15 Porch Post Style Ideas To Check Out

What is better than lounging on a beautiful porch after a long day? Perhaps you dream of watching the sunset with a cold drink and good friends. Every porch needs posts to complete its aesthetic. How do you know which posts are just right for your porch? We’ve got some great ideas to help inspire you!

Traditionally, different porch posts are used for different architectural styles of homes. In this article, you will get a glimpse at fifteen popular home styles and which porch posts are used for each.

Discover which porch post style will suit your house best. Perhaps you’ll consider a post that matches the architecture of your house. Or maybe you’ll find a post that adds some complimentary flare. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Emerald Lake on a cloudy day with its thawed lake, 15 Porch Post Style Ideas To Check Out

1. Bungalow

Adorable bungalow with wide front porch

One stylistic trait that characterizes a bungalow is a large veranda. Bungalow porch posts tend to be very thick, square-shaped posts that support a large, low-sloping, overhanging roof. They are referred to as bungalow columns.

2. Cap Code House

Photo of a quaint American Cape Cod Style home on a sunny day with clear blue sky and green grass.

Cape Code houses are known for being symmetrical with conservative ornamentation. With simplicity in mind, the porch posts might be a classic square post with some simple craftsman finishes at the top and bottom of each post.

3. Craftsman House

Cute and inviting front porch with red table and chairs

Craftsman houses feature, you guessed it, fine craftsmanship. These types of houses are famous for Craftsman tapered pillars. These pillars make the house look taller. The pillars generally sit on piers. Craftsman houses are known for featuring natural elements. Porch posts are made of wood and, or stone.

4. Colonial House

Historic Colonial Home

Architecturally, colonial houses are known for their symmetry. They generally have a small, centered, covered porch with decorative columns. Columns tend to be white, simple, symmetrical, and elegant. They borrow some semblance of the Greek column aesthetics.

5. Contemporary House

Modern house with swimming pool

Contemporary homes are known for their asymmetry, geometric shapes, simplicity, and use of natural light. Porch posts used for contemporary houses are typically off-set, square, and extremely simple. They are tall to allow a lot of light into the house. They are used for functionality and blend into the house’s aesthetic.

6. Farm House  

A small Cape Cod style home with a covered wrap around front porch bordered with colorful pink and white azalea bushes on Cape Cod in Massachusetts

A porch is a quintessential space when it comes to farmhouses. Farmers are notably connected to nature. The porch is a refuge where the outdoors meet the indoors. On a porch, the outdoors can be enjoyed comfortably. Porch posts on a farmhouse are usually rustic and functional. They’re made out of wood that has either been stained or painted white. Sometimes they are as simple as a four by four.

7. Log Cabin

Wooden house and pond at the sunrise

Logs are a theme through and through when it comes to this architectural style. Raw logs are used for walls as well as porch posts in this style of home. Some porch posts even retain their bark to contrast the logs used for the rest of the house.

8. Florida Home

Beautiful view from an estate home overlooking a swimming pool.

A Florida home has a Mediterranean look and is traditionally finished in stucco. The porch posts are an extension of the walls and also made of or finished in stucco. They support a traditionally wide veranda roof. These posts are very wide to stabilize a heavy ceramic shingled roof.  

9. Greek Revivalist House

A classic colonial home in an upscale urban neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The columns that adorn the front of a Greek revivalist home are one of the defining characteristics of this type of architecture. Often, they are circular, ornate, wide, and stand two stories tall.

10. Mountain House

Emerald Lake on a cloudy day with its thawed lake, 15 Porch Post Style Ideas To Check Out

Mountain houses are known for their post and beam architectural style. The external porch posts are an unfinished extension that reflects the structure of the house. Porch posts commonly feature sturdy brackets. These help support remarkably high, steep roofs that sustain heavy blankets of snow all winter long.

11. Ranch House

A Ranch style house covered in snow decorated with Christmas lights.

Ranch houses are generally long L- or U-shaped, single-story homes with low-sloping roofs. They tend to have long porches. Porch posts are simple and functional. In this picture, a simple double column is featured.

12. Shingled House

New England House in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, on a beautiful autumn day

Shingle homes are known for their classic yet informal facade. More often than not, shingled homes use white Doric columns. These columns contrast the natural wood shingles with an elegant classical look.  

13. Southwest House

Luxury home guest casita in the southwest USA.

Wood beams are found throughout southwest-style homes and are generally what these homes use for porch posts. Porch posts often include decorative braces. Strong beam support is needed to hold up heavy ceramic tile roofs.

14. Spanish Style House

Spanish style front porch

Spanish-style homes are made out of adobe. Thick adobe walls absorb the sun's heat and keep the house cool during the day, then release heat back into the house during the cool nights. Spanish homes are traditionally white. The porch posts are an extension of the rest of the house. They tend to be thick, white adobe pillars. Porch posts are very simple but might feature some ceramic tiles or form an arch in the entryway.  

15. Victorian House

Victorian House porch

Victorian houses are known for their abundance of ornamentation. The posts on Victorian porches tend to be thin and decorative. They may feature some curvature. They are sometimes painted in bright colors.

In Closing 

There are many types of porch posts. Getting informed and inspired is the first step to choosing the perfect posts for your porch. Here we covered 15 popular architectural home styles and which posts typically are used for each. There is no right answer here. Get creative and chose the porch post that matches your ideal vision for your porch refuge!

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