Pros And Cons Of Painting Tile Floors

You may have heard that you can paint tile floors and want to try it out. This post is for you if you are renovating and thinking of ways to redo your tile flooring. We have researched the advantages and disadvantages of painting tile floors to help you decide.

Consider the following pros and cons of painting floor tiles before proceeding with this project:


  • It updates the floor
  • It's a quick fix
  • It's cheap
  • You can be creative
  • It's a DIY project


  • Paint may not last long
  • Time-consuming
  • Maintenance issues

There are many things to think about before starting this project. In this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of painting a tile floor in detail. We will guide you and give you tips on finishing this task. Keep reading to find out the details on this topic.

What Are The Benefits Of Painting A Tile Floor?

Homeowners are drawn to tile flooring because it is easier to clean and more durable than most floor types. However, as time goes by, issues can arise, and you may feel the need to change the flooring.  

Painting a tile floor is a good alternative that offers several advantages to those who want to modify their space.

It Updates The Floor

Change is constant, and many people want to upgrade their living space at some point. You may feel like your old tile floor has seen better days. Painting it a different color will refresh not just the floor but the entire room.

You may have just moved into a house with tile flooring you don't like. Painting it is a good way to transform the space.

It's A Quick Fix

Old floor tile, especially light-colored tile, tends to look dirty over time, even though you've put a lot of effort into cleaning it. You may not be able to remove the stains, so painting is an easy way to hide imperfections. Light scratches, chips, and minor cracks can easily be masked by painting.

It's Cheap

This is a good reason why you should paint tile. Instead of changing the tile, which is costly, just paint the floor.

Whether you want to upgrade your floor or cover flaws, painting tiles is definitely more budget-friendly.

You Can Be Creative

Apart from being cost-efficient, painting floor tile also lets you show your personality through the design pattern you choose.

There are several ways of painting your tile floor. It doesn't have to be one-dimensional. If you want some variations to the design, you can actually use stencils to add patterns.

You can also hand paint the tiles with any design you want if you have the time.

Painting is a good way of customizing the floor and letting your creative side show.

It's A DIY Project

Painting a tile floor may involve several steps, but you should be able to complete the project yourself. Because this is a do-it-yourself project, you'll be in control of what to do and how to get things done. 

A professional's help is not needed, which can save you money.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Painting Floor Tile?

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There are several pros to painting floor tiles. However, with the pros come the cons. Here are some disadvantages.

Paint May Not Last Long

Painting floor tiles may only be a temporary fix. With heavy foot traffic, the paint may peel or get scratched. Durability is not something you can count on when you paint tile floors in frequently used areas.

Oftentimes, the constant use of the flooring exposes it to multiple factors that will result in damage. 


As mentioned earlier, painting tile floors involves several steps. You need to do a lot of preparation, like sanding the floor, priming it, painting it, and waiting for it to dry. Before you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you'll have to wait for a couple of hours or a day.

You may also need to do some touch-ups if you miss spots or the paint is uneven.

Paint needs to cure, so the area may not be usable for a while. Prematurely opening the area to activities will render the makeover useless.  

Maintenance Issues

After painting the floor tile, you'll see satisfying results. However, if you have chosen to paint the floor in a solid color, you may be disappointed after a few weeks or months. Dirt and scratches can easily show on solid-colored floors.

You also have to be careful not to drag furniture or other objects over painted floors as they can easily leave marks.

How To Maintain Painted Floor Tile

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If you've decided to go ahead and paint your tile floor, you will have to put in a little extra effort for maintenance.

Sweep The Tile

Generally, tile flooring is durable. However, the floor still requires sweeping, especially when you have painted the tile. You don't want to leave dust or dirt on the floor because they may stain it later.

Vacuum The Tile

After you have swept the floor, be sure to vacuum it to get rid of the dirt that the broom may have missed.

Mop Regularly

Use a mild floor cleaner mixed with water to mop the floor. This step may differ depending on the paint you used, so check out the manufacturer's instructions.

Apart from mopping, gentle scrubbing may also be needed.

Use Furniture Pads

To protect the floor, you should use furniture pads when moving heavy furniture to avoid leaving marks. When buying furniture pads, choose felt pads over rubber ones. Rubber can create stains on a painted floor, especially when furniture is dragged across it.  

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Consider Rugs and Carpets

You might consider putting rugs or carpets in areas with high foot traffic to minimize scratching and dirt build-up.

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Best Paint Types For Tile

As you know, there are different types of paints on the market. Some types will protect tiles to lessen the effect of high traffic.

Chalk paint can be used for tiles, although it was originally made for furniture. This paint gives a matte finish that will look good on your flooring. It also doesn't require much preparation and can be used on internal and external projects.

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Acrylic paint for tiles is designed to be water-resistant. If you want to paint the tile floor in the kitchen, you can opt for this one.

Epoxy paint can be used if you want to paint tile floors in the bathroom, while latex paint works well for ceramic tiles.

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Keep in mind that water-based paints are not suitable for tiles. They won't stick well on the tile's surface even if you sand it. Moreover, glazed tiles cannot be painted over.

Some Guidelines For Painting A Tile Floor

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As mentioned in the previous section, chipping and peeling are major concerns when painting tile floors. To prevent these, you should use the right equipment and techniques and follow these guidelines when painting.

Fix Damaged Tiles First

Before painting your floor tile, check for any chips and cracks. You should repair them first. Use a two-part epoxy for repair. This is also paintable so that the flaws will be hidden later.

Sanding Is Required

Tiles are glossy, and the paint will not adhere if you skip this part. Even if the paint you bought says there is no sanding required, you should still do so just to be sure. 

Choose Stencils

Stenciling your tile floor will give it more character. Dirt and scratches will be less visible if you use stencils, especially dark-colored ones.

When choosing a stencil, pick a size that will fit your tiles so that you will not have issues with grout. Buy at least two or more single-squared stencils so you can alternate each and avoid messing up the design when you lay the pattern on the next area.

You will need to wait for the base paint to dry so the design won't lift off the floor. Make sure to seal the paint when it dries.

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Use A Foam Roller

A foam roller will leave a streak-free finish. Using a roller is easier compared to painting with a brush. Note that you will still need a small brush for touch-ups.

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Vacuum After Each Coat

After you apply a layer of paint and allow it to dry, you should vacuum the floor to ensure that the surface is clear. You should wait for at least a couple of hours to make sure the paint is dry.

Be Patient

As mentioned, painting floor tile, especially when you use stencils, is time-consuming. Apart from the different steps, you still need to apply multiple layers of paint and do touch-ups. There will be a lot of waiting, so patience is needed to complete this project.

Final Thoughts

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There are different solutions for updating old flooring without actually replacing it. Painting is a good way of upgrading your old tile floor.

This process has pros and cons. In this post, we have outlined these for your consideration. If you want to try painting the tile floor in your home, be sure to follow the guides provided in the previous sections for a successful DIY project.

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