15 Gorgeous Primitive Wall Decor Ideas

Home interior decorated with primitive wall decors, high quality African arts and sculptures, 15 Gorgeous Primitive Wall Decor IdeasWhen it comes to decorating your walls, you really can't go wrong with a primitive style. It's easy to match with other decor items, while maintaining a very distinct look that will be sure to draw the eyes of your guests, giving you a trademark style to be known for! Let's take a look into primitive wall decor.

Primitive wall decor is a specific type of rustic design. It focuses on rougher, natural materials, and darker colors. Earthy tones, darker greys, and other homey combinations of colors will be perfect for this theme. Consider using homemade items to give the decor an extra special meaning.

Now that you have a technical definition, we are going to dive in deeper by looking at some examples, and providing you with some options so you can have the best decorating experience possible. Keep reading to get some inspiration for primitive wall decor!

Primitive Wall Decor

When it comes to decorating your house, one of the things that are generally left until the end is what decor you want to hang on the walls. Bigger things like furniture choice and wall colors generally take precedence, leaving your walls like a blank canvas to work with once all the bigger things are done.

1. Rustic Wreath

Used in many different kinds of decorating schemes, the classic wicker or twig wreath is an excellent addition to your wall if you want to go after a primitive design. You can place it on a backboard to add some contrast, or you can hang it directly on your wall. Regardless of how you use it, this rustic, natural way of decorating fits into the primitive style of decor perfectly! To look specifically at examples of rustic wall decor, click here!

This twenty-four-inch wreath is made out of actual twigs, perfect for adding authentic energy to whatever room you place it in.

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2. Pots and Pans

Hanging some old-style ceramic, wood, metal, or fired clay bowls on a wood rack on your wall is a great way to decorate your walls without sacrificing space for something that is pure fashion, and doesn't serve a specific function. While it may be easy to find bowls, try to focus on earth colors, and dark neutrals to commit to the primitive aesthetic.

These coconut bowls are a great example of a natural, aged bowl that could be hung on a wall.

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3. A Pine Centerpiece

Whether you decide to use a real wreath or not, there is something special and heartwarming about hanging a pine wreath in your home. Traditionally hung around winter, wreaths over the last view years have adapted into an example year-round appropriate decor due to their versatility and timelessness.

As primitive design focuses on the darker side of rustic decor, a pine wreath with its dark green shade will be perfect, and will also add a subtle pop of color among the traditional browns and greys that are more common.

If you aren't a fan of traditional wreaths made of real pine, have no fear! There plenty of fake, realistic-looking wreaths available.

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4. A Window or a Wall?

You can't go wrong with a decorative window frame. You can use it purely for the window aesthetic; put pictures behind the glass, or depending on the design of the window, you might be able to use it as a type of shadow box. This person put a backing behind the window itself, interrupting the pattern of the bricks behind it for a nice, subtle effect that breaks up the wall.

These window frames are made of reclaimed wood, which factors perfectly into your search for primitive decor. They don't ship with glass, so if you're wanting glass, make sure to purchase that separately!

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5. Rustic Recollections

Family mementos and heirlooms are a great way to help remember your family members and honor them, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do with those things once you have them. If you're using a primitive style of decorating, chances are that there would be many heirlooms that you could display that would contribute. This person has an old apron, a hanger, and several other vintage items displayed on wooden shelves that work with their decor scheme quite well.

These dark brown floating shelves are a great way to display any primitive decor items on your wall. Their distressed appearance helps them fit right in!

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6. Baskets

Baskets can be displayed on shelves to significant effect, whether you are framing something in them, or using them as an isolated solo piece. With the variety of different colors, materials, and shapes that baskets come in, you are sure to find one that fits your personal needs.

If you're looking for a basic basket to start with, look no further! These baskets are great for looking at or being used. No matter what you use them for, you'll be satisfied with their quality. Click here to view this product.

7. Candle Jars

There's something classic about reusing jars and including them in your decor. Not only does it reduce waste, but they are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. You can use them for plants, displaying several different items, holding potpourri, or carrying candles.

You might not want to use this specific product for candles unless you replace the rope with something less flammable, but regardless of what else you use them for, you can't go wrong!

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8. Washboard

There is no explaining it, but for some reason, decorative washboards are just cute. You can do many different things with them, like make them a message board, or decorate them with other items of decor.

There are so many different ways to incorporate a washboard! You can buy a blank, unfurnished one from Amazon that's all ready to be decked out in your personal style.

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9. Going Out?

One of the things you can do with a washboard? Turn it into a message board, or a place to hang pictures. You can hot glue clothespins to it, making it easy to attach whatever you need, and like the picture above, you can hang it above a coathanger, making it the first thing you see when you get home, and the last thing you see when you leave.

This coat hanger seemingly cut right from a thick tree branch, will fit into your primitive decor style perfectly.

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10. Boxy Shelves

Thes square-shaped shelves are perfect for adding character to your room. They are nothing elaborate, which is perfect, and they are back with chicken wire, which not only adds to the aesthetic but will help smaller items, like pictures, from falling between the wall and the shelf.

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11. Rustic Shelving

Everyone needs shelf space, regardless of the kind of decorating style you are trying to incorporate into your home. Distressed, rustic shelving is the perfect option for anyone going after a primitive aesthetic for their home. The key is going for distressed shelving that comes in darker colors. You can find great examples of stores that sell rustic decor by clicking here! Darker neutrals are important when it comes to primitive style. You can deviate from that when it comes to smaller decor items, but when it comes to things like shelving, try to keep it dark!

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12. Decorative Doors

These miniature barn door replicas are perfect for hanging side by side, or for using to frame a different piece of wall decor. Traditionally they should be darker to fit in with the classic idea of primitive decor, but that could easily be achieved with a coat of paint or some wood stain. Their distressed, used appearance will look great with any number of other items!

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13. Geometry

Quilting squares or patterns are a great way to help soften up a space that can initially seem rough. They are a great way to showcase a little personality by careful use of colors and patterns and can be used as a wall centerpiece or an accent to other decor items you may be using. These can be made by framing actual quilting patterns and squares or replicated using tile.

This item reproduces this idea in wood, using neutral colors with just a pop of blue at the center.

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14. Harvest-Style Wreath

There are many different kinds of wreaths, and pine is just one of the styles you can use in a primitive style setup for your walls. Made with natural materials and adorned with a bow made of more traditionally rough material, you can throw a wreath on your wall that gives you a traditional feel while helping you bring just a little bit of the outdoors to your indoors.

This wreath adds just a pop of color in a darker shade of yellow, perfect for adding a little light to your darker neutrals.

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15. Windmill

This distressed, windmill, slightly rusted in appearance, makes a perfect addition to any wall that is striving for a primitive design. Its symmetrical appearance makes it easy to place without having to worry about balancing it with something else, and the shiny material will help provide contrast with the traditionally darker colors you'll be using in other locations.

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