27 Awesome Pink Living Room Ideas

Choosing to go with a pink theme for your living room can be tricky without some help. Are you looking for something over the top and glamorous, or is a softer and more modern pink living room design more your style? Lucky for you, we have a ton of ideas to share.

Whether you are looking to recreate Barbie's dream house or want to add some pink to your existing living room, we suggest assessing your space and choosing a theme. Pink is a very versatile color and has many looks you can create using different shades and decor. Selecting a bright, fun wallpaper or statement piece of furniture is an easy way to turn your current living room into the pink paradise you are after.

As we get this post started, we will share our top 27 pink living room ideas and tag some helpful products. No matter your style or budget, turning your living room perfectly pink is going to be much easier after you see these examples. Let's dive in. 

Two wooden coffee tables next to modern grey sofa with pillows and blankets in lovely pastel pink living room interior, 27 Awesome Pink Living Room Ideas

1. Matching Striped Magenta

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Contemporary lounge /living room with sofa, with curtains, table and vases in the foreground

Our first pink living room example has a retro vibe and is using a magenta color scheme throughout. Going with similar patterned curtains and pillows is a great way to add some pink to your living room while keeping everything cohesive.

2. Various Shades Of Blush

Modern interior of living room with peach corner sofa, coffee table

The next pink living room idea we have to share is this perfectly soft blush design. This living room went with different shades of blush pink, ranging from light to dark, and did a great job of tying everything together.

3. Fun Hot Pink Decor

Pastel Pink Living Room with Sofa and Furniture.

Third, we have this lovely hot pink-accented living room that we can't get enough of. This room has a chic and eclectic feel to it that we love and uses multiple shades of pink in the paint and decor.

4. Soft Pink Accents

Pink chair next to table and sofa in living room interior with posters and gold lamp

Next, we have a perfect example of adding pink to your current living room without going too crazy. Adding a pink accent chair and rug to your living room is an easy way to transform your space without having to do too much.

Giantex Modern Pink Tufted Chair And Ottoman Set

Here is a modern tufted chair and ottoman from Giantex that will add some pink to your living room. This accent chair and ottoman are made from a velvet material and can hold up to 265 pounds.

View this item on Amazon here.

5. Pink Velvet Perfection

pink couch with pillows in front of a shelf with posters and flowers in bright living room interior

Coming in fifth, we have this contemporary pink living room idea that feels high-end. Choosing to add a pink sofa or chair to your living room is a great way to add some color and texture to your space.

6. Mixing It Up

Retro style, millennial pink pendant lamp above a simple, wooden coffee table in a sunny, white living room interior with patterned pillows on a velvet sofa

Another easy way to get your pink living room feeling next level would be to accessorize with unique pillows. This living room's pink sofa looks stunning with the various patterned throw pillows that add some fun into the area.

7. Dramatic Color Scheme

Satin pillows on a pink velvet sofa in a luxurious living room interior

Next up, we have this dramatic pink living room concept that stands out on the list. If your taste is not entirely pointing toward an all-pink room, trying darker colored paint with your pink furniture is another way to achieve a similar look.

8. Pink Textured Furniture

Stylish living room interior in pink with a concrete floor, velvet sofa, golden table, chandeliers and tropical plants

Eighth on the list, we have this textured pink furniture idea that will get your living room feeling ultra-fabulous. We love how this design chose to use a metallic patterned sofa and tufted nesting ottoman to bring some pink into this room.

9. Potted Pink Planters

Stylish living room interior in pink with a concrete floor, velvet sofa, golden table, chandeliers and tropical plants

Next, we have this modern-looking pink living room that feels right out of a magazine. The pink potted plants stand out in the room and add to the throw pillows' tropical design.

Greenaholics Hexagon Patterned Pink Ceramic Pots

Here is a set of two pink ceramic pots from Greenaholics that will add just the right amount of pink to your living room. These planters are made with a unique hexagon design and measure 5x5.4 inches and 6x6.4 inches.

Follow this link to view this set on Amazon.

10. Natural Pink Aesthetic

Two wooden coffee tables next to modern grey sofa with pillows and blankets in lovely pastel pink living room interior

Another pink design we feel looks terrific in a living room is a more natural and artistic aesthetic similar to this space. The many different pink accents in the room make it feel unique while also somehow working together to look visually pleasing.

Exclusivo Mexcla Brushed Diamond Large Fleece Blanket

Here is a pink fleece throw blanket we found from the Exclusivo Mexcla Store that will keep you cozy and add some pink to your living room. This blanket is made from 100% microfiber and measures 50x70 inches.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

11. Dark Rich Magenta

Cozy Christmas home interior with Xmas tree and sofa, Classic style, purple color interior,

Following a magenta pink theme, we have this luxurious living room that turned out amazing. Choosing to decorate your room with a darker pink color is a great way to add drama to any living space and get your guests talking.

12. Green And Pink Accents

Cozy living room interior with red, ombre wall, bookcase and white sofa

For those reading who are equally obsessed with green, this is the perfect living room idea for you. Green and pink tend to work very well together, and both have an easy to accessorize look to them.

13. Rustic Pink And Mint

Home apartment interior, living room with large sofa, lots of decor and elements, plant, vase, coffee table, carpet, pastel colors with many elements around

Another fun way to mix things up in your living room would be trying out a rustic pink option like this. Typically when we think of a pink living room, a rustic theme does not come to mind, but we like this one.

14. Bubble Gum Glam

interior, villa in style classic, modern living room

Switching gears to a more classic pink look, we have this super glamorous design using a few purple accents. Pink and purple are close in color and go well together, so this may be an idea to try out at home.

15. Right Out Of Tuscany

Large spacious living room, elegantly decorated with large windows looking onto a garden.

Next up, we have this enchanting pink living room idea that feels fit for Tuscany. This living room design is on the less pink side of the group but still does a great job of incorporating the color with the bright rug and pillows.

Maxsoft Fuzzy Pink Living Room Rug

Here is an extra soft and bright pink rug from Maxsoft that will add a ton of color to your living room. This rug is made from hot pink velvet and measures 3.9x5.9 feet.

View this rug on Amazon here.

16. Pink CityScape

modern living room interior. Living coral design style

Another pink living room we are loving is this cityscape-inspired design. The bush-colored wall paint goes well with the white wood flooring and doesn't feel too over-the-top in this space.

17. Ambient Neon Lighting

Modern RGB ambient lights concept like hue. Pink ambient light in modern matte black interior with mountain natural stone rock wall concept

Next up, we have this ambient neon pink living room design that is a favorite of ours. Neon lighting has been one of the top decor trends this year and is an easy way to achieve a pink look.

XUNATA LED Neon Pink Strip Light Rope

Here is an LED pink neon light rope from XUNATA that will help you get an ambient pink look in your living room. This light rope can be used both indoors and out and measures 16.4 feet long.

Follow this link to Amazon to check this out.

18. Bright, Cheery, And Sprinkled

Real photo of a pink, velvet sofa, plant, coffee table with pot and cups on a lastrico wall a living room interior

Here we have another unique pink-colored living room that feels cheery and bright. The massive sprinkle-painted wall is our favorite part of this room and works well to create and continue a more colorful pink theme.

19. Gold Accented


Next, we have this opulent feeling pink living room that looks perfectly glamorous. Gold and pink are complementary colors and work to create a luxurious design in any space they are being used in.

20. Pink And Red Details

Well Designed pink Living Room.

Another interesting way to decorate a pink living room would be using a softer red backsplash and exposed brick design similar to this. This living room feels somewhat retro and does a great job of incorporating many colors and designs into one space without feeling cluttered.

21. Modern Leaf Design

Contemporary lounge / living room seating area, with ormaments

Here we have another pink living room idea using a leafed design in the curtains and accent pillows. This is another example of yellow/gold being paired with pink and looks elegant and well designed.

22. Vintage Pink Feel

Flower arrangement in a pink-inspired living room

Next on the list, we have this charming vintage pink design that feels right out of a photograph. This living room space went with textured blush accent pillows, and pink accented flower arrangements that tie the look together.

23. Contemporary Mixed Colors

Gold leaf on wooden cupboard against red wall with black poster in spacious living room interior

Another pink living room design we found is this modern mixed-colored space that turned out stunning. Choosing to go with purples and other shades of pink in your area is an easy way to achieve this look and give your living room a contemporary final design.

24. Pink Holiday Charm

Interior of bright modern living room with fireplace and comfortable sofa decorated with Christmas tree and gifts.

Here is a festive pink living room option that is perfect for the holidays. This room chose to go with a lilac-pink statement couch that matches the decor and tree ornaments well.

25. Desert Contemporary

Poster and plant in living room interior with armchair next to grey sofa and wooden table. Real photo

Next up, we have this modern desert pink living room idea that is super clean and simple. The light wooden accents throughout the room go perfectly with the blush-shaded pillows and simple artwork.

26. Eclectic Meets Modern

Vibrant cottage - modern living room with pink armchair

Next, we have this contemporary yet charming pink living room that has a unique look to it. This living room has a predominantly white color scheme but includes just the right amount of pink accent decor and furniture to make it feel fabulous.

27. Bohemian Pink Charm

Yellow chair next to pink sofa and wooden table in pastel living room interior with flowers. Real photo

Last but certainly not least, we have this Bohemian-inspired pink living room that looks welcoming and cozy. We also want to note using the yellow velvet accent chair that adds extra vibrance and color to this room.

The Wrap Up

Deciding to turn your living room into the perfectly pink space you have been dreaming of turned out to be much easier than expected. Whether you are after an entirely pink look or need some extra color in your existing living room, you've got options. Going with a pink living room, glamorous or simple, will not let you down and will get all of your guests talking.

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