11 Porch Blinds Ideas For An Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

Porches are an essential part of warmer months. Who doesn't love to sit on the porch at the end of a long day or when the weather is glorious? But sometimes, when the sun is very high, or when the rain is beating down, you might find you need a little protection. That's where porch blinds come into play.

Having some blind to block at the sun's rays or the drive of a rainstorm can make indoor/outdoor living even more enjoyable. We've found eleven great examples of porch blinds for you to see and are going to look at each of them here. So keep scrolling down!

porch with tall tied-back curtains, planter, bench and coffee table by white shingled walls. 11 Porch Blinds Ideas For An Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

1. Automatic Sun Shades

Modern Rear Yard Patio With Furniture and automatic sun shades

If you want the ultimate in ease and luxury, consider automatic sun shades for your outdoor porch. You'll need porch framing to connect the components to, but with the ease of remote control, you can lower and raise these blinds at will. They come in a wide variety of colors to work with many different exterior paint options. Though there will be some cost involved, these sun shades will do the trick.

2. Use Gauzy Curtains For A Romantic Look

modern designed porch with Gauzy Curtains For A Romantic Look

If you don't want total sun protection and want something more cost-efficient, consider using a gauzy curtain to separate your porch area from the elements. Granted, it won't be as hardy when it comes to heavy driving rains, but it will provide some privacy and a nice separation from your out-of-the-way seating area and the great outdoors. Whatever color your heart desires, you should be able to find it in a gauze fabric.

3. Heavy Curtains That Can Be Drawn Back

Porch with table and chairs. Heavy Curtains That Can Be Drawn Back

Another way to have protection on your outdoor porch is by using heavy canvas curtains with grommet slides. The heavy-duty fabric is more weather resistant and provides more UV protection. Many companies that manufacture outdoor canvas awnings can also manufacture porch curtains to match your home or style. They can also be taken down and stored away during the off-seasons or if you have a vacation home.

4.  Bamboo Blinds Are Easy To Find And Hang

Derelict Wooden Summer Leisure Raft Hut On Sava River with bamboo blinds

If you want something readily available and easy to do yourself, then check out bamboo blinds. These off-the-shelf blinds come in so many widths and styles, but what they have in common is ease. You can hang them with a few simple tools, and then with a simple tug or pull of a string, roll them up or down. They provide superior protection against the glaring sun or the rain. They also provide privacy if you have close neighbors.

5. Plants As Privacy

Balcony with flowers. plants as privacy

Maybe you have a balcony or other space with a roof to connect blinds or curtains to. How can you create a sense of privacy from your neighbors? The creative use of potted plants is a great way to give yourself some alone space on an urban balcony. This balcony makes use of plants at every level to create a sense of space. The bonus to this type of "porch blind" is the beauty and satisfaction of tending for plants.

6. Weighted Netting Is Great For Keeping Bugs At Bay

Curtain of a camping tent in the forest

If insects are one of the reasons for wanting porch blinds, then consider a weighted netting. This mosquito-type netting is made of a very fine mesh that doesn't allow bugs to enter. The weighted hem keeps it from blowing around and creating pockets for insect entry. It will also provide a semi-private shield from neighbors or folks walking by on the sidewalk.

7. Use Overhead Sun Shields And Billowing Drapes For An Open Roofed Porch

Wooden table and chairs, veranda with drapes and sea view. overhead sun shields and billowing drapes

Sun shields made out of UV-protected fabric are very popular for porches. As we've learned that the sun's rays can cause damage to our skin, it hasn't stopped us from wanting to be outside. Here's a way to turn an openwork trellis or gazebo into an outdoor area you can enjoy. Sun fabric creates drapes overhead, and billowing gauzy drapes cover the sides. It lets in loads of light but keeps out harmful UV rays. This way, you can enjoy lunch on the patio without worrying about sunburn.

8. Rectractable Awnings Can Act As Blinds

backyard with automatic retractable awning for extra shade

A good wide awning can serve a similar purpose to porch blinds and even create a porch that wasn't there to begin with. In this home, a large retractable awning is attached to the side of the home. When extended, it creates a lovely shaded area where a porch could be but isn't. 

9. UV Blinds That Pull Up Easily

These exterior shades are great for providing extra protection from the sun and its rays without darkening the area. This lovely outdoor eating area is made better by the option of rolling these shades up or down. The UV outdoor fabric helps protect both people and furniture from the sun's rays.

10. Awning Fabric To Create Roman Blinds For Outdoors

Awning fabric is made for the outdoors. This is why it's a great choice if you want to create some custom coverings for your porch openings. Here a large porch makes use of cute striped fabric for outdoors and crafts it into roman shades. These types of shades roll up and come down in a solid piece. You can hang them at different levels, as shown here, depending upon what kind of protection you need from the elements.

11. Use A Trellis And Vines To Create Separation

If you hang a trellis at one end of your porch and grow some beautiful vines on it, you can create a natural porch blind. Wisteria, jasmine, and ivy are all ready to be put to work to help you with privacy and beauty. Even if the vines die back in cooler months, the trellis will provide a bit of separation between your porch and the outside world.

The Great Outdoors Doesn't Have To Be Sunny Or Buggy

If you use the right blinds on your porch, you can use your outdoor living area during any weather situation. We hope something here has sparked your creativity. For more posts like this here at HomeDecorBliss.com, please check out the posts below:

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