13 Pink Knitted and Woven Poufs That Are Simply Adorable

13 Pink Knitted And Woven Poufs That Are Simply Adorable

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Meet the pouf: the item that you never knew you were always looking for, and the perfect addition to any living space.

Sometimes you just need a fun pop of texture and color to add the finishing touch to a room. Sometimes you need an extra seat to have around for guests. Poufs are designed to be versatile and meet both of those criteria in one cute piece.

Poufs are usually made from yarn that’s either woven or knitted (no metal or wood supports) and then stuffed. They can be used as ottomans or places to sit or both. Poufs are textural and playful, and they are an easy way to quickly brighten up a living space.

Once you’ve decided a pouf is a must-have, your next step is choosing its color. Consider pink. Depending on the shade you choose, a pink pouf can either add a bright highlight or a soft accent to your room.

Here are 13 perfectly pink knitted or woven poufs to give your space color, texture, and an extra seat.

Knitted Pink Poufs

Birdrock Home Round Pouf

This compact pouf makes a wonderful extra seat in your living space. The dusty color is sophisticated, and the large hand-knit pattern adds a beautiful textural element. This pouf is lightweight and filled with bean bag material for extra support and comfort.

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Read more about dusty pink pouf on Amazon.

Frenish Decor Pouf

Several things set this pouf apart. The first is the stunning deep pink color that would make a beautiful accent piece. The second is how firm it is, easily balancing a tray or some books. Finally, this pouf can hold a person who weighs up to 330 pounds, more than most other poofs on our list, making it a solid choice for a seat. These three things combine to make one great pouf.

Read more about this deep pink pouf on Amazon.

Lincove Hand-Knitted Pouf

The intricate loop pattern of this hand-knitted pouf gives it a beautiful look. At 20″ x 20″, it’s large enough to serve as a comfortable place to sit but small enough to tuck underneath an end table if you don’t need the extra seating. The soft color is complementary to a variety of decorating styles, including modern and shabby chic, so it will likely fit in with your existing decor.

Read more about this rose pink pouf on Amazon.

Super Chunky Throw Pillow Pouf

The large, chunky yarn is a stunning, fashionable, and trendy look that gives this pouf a real depth. This one is a little smaller than others on our list, measuring in at almost 12″ by nearly 9″. Given its smaller size, it’s meant to be more of a pillow than a seat, but the shape is all pouf and adds a soft and beautiful finishing touch.

Read more about this chunky pouf on Amazon.

Nitsa Collections Begonia Pouf

This pouf is a little bit flatter on top than other knit poufs we’ve profiled, which makes it perfect for holding magazines in a living room or a small tea set in a girl’s bedroom. The soft, light pink color and different knitting patterns make this pouf really unique.

Read more about this begonia pouf on Amazon.

Tiwari Home Spherical Pouf

The first thing you’ll notice is the diagonal knit pattern all around this pouf. The second thing that will catch your eye is the darker, dusty pink color that provides a beautifully deep highlight to any room. And the third thing you’ll see is the shape, which is more round than other poufs and helps to set it apart from other objects in your room.

Read more about this spherical pouf on Amazon.

Love Life Knitted Cat Pouf

If you’re looking for the best pouf for a little girl’s room, look no further. The cute ears, the flower on the top, and the fun smile all combine to make an adorable pouf that will brighten up any child’s space. But don’t be deterred if you find yourself falling in love with it too. This cat pouf would make a unique piece in an eclectic room, whether it’s for a child or an adult.

Read more about this cat pouf on Amazon.

Simple Creative Hand-Woven Pouf

The combination of the soft pink and the dark gray work together to make a stunning pouf. It’s firm enough to hold its shape while serving as a seat. The hand-woven pattern expertly separates the colors, making this two-toned pouf something different from everything else on our knitted poufs list.

Read more about this two-toned pouf on Amazon.

Woven Pink Poufs

Tiwari Home Hand-Woven Pouf

This soft blush pouf is hand-woven in an intricate basket pattern with a tufted top. Texture can be hard to add to a living space, but this pouf gives you that bit of texture you need. It measures 18″x18″ at the top, so it’s slightly smaller than others we’ve profiled. One extra perk when you purchase this pouf is that a portion of the proceeds go to a school lunch program in India, and another portion goes toward a scholarship program in Southeast Asia. Your purchase of this pouf will brighten your living space and help to change the lives of kids that may not get a full meal or time in a classroom without the donations.

Read more about this blush pink pouf on Amazon

Nuloom Twisted Cable Bohemian Pouf

Eclectic, stunning, colorful, and Bohemian are four words that describe this pouf in a nutshell. With its hand-woven cables forming the outside of the pouf, this piece will catch every visitor’s eye and quickly become a focal point of any room. Pink may not be the primary color on this one, but a very bright shade of it appears throughout the pouf and will easily complement other pinks you have in your room.

Read more about this Bohemian pouf on Amazon.

Round Pouf for Living Room

The flat top of this pouf gives it a distinctive shape. That top, combined with sturdy foam, gives it the ability to hold up to 330 pounds, making it one of the sturdier ones on this list. Because of the way it’s designed, this soft pink pouf can also serve as both a seat and a footstool, giving it a dual purpose in your room.

Read more about this sturdy pouf on Amazon.

Simpli Home Lydia Round Pouf

Because both ends of this pouf are flat, a simple flip of it gives you a whole different color on top – and a whole different look for your room – without compromising a seat. Hand-woven with jute, a natural fiber that’s spun into strong threads, this pouf is durable and designed to make a great place to sit. The natural color is a stark and beautiful complement to the hot pink, making it unique and functional. And because this one comes with a one-year guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Read more about this tan and bright pink pouf on Amazon.

Colonial Mills Bright Twist Pouf

The handles on the sides of this pouf make it easy to reposition around your room – or carry it to other places in the house. The combination of white and pink in the ropes around the sides makes it perfect for a girl’s room. However, pouf could easily go anywhere in your home where you need a soft accent and an extra seat.

Read more about this twist pouf on Amazon.

Any of these 13 pink poufs would make a pretty addition to your living area. And because they are all both functional and beautiful, that makes them invaluable pieces to have. Grab one – or more – for your space!

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