14 Pink and Gold Shower Curtains That Will Glam Up Your Bathroom

14 Pink and Gold Shower Curtains That Will Glam Up Your Bathroom

Pink and gold is a simple and chic color palette. Used with darker and more saturated hues, it can be youthful and bold. Pastel pinks and champagne golds can be used for a more feminine and muted look.

The classic combo lends itself to a variety of different beautiful bathroom themes. Your shower curtain is prominently on display and should be a focal point of the decor you choose.

This list has been compiled to help you find the perfect pink and gold shower curtain for your taste.

Marbled Color Block

This curtain is a perfect mix of sophisticated and fun. The diagonal color block of light pink and white draws the eye and keeps the design playful, while the golden marble motif gives it elegance and shine. This is a great piece to bring out marble floors or countertops. It will also keep the space looking more open due to its lighter shades.

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Glittered Gradient

Glitter is fun, girly and classic. This curtain features a light to a dark pink gradient that creates a luxurious environment. Dispersed golden flakes add character and beauty. It appears as though it has been dipped in pink and gold, and gives the illusion of the fabric being heavier at the bottom. The design featured here is a great way to be whimsical while remaining classy.

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Brushstroke Stripes

Following in the dispersed glitter trend, this horizontal striped curtain is artistic and simple. The watercolor brushstroke pattern of pink stripes across the white canvas is youthful and crafty. Golden flecks of glitter cascade down from the top this time, and almost look like rain. It’s another example of a whimsical design that defines the space and adds character in its simplicity.

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Pink Chevron

This is an example of a fully pink shower curtain that fits in beautifully to the pink and gold theme. It is almost a rose gold color itself. The chevron texture is semi-reflective and mimics a darker ‘gold’ color. This pattern, in particular, is wonderful for a more toned-down look, with the warmer muted pink and the streamlined embellishment.

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Geometric Gold Leaf

Another warmer pink and more subtle golden color, this geometric pattern will reflect evenly in the light and remain understated while having a bolder presence. Uniform designs help to balance the space and provide beauty while remaining background to other pieces of decor. Muted statements like this are great for simpler themes and can change the entire space very easily.

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Abstract Mosaic

This piece, on the other hand, is an absolute statement. The pink, mauve, and white mosaic tiles outlined with yellow gold are eclectic and striking. The lightness of the pink and brightness of the gold allow for this design to catch the eye while not overwhelming the senses. Focus is drawn to the shower immediately, so this may make a small space feel smaller, but can be a great asset when decorating with fewer pieces and wanting the shower to really stand out.

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Golden Water Marble

This design puts a true spin on pink and gold. Swirled streaks of gold leaf, shades of pink, purple, and white cascade across the curtain. No one part of this design is the same, creating a messy and effortlessly bohemian look. The water marble effect is also a natural fit for bathroom decor.

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Thick Contrast Stripes

This curtain is more modern and edgy with its thick contrasting stripe pattern. The gold is a patterned strip and stands out against the blush pink stripes. The horizontal stripes mimic a paintbrush texture that makes the curtain look artistic and bold. This unique piece is machine washable and waterproof.

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Rose Gold Blossoms

The repeating circular pattern on this curtain brings blossoming flowers to mind. The flat blush pink and brilliant gold complement each other. The design fits in better with quaint and simple bathroom designs. It carries elegance thanks to its precise linework. This product is made of a durable vinyl material that will stay beautiful and maintain it's color for as long as you want to show it off.

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Navy Backdrop

This curtain is made of a weighted fabric and that is easy to care for. The navy blue backdrop makes the pink and gold combination pop. The opulent flowers burst from the background with the white bud accents. The material is an environmentally friendly polyester with no order so you can feel even better about your purchase. This would look great in bathrooms that need a solid dark element to balance out the room.

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Soft Marble Waves

Another take on a marbled mixture of gold and pink, this shower curtain takes a more relaxed approach. The colors are very unsaturated and would blend perfectly with a mostly white bathroom. The faint metallic twinkle of the gold and pink give the curtain character that would be missing on a plain white marble design.

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Adorable Children's Choice

This unicorn-inspired pop of color design would look great in a kid's bathroom among other accessories. The playful design would bring a smile to anyone's face.

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Combining Elements

This design combines many of the other design elements into one cute and well-balanced shower curtain. There are polka dots, an animal outline design, and a color block of shiny gold at the bottom. The high-resolution print will look from any angle or distance. The product is double-side waterproofed so you can use it without a liner and have no worries.

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Whimsical Gold

For the lover of all things shiny and magical in your family, this shower curtain would be a great gift. The iconic mouse head is done in gold on the pin-cushion pink backdrop design. The polka dot bow contrasts with the golden texture and makes the design more familiar. This would perfectly accompany other bright and pink accessories used to decorate a princess's perfect bathroom.

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Pick a Curtain That Makes You Happy!

We hope we’ve helped narrow your search for a shower curtain that fits in perfectly with your pink and gold themed bathroom. Remember that your bathroom is a space you will use daily, and you want to pick decorations that help you unwind and make you happy every time you open the door.

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