Pink Blackout Curtains For A Gorgeous Nursery [15 Designs Inc. Photos]

Looking to design a nursery or a bedroom for your little princess? There's a good chance pink is high up on your list of theme colors.

We won't get into the ideological debate here but the bottom line is many little girls love pink, leaving parents looking decorative items in pink shades. The curtains are a great place to use color in your room design, so why not incorporate pink drapes into your plan?

There are other considerations when choosing the curtains for a baby or your child's bedroom. We've covered them in depth in our guide about choosing curtains for the nursery. What most people look for are blackout curtains that will block out light when drawn. After all, you need to make sure the room is dark when your baby is having her afternoon nap.

And this is what we have gathered here for today! We've curated a collection of gorgeous blackout curtains for you to choose from - all include pink as the only or main color! Pink Blackout Curtains for the Nursery

1.Pink Blackout Nursery Curtains by DWCN

This lovely pair of pink curtain panels are just the thing to keep 90% of unwanted sunlight out of the baby's room so the baby can nap peacefully. This shade of pink would look great in a white or pink-themed room.

The blackout feature not only blocks out sunlight but also up to 70% of the noise that could disturb sleep. With three inch pockets for curtain rods, most standard-sized rods will fit well.

The two panels measure 42 inches wide by 54 inches long. The high-quality polyester with the lining also prevents loss of heat in the winter as well as cool air during summer.

Easy care with machine washable in cool water and dry on low. Iron at low temperature if needed.

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2. Pale Pink Blackout Curtains by NICETOWN

Sized at 52" x 63", these stylish, neutral curtains would complement several colors for a baby's nursery. The opposite side features black panels to block 100% of the sunlight from the room.

The grommets allow for easy installation of curtain rods. The blackout panels serve to reduce noise as well to ensure sleep.

With the triple weave, the curtains keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Eco-friendly, the curtains have no fumes or chemical coatings.

Wash and iron in cool temps. These curtains feature a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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3. Velvet Pink Nursery Blackout Curtains by RYB HOME

These pink, plush curtains will give a cozy, sheltered look to any pink, cream, or white nursery. Blackout level will reduce most, but not all light.

These curtains keep the heat in during cold months and cool air during the warm months. The sound reduction will also promote better sleep. Sized at 52" x 96" long.

Easy care in the washer and a warm iron if needed. Customers mention the lovely ruffled top and the top quality sewing of the seams.

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4. Pink Lavender Blackout Curtains by Deconovo

Sized at 52" x 63", these perfect curtains would complement a purple, pink, or white nursery with silver accents as the curtains themselves feature silver dots.

Perhaps characters from Frozen would fit in perfectly with the color scheme. The soft curtains also feature silver grommets for hanging.

In addition to blocking out light, these curtains also lessen noise and improve rest. Energy efficient, the curtains hold in heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Customers remark on the softness of the fabric. May be washed in water up to 86 degrees.

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5. Pastel Pink Curtains with Tiebacks by Anjee

Pastel colors would complement a nursery with these curtains well. Sized at 52" x 84", the panels reduce the light and provide privacy.

Sleep and rest would improve as well as noise is also lessened by several decibels. The baby pink curtains hang from silver grommets.

Two matching tiebacks add interest when in use. The blackout features moderate temperatures in the room for warm and cool seasons. Easy care and free of toxic chemicals, these cute curtains would be pleasing in any nursery.

Customers remarked on the drape of the fabric and the privacy the curtains offer.

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6. Embroidered Pink Blackout Curtains by Didihou

Offered in a single panel sized at 52" x 63", the voile blackout curtain has the look of luxury. The double layer reduces noise and light as well as increases privacy.

These curtains hang from grommets, and the panel has a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Easy to care for, the curtains serve their purpose as well as add to the beauty of the nursery.

The blackout panel is a pretty cotton candy pink with a sheer, white layer that is prominent when the pink layer is open. Customers remark on the sheer, lacy overlay of these curtains.

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7. Chevron Pink Print Blackout Curtains by HLC.ME

Instead of the usual solid, pastel colors for a nursery, these blackout curtains are offered in hot pink in a chevron design.

The panels hang from grommets and are sized at 52" x 63" long. Not only do these snazzy curtains reduce light with a triple weave, but they also can reduce energy costs by 30%.

Privacy is increased and prevents conversations from being heard outdoors as well as promoting a quieter environment indoors. Machine wash cold on delicate.

Use a cool iron if needed. Customers enjoy the easy care of these curtains.

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8. Floral Jasmine Blackout Curtains by HLC.ME

This set of curtains would be perfect for a nursery with a floral theme. A lovely Jasmine print beautifies the front of these blackout curtains which keep a room in total darkness.

The curtains preserve privacy as well and allow the nursery to be quiet. Sized at 52" x 84", the curtains are also energy efficient, preventing leaking of warm and cool air and keeping the room at the proper temperature.

The panels, lined with a white backing, hang from metal grommets.

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9. Pink and White Tulle Blackout Curtains by Deconovo

This is a mix and match set of curtains. The pink panel features silver water drops with a sheer white tulle lace panel that can be arranged to your liking.

Sized at 52" x 63", the curtains hang from stylish grommets and darken a room significantly to promote rest. The blackout curtains also block street noise as well as increase privacy.

For convenience, machine wash below 86 degrees. No fabric softener. Customers mention the luxurious look and blackout efficiency.

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10. Baby Pink Blackout Curtains by Anjee

These baby-pink panels strewn with silver stars are sure to be a hit in any nursery. Sized at 52" x 63", these curtains hang from silver grommets to give the room a final touch of polish.

The triple weave of the fabric reduces more than 85% of light, while also lowering the noise level up to twenty decibels. Privacy is increased as is a restful nap.

A lifetime guarantee comes with these baby pink blackout curtains. Care is easy too, being machine washable.

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11. Voile Pink Blackout Curtains by Didihou

A sheer voile panel is included with the pink blackout panel, hanging from stylish white grommets. One panel with voile overlay per purchase.

These drapes give the room a luxurious feel, sized at 52" x 84". A 30 day, money-back warranty is included with the drapes.

Machine washable, the drapes darken a room and reduce noise. Customers praise the thick fabric of these panels.

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12. Star Print Blackout Curtains by Utopia Decor

These pink panels with silver stars are sure to brighten any nursery. Sized at 52" x 63", privacy increases with the use of these curtains.

Hanging on decorative silver grommets, these panels block considerable light as well as noise. Temperatures in the room will be kept moderate as warm and cool air stay where they're needed.

Made of 100% polyester, they're covered by a 30 day guarantee. Machine washable.

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13. Pink Blackout Drapes for the Nursery by Deconovo

Made of polyester, these pink and gray plaid drapes will add interest to any nursery. Sized at 52" x 84", they feature stylish grommets and will darken the nursery for better naps.

Privacy is improved and also blocks street noise. Machine washable, these panels will stabilize the temperatures in warm and cool months, reducing your energy bill.

Customers mention the silky feel of the fabric and the fun plaid print on the material.

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14. Princess Style Blackout Curtains by Wingbind

These double layer panels will give the nursery a touch of luxury with the tulle panel overlaying the blackout panel. Solid pink, the panels are sized at 100 x 200 cm.

One panel per purchase with matching tulle fabric. Made of 100% polyester, laser stars are designed into the fabric.

These blackout curtains block out more than 75% of light and also reduce the noise. Machine wash on low. Curtains hang from rods in pole pockets for easy installation.

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15. Colorful, Pink Blackout Curtains by Lendly

These bright blackout curtains bring a colorful burst of energy to any room with their flowers and butterflies.

Hanging from decorative grommets, the panels block both light and noise.

Sized at 52" x 84", the two panels make a lovely addition to the nursery. Machine washable.

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We hope you found this selection inspiring! All of the links above go to Amazon, so you can easily order them if you liked what you saw. Enjoy decorating the nursery!

If you have already decided about what curtain to buy you should check 13 Types of Curtain Hooks and Tiebacks, so you can add more design to your curtains.

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