15 Porch Overhang And Roof Ideas To Inspire You

Choosing the correct overhang and roofing for your porch can boost your home's curb appeal as well as shield you from the elements. The porch overhang should be at least 12 inches long but can vary based on your area's climate. Today we'll be looking at 15 porch overhang and roof ideas to help you make the best choice.

A gorgeous porch with a white overhang,15 Porch Overhang And Roof Ideas To Inspire You

1. Gable

Stone and wood front porch entryway to upscale country house with open front door and paving stone driveway

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The gable entryway is one of the most commonly seen porch overhangs. Its wide, triangular shape is flattering and customizable to any home's exterior, no matter how simple. Plus, the angled shape of the gable overhang allows for adequate water runoff. 

2. Shed

These downward sloping roofs are easy to build with minimal materials. Like the gable roof, they are ideal for snow and water runoff. This type of roof looks best when covering a smaller area and, therefore, will make a perfect addition to your porch. 

3. Pergola

Luxury garden furniture at the patio

Typically seen in gardens and walkways, you can also incorporate these beautiful structures into your porch roof. The pergola's original design consists of beams and rafters with an open top. To shelter yourself from the elements and to admire the beauty of a pergola, make a covering out of clear roofing panels. 

4. Hip

Hip, or hipped roofs, slant downwards on all sides, allowing for overhang all around. They are sturdy, especially in windy climates, and allow for rain and snow water runoff. Hip roofs are one of the most commonly seen porch roofs in the United States because the attractive design adds curb appeal to your home. 

5. Bonnet

Bonnet roofs are double sloped. The lower slope sits at a lesser angle than the top of the roof, allowing for the porch overhang. This type of roof is more expensive to construct than more simple designs, and extra waterproofing measures need to be implemented because water tends to pool where the slopes meet. 

6. Flat

Flat porch roofs are an excellent choice for two-story homes because upper-level windows have unobstructed views. The picture shows a flat entrance and porch roof, creating a cohesive design. Flat roofs need to have proper waterproof protection, as they do not allow for adequate runoff and may leak. 

7. Curved

The curved porch overhang is modern and unique. The best building material is metal, as it is easily pliable and keeps construction costs minimal. You can customize the arch's slope to provide proper protection for where you live, meaning a lower pitch would do better in high wind climates, while a higher slope would be ideal for snowy climates to allow for runoff. 

8. Hexagonal

Adding a hexagonal roof to your porch is like adding a gazebo to your home! This design looks beautiful as a screened-in or open porch and will add charm and style to your home's exterior. 

9. Gambrel

Suburban house, front yard and façade with vibrant green lawn in the summer

Gambrel roofs look similar to barn roofs. They are typically seen on log homes, farmhouses, and Dutch Colonial homes like the one pictured. These roofs are not the best choice for high wind areas or where significant snowfall is likely. Proper waterproofing measures and routine maintenance can keep your porch roof looking like new.  

10. Glass

English conservatory sunroom with modern furniture

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Glass-enclosed porches are also known as sunrooms. They protect from the outdoor elements while allowing the comfort of indoors. Glass windows and ceilings allow for an extensive view. Many can be used year-round, depending on how well they're insulated. 

11. Canopy

Canopy door overhangs are ideal for those of us who don't have a lot of space. These quaint porch overhangs come in various colors and styles to match any outside décor and offer adequate protection against the weather. Like the one pictured, many are attached to wooden posts to allow for a small seating area, while some simply hang above your door. 

12. Juliet Awning

The Juliet awning is straight on the top with deeply curved sides. This type of porch overhang is typically constructed from metal and comes in various colors. Pair a smaller Juliet awning with decorative scroll brackets to add a bit of cottage charm to any dwelling. 

13. Retractable Awning

Choose a retractable awning if you'd like to add a roof to your deck or patio. They can be mounted directly to your home's exterior wall and are available in motorized or manual hand-crank models. These awnings let you decide how much coverage, if any, you want for your porch.  

14. Screened-In 

Hot summer's evening on the screened-in porch

Nothing beats the comfort of indoors while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, and with a screened-in porch, you can have the best of both worlds! Mesh screens protect you from outdoor pests like bees and flies while still allowing for sufficient airflow. 

15. Pyramid


Pyramid roofs work well for smaller porches. The four-sided structure is a superior force against strong winds and allows for water runoff thanks to its downward sloping design. This roofing type is very similar to the hip type roof, with the only difference being the pointed top.

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A colonial brick house with covered back porch with large yard, 15 Porch Overhang And Roof Ideas To Inspire You

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