11 Porch Blinds Ideas For An Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

Porches are perfect for relaxing during warmer months, but sometimes you need protection from intense sun or rain. 

Having some blind to block at the sun’s rays or the drive of a rainstorm can make indoor/outdoor living even more enjoyable.

porch with tall tied-back curtains, planter, bench and coffee table by white shingled walls. 11 Porch Blinds Ideas For An Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

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We’ve found eleven great examples of porch blinds for you to see and are going to look at each of them here. So keep scrolling down!

1. Automatic Sun Shades

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Modern Rear Yard Patio With Furniture and automatic sun shades

If you want the ultimate in ease and luxury, consider automatic sun shades for your outdoor porch.

You’ll need porch framing to attach the components, but once installed, you can easily lower and raise these blinds with a remote control.

2. Use Gauzy Curtains For A Romantic Look

modern designed porch with Gauzy Curtains For A Romantic Look

If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient option that doesn’t completely block the sun, consider using gauzy curtains to shield your porch.

While not as robust against heavy rain, they offer privacy and subtly separate your seating area from the outdoors.

3. Heavy Curtains That Can Be Drawn Back

Porch with table and chairs. Heavy Curtains That Can Be Drawn Back

Another way to have protection on your outdoor porch is by using heavy canvas curtains with grommet slides. The heavy-duty fabric is more weather resistant and provides more UV protection.

4.  Bamboo Blinds Are Easy To Find And Hang

Derelict Wooden Summer Leisure Raft Hut On Sava River with bamboo blinds

If you want something easy to do yourself, then check out bamboo blinds. Available off-the-shelf in various widths and styles, they’re simple to install with just a few tools.

With a quick tug of a string, you can roll them up or down, offering excellent protection from sun and rain and enhancing privacy if you have close neighbors.

5. Plants As Privacy

Balcony with flowers. plants as privacy

Perhaps you have a balcony or another roofed area where you can attach blinds or curtains.

How can you ensure privacy from your neighbors? Strategically placing potted plants can effectively create a secluded space on an urban balcony.

This balcony utilizes plants at various heights to craft a private area. An added benefit of this natural “porch blind” is the aesthetic appeal and the pleasure of caring for plants.

6. Weighted Netting Is Great For Keeping Bugs At Bay

Curtain of a camping tent in the forest

If insects are a concern for your porch, consider using weighted netting.

This type of mosquito netting features a fine mesh that blocks bugs from entering while a weighted hem prevents it from blowing around, which could otherwise allow insects to slip through.

Additionally, it offers a semi-private barrier from neighbors and passersby.

7. Use Overhead Sun Shields And Billowing Drapes For An Open Roofed Porch

Wooden table and chairs, veranda with drapes and sea view. overhead sun shields and billowing drapes

Sun shields made from UV-protected fabric are a popular choice for porches. Despite knowing the sun’s rays can damage our skin, we still enjoy the outdoors.

UV-protective fabric can transform a trellis or gazebo into a safer outdoor space. Overhead drapes block harmful UV rays while allowing plenty of light, and billowing gauzy curtains on the sides provide additional protection.

8. Rectractable Awnings Can Act As Blinds

backyard with automatic retractable awning for extra shade

A wide awning can function similarly to porch blinds and even create a makeshift porch.

In this home, a large retractable awning is attached to the side of the house. When extended, it provides a shaded area where there isn’t an actual porch, offering a delightful spot for relaxation.

9. UV Blinds That Pull Up Easily

Cozy porch with wooden table, metal-framed cushioned chairs, and an armchair, retractable sun shades, rustic stone tile flooring, natural light, garden view, vibrant flower pot, and  with UV protective fabric and shade

These exterior shades offer excellent protection from the sun without darkening the space. They enhance this charming outdoor dining area with the flexibility to roll them up or down as needed.

The UV-resistant fabric also shields both people and furniture from harmful rays

10. Awning Fabric To Create Roman Blinds For Outdoors

Lakeside covered porch with white Adirondack chairs, blue and white striped fabric for privacy, brick floor tiles, and a ceiling fan, set against a serene lake view

Awning fabric is designed for outdoor use, making it an excellent option for custom porch coverings.

In this example, a large porch utilizes charming striped outdoor fabric to craft Roman shades.

These shades roll up in a single solid piece and can be hung at various levels, as demonstrated here, to provide adjustable protection from the elements.

11. Use A Trellis And Vines To Create Separation

Porch Trellis And Vines that  Create Separation

If you hang a trellis at one end of your porch and grow some beautiful vines on it, you can create a natural porch blind.

The wisteria is ready to be put to work to help you with privacy and beauty.

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