Pros & Cons Of Hickory Flooring [Considerations For Homeowners]

If you're considering installing a hardwood floor, you might be wondering which material to pick. The finest option is hickory. However, while installing hickory, consider the product's benefits and drawbacks when installing. We gathered the data so that we can help you.

Here is a helpful guide when selecting hickory flooring:


  1. Stains are simple to add.
  2. Thrives in all climatic conditions.
  3. Better value compared with exotic wood.
  4. Value growth when sold.
  5. Longevity.


  1. An unpleasant grain pattern.
  2. Not appropriate for every style.
  3. Not conducive to DIY.
  4. Installing takes some time.
  5. Relatively high price.

Hickory flooring is a classic design choice that brings a warm, earthy feeling to any home. Are you wondering why you ought to choose it? Don't worry! Read this post, where we'll discuss the advantages and drawbacks of installing hickory floors.

Benefits Of Hickory Flooring

Bright Hickory flooring inside a modern kitchen, Pros & Cons Of Hickory Flooring [Considerations For Homeowners]

What makes hardwood floors so distinctive? Hardwood floors come in a multitude of designs. Depending on the type of wood and the method by which it is cut and put together, the longevity and enticing beauty of hickory flooring make it popular among consumers. Below is the list of the advantages of hickory flooring.

1. Stains Are Simple To Add

The inherent color of hickory may not be to everyone's taste, but this wood can tolerate paints and other wood treatments incredibly well. It can transform the floor into a sophisticated work of art.

2. Thrives In All Climatic Conditions

Hickory wood thrives in hot and humid environments because of its toughness and longevity. Additionally, it resists water ingress, allowing you to install it on the patio, balcony, or sundeck in a moist climate without worrying about the floor shrinking. It is not, unfortunately, recommended in the bathroom.

3. Better Value Compared With Exotic Wood

Hickory provides the best value for money among cost-effective fine wood flooring options. Although slightly more costly than other wood flooring, it is more affordable than most imported wood flooring, making it a fantastic option.

4. Value Growth When Sold

One of the most significant advantages of hardwood flooring is the increased value it brings to your home. Given the popularity of hickory flooring, having hardwood rather than primarily carpeted flooring would make selling your property simpler.

As hickory can last through several homeowners, it raises the profit potential when it is sold. Prospective investors will be mesmerized by the sophistication and warmth the flooring gives if you're selling.

5. Longevity

Recognizing the importance of strength and longevity is crucial when looking for the finest flooring solution. Hickory hardwood flooring is a great option when you desire wood that will be incredibly sturdy and can withstand years of consistent usage. Every room can benefit from hickory, including high-traffic areas such as the family room and kitchen. This incredibly tough flooring can endure foot traffic yet look stunning.

Drawbacks Of Hickory Flooring

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Bright Hickory flooring inside a modern kitchen, Pros & Cons Of Hickory Flooring [Considerations For Homeowners]

Disadvantages exist in the same way that advantages do. These may not apply to everyone since some of these drawbacks depend on the circumstances of each homeowner. Below is a list of its downsides.

1. An Unpleasant Grain Pattern

One factor that makes people adore hickory is its grain. Yet, it's also a factor that could make it a wrong pick. Its grain structure is dynamic and complex, and the tone contrast between the knots and other areas of a panel can be striking. Hickory is generally not the perfect choice if you want a crisp, contemporary style.

2. Not Appropriate For Every Style

Hickory has aesthetic benefits, but certain characteristics could work against it. Deep gouges are frequent in busy locations, as indicated by the lighter color. Further, compared to lighter wood, cuts and polishing traces are obvious. To avoid having a crowded grain appearance, it is recommended to use broader panels.

3. Not Conducive To DIY

Employing a contractor can make installation easier, though laying the flooring yourself is possible. This is because it's challenging to cut and polish the wood due to its extreme toughness. Also, painting hardwood requires more time than other wood floors.

4. Installing Takes Some Time

Installing hickory floors takes time. This is because it will shrink and expand more rapidly than other wood types if it is not thoroughly cured. Therefore, the wood should get accustomed to an environment before installing it to prevent these problems.

5. Relatively High Priced

Despite having a higher ROI than most other flooring types, many homeowners are hesitant due to its initial costs. If finances are tight, hickory might not be best option at this time.

Its high cost is influenced by both demand and availability. This means there is a higher need for hickory wood flooring compared to its availability.

What Are The Most Widely Used Wood Flooring?

A list of common wood species is provided below for your convenience and to assist you in selecting your woodwork. There are countless options, but only a handful of the most well-known ones are included.

Hickory Flooring

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Beautiful Hickory flooring inside a living room

Hickory has a crisp, homogeneous grain that can be used to create stunning woodwork. However, it is an extremely challenging wood to handle, the same as hard maple. The stunning tone from almost white to dark brown, nevertheless, makes up for it.

Maple Flooring

Beautiful Maple flooring inside a living room

Maple wood is strong with a luxurious feel. It is frequently installed along walkways since it is extremely durable and shock-resistant. Maple is also resistant to cracking and is simple to maintain.

The tone spectrum span from almost white to a faintly reddish brown. One of the most widely used types in the industry, it is relatively inexpensive than other hardwoods.

Oak Flooring

Up close photo of an Oak flooring

Relatively simple to manage, oak is either white or red. Also, it comes in various shades, like brownish color, dark brown, and pinkish. The grain structure is fine and uniform.

Cherry Flooring

Dark textures of Cherry flooring photographed in top view

Considering how well it ages, how effortless it is to deal with, and how well it absorbs colors and treatments, cherry is a common and good hardwood everywhere. The tone ranges from virtually white to pale crimson to dark reddish brown. A consistent fine to a medium-grain structure is also present. Cherry is pricey but in high demand than maple and oak.

Pine Flooring

Gorgeous pine flooring photographed at top view

This wood type is straight-grained, lightweight, and soft. It comes in light yellow or white. It doesn't twist, bulge, or compress. Pine is, likewise, simple to paint and mold. It may also contain wood knots. It has a rough appearance and absorbs stains excellently.

How To Maintain Hickory Flooring?

The toughness of hickory flooring affords easy maintenance. To make your wooden floor appear brand-new, slightly mist the floor with the correct cleaner and mop it dry. At entranceways and other busy areas, use a waffle-patterned synthetic rubber carpet underlay. Chair foot covers and felt ground covers for furnishings can assist to prevent scratches and marks in your hickory flooring. Stilettos should not be walked over since they may damage hardwood by gouges.

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Damaged hickory flooring photographed in great detail

Only install hickory flooring when you are confident that it is the best choice for you. It is a great type of flooring when the cost is not an issue. It's essential to consider your finances and installation areas when you choose hickory floors. Placements near restrooms, swimming pools, or other areas that are constantly wet should be avoided. Nonetheless, they work well in living rooms, family spaces, bedrooms, and kitchens.

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