

Check out more pink bathroom ideas below!

Lighter shades of pink paired with darker shades create a visually appealing contrast in this stylish bathroom.

A central pink element draws out the pink hues in a peachy, cream-brown wall shade for a cohesive look.

Soft pink paneling behind the counter and mirror creates a calming and tactile comfort in the bathroom.

A bathroom filled with pink elements like furniture, countertops, cabinets, and more offers a dramatic flair.

A vibrant pink bathroom with bold walls paired with luxurious gold accents exudes a glamorous and modern look.

Coordinating pink wallpaper with a pink bathroom counter achieves a superior level of style.

Muted pink lights highlighting the edges of outcroppings focus your attention and add a unique touch.

Pastel pink tiles paired with black and white accents offer a stylish and contemporary bathroom design.

A grey bathroom with a lone pink tub showcases the effectiveness of using minimal pink accents.

Soft pink walls combined with elegant marble countertops create a serene and sophisticated bathroom setting.

Pale pink walls combined with a natural wooden vanity create a serene and earthy bathroom space.

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