Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

Plantation shutters and Roman shades are two popular types of window treatments. However, if you're wondering how to best dress your windows, it might be difficult to choose between the two. So, we consulted experts for advice on these stylish window treatments.

Your choice of window treatment should fit your space aesthetically and meet your budget. Also, Plantation shutters are more rigid than Roman shades. However, choose between the two where you see fit. Most rooms look stunning with shutters or shades.

Roman shades or Plantation shutters are excellent options to control lighting and add privacy to your home. However, if you have tons of questions about how to choose between these window treatments and more, keep reading for inspiring decor solutions.

Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

How To Choose Between Plantation Shutters Or Roman Shades?

A collage of plantation shutter and roman shades, Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

If you feel stumped about choosing between Plantation shutters or Roman shades, we can help. First off, focus on how much lighting and privacy you need for your window treatment.

Also, consider the costs, and aesthetically how each type of window covering will radically transform your space. We will discuss the difference between both to help you decide.

About Plantation Shutters - What To Know?

White Chairs with Red Throws in Sun Room

Plantation shutters are typically wooden and feature prominent louvers that might be slightly adjustable or fixed. The name of these shutters is often associated with the antebellum American South and colonial style properties.

Typically, plantation shutters go over windows from the interior of a home, rather than the outside.

The louvers are at an angle, so light and fresh air can come through, but there is still a modicum of privacy allotted. Plantation shutters look lovely next to front doors, in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Depending on the look you desire for your home, and how dramatically this style of shutters will impact the lighting, mood, and ambiance will help you decide if they are the best option.


  • If you like a sophisticated vintage or traditional aesthetic, Plantation shutters are a winner
  • Avoid having to raise or lower this style of window covering and no cords either
  • Can get custom louvers in a variety of widths, and other materials than wood available
  • Allows fresh air and light to enter without sacrificing privacy
  • Increases the aesthetic and market value of property
  • Improve temperature control and ventilation inside home


  • Contrasted to modern blinds or shades, Plantation shutters are pricey to install
  • These shutters may require custom fitting and professional installation for windows
  • The louvers may require regular cleaning to dispel dirt, debris, moisture
  • Plantation shutters cannot raise or lower like shades or modern blinds.

About Roman Shades - What To Know?

Vase with flowers on countertop near sink against window in kitchen

Move over blinds. Roman shades are a fantastic, modern window covering that is elegant and clean. Compared to Plantation shutters with fixed or slightly adjustable louvers, Roman shades provide tasteful drapery over a window.

Typically, Roman shades create beautiful folds of fabric when raised, and fall flat over a window without pleats when lowered. Because of their design, it is easy to dress up or dress down Roman shades.

They are easily adjustable using a continuous cord attachment. Plus, there are varying styles of folds for a chic, contemporary look.

Depending on how sheer the fabric is, or the color, the amount of light filtration and afforded privacy may vary. One consideration is how well this style of window covering blocks out light or handles moisture.

Roman shades might not be the best style to place in a kitchen, bathroom, or the bedroom. You might have to add additional items, such as a liner, blackout curtains, or layer window coverings, for privacy and comfort.

Any visible cords might pose a problem in a household with young children or curious pets.


  • Provides a timeless, effortless chic that complements a contemporary or traditional home
  • Pleasing aesthetic value with folds and drapery over a window
  • A variety of styles, colors, and materials
  • Able to raise and lower to control lighting and privacy
  • Inexpensive and easier to install compared to wooden Plantation shutters


  • Depending on material, might not provide enough privacy or control lighting during day or night
  • Potential for gaps at the edges, unless covering overlaps over the window or using liners
  • May get stained easily, and not the best for moist environments like the kitchen or bathroom
  • Take caution with loose, exposed loops or cords if children or pets are around

Are Shutters More Expensive Than Roman Shades?

Yes, prepare to spend more if you desire shutters for your windows. Plantation shutters are a lot more expensive than Roman shades. Plus, they may require customization to fit windows perfectly and professional installation. 

Now, the investment may be worth the cost, as shutters will add a significant boost in a home's aesthetic and market value. Also, shutters are a lot more durable than Roman shades.

Do Plantation Shutters Add Value To A Home?

Interior photography of modern Hamptons style home

Yes, Plantation shutters will certainly increase the value of a home, both in curb appeal and on the market. Many homeowners and architecture lovers enjoy features like Plantation shutters.

They are timeless, durable, and have a rich history as a versatile, attractive window covering. Because shutters are typically wood, and there is room for customization with the size of louvers, they are very desirable.

Are Plantation Shutters Good For Bedrooms?

Luxury white plantation shutters in bedroom

Yes, as lighting in the bedroom is a big deal. Plantation shutters usually do a wonderful job of controlling how much light enters a space.

So, you won't have to worry about light seeping past the edges of fixed wooden shutters in the morning. Also, shutters easily allow fresh air in, but keep prying eyes from a view of the bedroom.

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Where Should You Not Use Shutters?

There are a few places you might not want to install Plantation shutters. Namely, avoid areas of the home where there is frequent exposure to humidity and moisture, such as the attic, bathrooms, or a garage.

How Do I Choose A Roman Shade Color?

Roman blind curtain decoration in living room interior

It makes sense to consider the best color for a Roman shade. The color won't only impact how well a room's look visually comes together, but it also affects how light filters through and privacy.

In some scenarios, a light colored Roman shade may reveal a bit too much to the outside world. So, a darker color may be more fitting.

Should A Roman Shade Be Longer Than The Window?

Yes. Ideally, because of the design of most Roman shades, they look better if they are longer than the window. Roman shades are more likely to have some gaps, allowing light and views inside a space.

So, it is better to choose a shade that is slightly wider and longer than the window to improve privacy and lighting control. Also, aesthetically, it looks more visually impressive when longer because of the drapery effect.

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Are Shades Or Shutters Better For The Kitchen?

Depending on how your choice of window covering will interact with humidity, moisture, kids, pets, and lighting, shades or shutters might be better.

If you love the look of Plantation shutters in a kitchen, consider treated wood, or an alternative, durable material that is resistant to stains and moisture.

Roman shades will work in the kitchen, provided they are not covering a window where they'll get frequently exposed to stains or moisture.

Be prepared to clean Roman shades often, if used in a kitchen. Also, consider how both shades and shutters filter light differently, and the level of privacy they afford.

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Can You See Through Roman Shades At Night?

It is possible to see slightly through Roman shades at night. If anything, you might get a view of silhouettes moving about. The reason this happens is if the shades don't have a liner for added privacy.

Also, if a Roman shade uses a material that has a loose weave, or it's in a light-color fabric, it might reduce privacy at night.

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Are Shades Or Shutters Better?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Shades might be a better option for a space, depending on your budget, lighting and privacy needs.

If you can commit, shutters might be better despite the expense, as they increase a home's value and have a unique aesthetic.

However, be mindful about which spaces are or aren't ideal for shades or shutters. This is something to consider if a home has kids, pets, or humidity or moisture is a concern.

Quick Summary

A set of open white plantation shutters in a light butter yelllow room

We hope the next time you're shopping for window treatments like Plantation shutters or Roman shades, you know how to style your space with confidence.

Depending on your needs to control lighting, add privacy, or enhance your home's ambiance, you can make the best decision between the two window coverings.

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Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

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