How to decorate a room with Pink Geometric Wallpaper (Including Images and shopping links)

It always helps to do things a little differently by pairing pink moody colors with cool geometric shapes. These stylish murals with their different shapes and lines are a surefire way of sprucing up your space. The color pink is known for creating a fresh and lively atmosphere in the room. In most interiors, pink is commonly associated with feminine overtones and is often seen as purely related to girls.

Pink Geometric Wallpapers


Yet, most interior designers recognize pink for its psychological effects that include being able to soothe and calm the mind. Certain shades of pink are used to create luxurious and expensive environments to your home. To make things even better, you can add some extra flair to the scenery by integrating the already stylish murals with geometric patterns. This gives the air a certain air of mystery that can be interpreted as both serene and calm.

Here are 4 live examples from Instagram that go a long way in demonstrating the true value of geometric patterns with pink overtones.

1. Rose Themed Pink Room

It certainly helps to choose a reflective surface along with light shades of pink to help set the right mods. The clean, straight lines mimic the shape of a quadrilateral which does a pretty good job of beautifying the inner space. It effortlessly adds masculine shapes and tones to the feature wall, balancing out any feminine vibes the wallpaper may inadvertently give away.

2. Pink Spotted Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a modern spin on mid-century décor, combining the archetypal pink with spots in sleek geometric forms that add both functionality and aesthetics to create a luxurious look. A sharp palette and bold structural motif give this geometric wallpaper a strong punch. The stark white contrasts surrounding the pink hues make this bathroom truly stand out.

3. Fitz Inspired Pink Hue Wallpaper

This wallpaper looks like it was pulled straight out of a sci-fi novel. The abstract wallpapers take advantage of vastly different tones of pinks and balance the motif out with neutral grays for added impact. These murals are straightforward enough to still remain likable by Scandinavian designers. A final touch to this wallpaper would be adding a curved velvet sofa, as suggested by the owner herself.

4. Pink Hued Wallpaper with Random Dots

The motif might come across as too strong for most contemporary and Scandinavian designers and for good reason too.  All the eclectic dots make for a confusing and disorienting display that may not be universally compatible with most personalities. But if you’re the kind that likes a cacophony of murals that make no sense, you can’t go wrong with this wallpaper.

Here are some great collections from Amazon that will truly stylize your interior décor.

5. Apex Geometric Wallpaper by Fine Decor

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This geometric wallpaper is bright, bold, and reminiscent of a distant future. This wallpaper is synonymous with progression, success, and fun. The motif instantly transforms you into the future with the stunning geometric design featuring big triangles with vastly different shades of pink. Golden highlights decorating the outskirts of each triangle add further luster to the mural.

The stylish pattern repeats every 53cm, which is great if you truly want to create an immersive experience. Furthermore, this wallpaper has most qualities you would expect from a modern print, featuring high-quality ink that doesn’t fade with time. Maintenance is simple because you can easily wash away dirt and dust using a sponge without harming the fabric or print.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

6. Chantilly Geometric Marble Triangle by Debona

Developed from different shades of pink, grey, and white, this wallpaper features intricate triangles that were etched using metallic detailing. The texture on certain triangles is reminiscent of a marble face that looks immensely stunning. Each masterful combination of visionary technique is repeating every 26.5 cm to create a luxurious texture. This motif manages to look stylistic without going overboard.

This wallpaper is fairly easy to apply, as long as the surface is smooth and flat. You can easily clean the wallpaper should dirt and dust make its way onto the texture with a wet sponge. Thanks to its high-quality fabric and ink, the print won’t be fading away with rough use. This wallpaper is designed to last.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

7. Pink Grand Trellis Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Here’s something from NuWallpaper that combines imaginative use of both palette and pattern with luxurious texture to create soft furnishings that make a stylistic statement. Only two colors are used for the entirety of the wallpaper, pink and neutral white – two opposites that bring plenty of color into the room.

In terms of application, this wallpaper is fairly easy to apply on a smooth and flat surface. It is ideal for DIY projects and if you live in a renter, this is a great way to spruce things up without breaking the bank. The best part is that it is a peel and stick wallpaper, which means you can reposition this wallpaper without worrying about tearing apart the fabric.

Click here to learn more no Amazon.

8.  Waverly Classics Framework by York Wallcoverings

Here is a type of fashion-forward wallpaper that maintains a simplistic design by repeating the four leaf clover design for its entirety. But this design may come across as slightly extravagant and too distracting, but if you like the quatrefoil Trellis turn pattern, then it is a steal. The motif repeats every 1.5 inches, which is a good thing because it makes stylizing easy enough.

This wallpaper comes prepasted, which should make its application on your wall fairly straightforward. You can easily remove the wallpaper and easily reapply it elsewhere. It is also easy to wash and clean.

Click here to learn more about it on Amazon.

9. Apex Wave Geometric Wallpaper by Fine Décor Apex

This beautiful wallpaper features a contemporary Geometric pattern with apex waves crisscrossing each other ever so harmoniously. It offers an easy way to accent your space because of being crafted with white cotton and featuring bold motifs. It allows you to add a splash of color to your home without overstretching the budge.

The pattern repeats every 53cm, which also gives you lots of room for creativity. In terms of maintenance, this wallpaper is fairly easy to clean.

Click here to learn more

10. Geometric Wallpaper by York Wallcoverings Walt

If you are planning to accent your space with pink hues, you won’t go wrong with this wallpaper. It features four-petal flowers resting on a neutral toned background. The white backsplash does a good job of strongly contrasting against the sharp pink while adding its own charm to your room. Word of caution though, this wallpaper is marketed more toward younger fans of Disney novellas.

Either way, the wallpaper is good at matching with most backgrounds, including minimal Scandinavian rooms.

If you’re interested, click here to see more of it on Amazon.

11. Caden Metallic Geometric Wallpaper by Murvia

This wallpaper contains bold pink colors with diamond-shaped murals repeating every 53cm. It is suitable for most living areas in your house and can easily transform the most lackluster looking spaces. The stylish, beautiful wallpaper is perfect to give your home a stylish and warm look. The bold texture and background color are finished off with rustic themes, making it a potential focal point for your home.

In terms of applicability, this wallpaper encourages DIY home décor because it is incredibly easy to install. If the wallpaper starts collecting dust and dirt, which is fairly normal, simply take a wet sponge and wipe away at the smudges without worrying about damaging the fabric or its ink.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

12. Portfolio Hex Geo Wallpaper by Rasch

This jaw-dropping Hex Geo Wallpaper has the potential to become a stylistic mural in most rooms of your house. It features a geometric design that combines complimentary tones of soft grey, white with a matte finish, dusky pink, and a neutral grey section with interlocking concave hexagons, complete with a glossy silver glitter finish. The designs topped off by an on-trend metallic gold outline.

This wallpaper is fairly easy to apply and remove, but you will have to use paste for it to stick on the surface again. The design repeats every 53cm, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Click here to learn more.

13. Aztec Wallpaper Sample Swatch by Roostery

This wallpaper was inspired by an Aztec style theme which explains the vibrant splash of color in bold tones of pink and white. The versatile print features an incredibly easy to work with a mural that comes with a stunning subtle leathered texture. Its print repeats every 6 inches, so make to plan ahead.

The wallpaper’s texture is made with PVC free material that is incredibly durable and utilizes modern print technology which makes the ink fade resistant. It is currently available 24 in by 27 ft.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

We hope you enjoyed this collection! If you're shopping around and want to see the largest possible selection of wallpaper patterns, make sure you check out our post about the best 50 online stores for buying wallpaper too!

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