11 Amazing Potted Palm Trees Ideas

Have you ever considered buying a potted palm tree? We've found plenty of ideas with images to inspire you for using palms indoors and out throughout your home.

Taking care of a plant is only half the battle when you are thinking about buying one. You also have to know where to place it and how to care for it. After all, healthy plants look best on display! You do not want to place your palm tree in a location where it goes unnoticed, but you also want to create the ideal environment to promote growth.

Lucky for you, we have 11 ideas for different ways to decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces with potted palm trees. You won't believe how quickly you can transform your home or patio into a beach-like oasis!

Potted palm tree in basket on floor with wooden bench in corridor at home, 11 Amazing Potted Palm Trees Ideas

1. Breathing Life to the Space

Workspace with plants and desk

If your space has modern and muted tones, tall and bright palm trees can add life and vibrant colors to the area. Make sure to choose a tall plant like this one because you want the space to pop with color. Choosing a light-colored pot will also add to the aesthetic appeal.

2. Perfect Pair

Hall room with tiled floor, black leather sofa and green potted palm tree

Peanut butter and jelly, butter and toast, just like couches and palm trees, are all things that go together perfectly. Taking a medium-sized palm tree like this one and placing it beside a couch creates an open and comfortable vibe for your happy home. Of course, you will want to make sure your plant is not placed too close to not grow over the couch and impede on comfortable seating.

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3. Towering Entrance

Elegant stairway in estate home

Larger potted palms can be the perfect addition to a foyer or staircase of a home. Rooms like these that have taller ceilings can be brought to life with these trees. Placing a seven-foot-tall palm tree or larger in a space like this makes the room look grand and spacious.

4. Porch Pots

Beautiful exterior of newly built luxury home

A porch can sometimes look bland, especially if it only has concrete and a similar-colored door to your house. Using larger palm plants like these adds so much more character and balance to the area, allowing for people to get a closer look at your wonderful palm trees every time they arrive or leave.

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5. Tiny and Mighty

Parlor palm plant decorating black wooden dresser

On the opposite end of the spectrum, small, potted palms can be great accent pieces to your furniture. This picture shows how well a palm tree can fit on top of a dresser and add life to a seemingly dull, common furniture piece. Make sure you go with a simple-colored pot like the one shown to keep it from clashing with whatever it is sitting on.

6. Privacy Plants

Potted plants in front of ruined wall

If you have a window but enjoy a little more privacy, it is not a bad idea to place a tall palm tree in front of it on the outside. This allows you to still see out but takes the focus off the window from outside and places it on the palm tree. You can enjoy the view out of your window and keep an eye on your favorite plant.

7. Cornered

Modern interior room with potted palm tree and view of the city on glass window

Another perfect place for a palm tree plant is in the corner of a room because it adds character to a place you normally would not have furniture. It can really make the space feel more complete and open. This can also be a great location if the corner is beside a window because some plants need plenty of sunlight.

8. Little Plant Big World

Palm tree in stone vase outdoors

It seems like an odd couple, but using a detailed and large pot for a smaller palm tree plant can add a certain amount of sophistication and class to your greenery. Of course, your plant will eventually grow. The good news is it will grow to fit the pot and take on a whole new look. Either way, you win!

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9. Plants in a Purse

Potted palm tree in basket on floor with wooden bench in corridor at home

Believe it or not, you can use an old or new bag or basket to style your palm tree plants. This really adds to the vibe of your room and makes the plant blend with the space. Accessorizing your potted plants is creative and fun, so make sure you experiment with different bags to see what looks the best!

10. Foliage Friendships 

Tropical plants in the city

Palm trees need friends, too, right? If you want to buy several palm trees, large or small, a great place to locate them is alongside an exterior wall next to each other. This can turn the side of your house into a beautiful, potted garden for people to admire. Lining a walkway is another great location for foliage friendships. 

11. Pillars and Plants

Green potted plants outdoor

A simple yet popular combination for outdoor plants is placing them beside pillars. Not everyone has pillars outside their home, but it can make your home look much more green and lived in if you do. Small plants give big life to a home when strategically placed.

Palm Tree Paradise

Palm trees come in so many different shapes and sizes. There is bound to be a perfect size for any of your rooms. Potting them allows for even more versatility and freedom to put them wherever your heart wants. We hope these palm tree ideas inspire you to try new things with your plants and make your house feel all the more like home!

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