Mattress Sliding On An Adjustable Bed – How To Stop It?

A mattress sliding on your adjustable bed can be frustrating, especially if it always happens. And instead of always pulling it, it would be best to take steps to stop it. Worry no more since we have already researched the internet to help you with this situation. 

The steps to stop your mattress from sliding on your adjustable bed are simple. You can choose between:

  • Using gap fillers or mattress extenders
  • Incorporating a non-slip mattress grip pad or mattress slide stopper
  • Utilizing carpet tape or velcro strips
  • Using any pad that is made of rubber, like a yoga or rubber pad
  • Incorporating a shelf liner
  • Looking around for alternatives instead of purchasing things
  • Consider buying a new adjustable bed or mattress

Comfort should be our primary focus in a home, and since a bed and mattress affects it, it is just right to fix anything wrong we notice about the two. Please keep reading to know what you should do to fix your current issue. Let's delve into the details!

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How To Stop A Mattress From Sliding On An Adjustable Bed

Every problem has its solution, so you don't have to worry about your mattress that keeps on sliding on your adjustable bed anymore. Below are the approaches you can perform to prevent it from happening again.

Using Gap Fillers or Mattress Extenders

Most of the time, you cannot prevent your mattress and headboard or footboard from having gaps between them, which cause the mattress to slide.

If it is the case, it would be best to use gap fillers or mattress extenders. It will work in your adjustable bed or any bed with a head or footboard. You can use up to two gap fillers or mattress extenders to prevent your mattress from sliding—tuck one on the headboard and another on the footboard.

However, one problem when using a mattress extender; it's uncommon and hard to find a size that will fit your adjustable bed and mattress. 

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Incorporate A Non-Slip Mattress Grip Pad Or A Mattress Slide Stopper

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One effective way to prevent your mattress from sliding on your adjustable bed is to incorporate a non-slip pad. To set it up, you can place the non-slip grip pad between your mattress and adjustable bed or its box spring. 

This pad comes in different sizes, so you should purchase one that is the same size as your adjustable bed. Or, if you want, you can get one that's a bit bigger and trim the pad right after placing it. This approach will ensure that you set up the best fit of a non-slip pad. 

Alternatively, if you own a huge adjustable bed, like a California king bed, it would be best to use two non-slip pads since you may find it challenging to easily find one that fits such a size bed. 

Furthermore, the non-slip mattress grip pad is thin enough that it should not change the feel and height of your adjustable bed. 

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Utilizing A Carpet Tape Or Velcro Strip

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Many homeowners use carpet tape to hold their mattresses in place, but some don't since they don't find it completely effective. However, you can still try using one and see if it works for your mattress. 

Alternatively, you can also use a velcro strip to solve your problem. You can stop your mattress from sliding by sticking one side of the strip on the mattress itself and the other side to the adjustable bed.

Velcro might be the most effective way to end the nuisance. Just ensure that the placement of the strip is firm and proper. You can add as many velcro strips as you want.

Using double-sided carpet tape or velcro strips is another cheap method to stop your mattress from sliding on your adjustable bed. 

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Using Any Pad That Is Made Of Rubber, Like A Non-Slip Yoga Pad Or Rubber Pad

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If you wish to purchase something a little cheaper than the non-slip mattress grip pad, you can opt to buy a yoga pad or a rubber mat. 

Depending on the size of your adjustable bed, you can put on a few yoga pads. On the other hand, when it comes to a rubber mat, any bigger size than your bed will do since you can cut the excess. 

If you still have your old yoga mat, you can utilize that instead of buying a new one. 

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Incorporating A Shelf Liner

You have read it right! Using a shelf liner for your mattress and adjustable bed might also help with the sliding issue since they are also made of rubber. You need to purchase one with a non-slip or strong grip feature. 

However, if you opt for this method, keep in mind that you need to purchase several rolls depending on the size of your mattress and adjustable bed. Additionally, the lifespan of a shelf liner might not be as long as yoga mats or non-slip pads. 

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Looking Around For Alternatives Instead Of Purchasing Things

On the other hand, if you don't want to purchase anything, you can always use any alternative you can find around your home. Some of the options you can use to stop your mattress from sliding on your adjustable bed are:

  • Pieces of foam
  • Wooden boards
  • Towel
  • Bolster pillow

Anything sturdy or those you think you can use as gap fillers can be helpful. Remember that you don't always need to purchase anything if you want to solve a problem. Being creative and resourceful is always the key.

Consider Buying A New Adjustable Bed Or Mattress

The main reason why your mattress often slides on the adjustable bed is that they don't fit together. Your mattress might be too small for your adjustable bed.

And if you don't find either of the above methods working correctly, you can choose this approach. 

Depending on what you want best, you should replace one of them with a new one that would perfectly fit the other to avoid the sliding issue. 

However, before you do so, it would be best to check your current mattress and adjustable bed for a trial period or warranty. If your mattress is sliding on an adjustable bed due to a manufacturing flaw, you can get a new bed or get your money back, whichever you want.

Why Is Mattress Sliding On An Adjustable Bed

Aside from the mattress that is too small for your adjustable bed, there are two more reasons why the mattress keeps sliding from the bed. And they are the following:

The Mattress Is Too Old

old and dirty mattress in an abandon room.

As you continuously use your mattress, the more filth and oils it will absorb underneath the adjustable bed, which makes it slide easily. The same applies to your bed, which may slip in different directions.

Remember that you need to change your mattress every six to eight years

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Inadequate Grip

Your mattress's inadequate grip is the primary reason it slides on the adjustable bed.

You can observe this, especially if you have a polyurethane mattress. What usually occurs is that the fabric of your mattress won't have adequate contact and grip with the metal or wood frame of the bed to keep you from sliding around while you sleep.

What Type Of Mattresses Are Best For Adjustable Beds

If you are a homeowner new to adjustable beds, you can refer to the details below about the types of mattresses you can perfectly use for it.

Memory Foam

Memory foam can shape itself with your body, which is excellent if you wish to prevent body aches and sag. 

And since memory foam conforms to your body's contours, you won't have to worry about whether or not your bed is supportive enough when combined with an adjustable bed.

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Latex Mattress

If you wish to prevent back pain from occurring, it would be great to use this type of mattress. However, please remember that it is best to purchase one thinner than the regular size. A thinner latex mattress will be much easier to move upwards with the bed as you adjust it. 

Innerspring Mattresses

Production Block springs for mattresses. Pocket independent 9 different zones, quality and modern

If you are into something more affordable, you can go with innerspring. Its cheap price makes it the most popular mattress for adjustable beds. However, the reduced positive effects and increased risk of back pain are the trade-offs for the lower price.

One known disadvantage is that innerspring mattresses have a shorter lifespan than latex and memory foam. In other words, you will need to replace them frequently, which will still cost you the same as purchasing a more expensive one. 

You can use innerspring with your adjustable bed, but since this foam is more rigid, it isn't the ideal type. Foam flexibility is the key if you want to be comfortable on your adjustable bed. 

You can still use one today if you want, though, especially if you are somewhat tight on budget. 

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As you have noticed in this post, taking steps to stop your mattress from sliding on an adjustable bed is pretty straightforward. And you must remember that you don't have to spend money. Just let your resourcefulness take over.

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