These 23 Pumpkin Centerpieces Are What Fall Dreams Are Made Of

As you prep your home for cozy evenings and festive gatherings, you'll want to infuse that autumnal charm throughout. What better way to do that than with a gorgeous pumpkin table centerpiece?

From rustic centerpieces with seasonal blooms to elegant tablescapes featuring pumpkin accents, we've gathered the ultimate autumn eye candy to spark inspiration.

In this list, you'll find 23 gorgeous photos of fall decor that will have you rushing to incorporate these ideas into your own home.

#1 Burst of Autumn Blooms

This centerpiece is a symphony of fall colors and textures.

Autumn floral arrangement in a pumpkin vase with mixed flowers and berries.

Set atop a rustic pumpkin, the mix of vibrant flowers and berries brings warmth and festivity to any table. It's like having a piece of the autumn forest right in your home.

Placing a floral arrangement inside a hollow pumpkin is easier than you think! Check out our illustrated tutorial for creating a pumpkin centerpiece in 10 easy steps.

#2 Pumpkin Parade on Dining Table

Pumpkins and autumn leaves arranged as a dining table centerpiece with candles and crystal glasses.

Fresh pumpkins, artistically scattered amongst fallen autumn leaves, set a casual yet elegant tone for any dinner party. The pairing of crystal stemware with rustic candles ties the setting together.

#3 Autumnal Floral Fiesta in a Pumpkin

Floral arrangement in a pumpkin vase featuring marigolds, roses, baby's breath, and berries on a table with a small white gourd

A vibrant pumpkin vase brimming with fiery marigolds, delicate baby's breath, sumptuous roses, and a dash of red berries. The tiny white gourd stands by, completing the festive fall tableau.

#4 Autumn Sunburst Pumpkin Centerpiece

Bursting sunflowers, roses, and various autumn blooms in a pumpkin vase with small striped gourds nearby on a checkered cloth.

Golden sunflowers steal the show, flanked by radiant red roses and sprightly sprigs of green. This pumpkin centerpiece is a star, with little green-striped gourds playing the supporting roles.

#5 Pumpkin Elegance Unwrapped

Lush bouquet of roses, dahlias, lavender, and red berries in a pumpkin vase, adorned with a white ribbon, set on a wooden surface

Peachy roses and plush pink dahlias dance together in this pumpkin bouquet.

Tiny hints of lavender and red berries add a touch of whimsy, while a dainty white ribbon ties it all together. Quite the charming ensemble, isn't it?

#6 Pumpkin Centerpiece with a Burst of Floral Elegance

Pumpkin floral centerpiece with roses, cotton buds, berries, and foliage on a burlap cloth with scattered blooms

Delicate berries and green foliage complement vibrant roses, fluffy cotton buds, and deep red blooms. The whole arrangement, set on rustic burlap, exudes a warmth that's perfect for any autumnal setting.

#7 A Symphony of Orange Blooms on Blue

Lush orange floral arrangement in a pumpkin centerpiece on a blue table with white plates and silverware.

The bright pumpkin is overflowed with a myriad of orange-hued flowers – from sunlit ranunculus to fiery dahlias.

Contrasting pops of white flowers and the lush green foliage create a delightful balance. And when it's all set against a deep blue backdrop? Pure magic!

#8 Autumn Elegance in a Pumpkin Vase

Yellow ranunculus with burgundy petals and eucalyptus in a pumpkin vase

A bright yellow ranunculus takes center stage, flanked by deep burgundy petals and soft leaves, all nestled in a pumpkin vase. Perfect for a touch of fall charm.

#9 Burst of Fall Brilliance

Vibrant fall flowers in a pumpkin vase with mini pumpkins around

Golden yellow blossoms mingle with warm orange blooms, all surrounded by autumn accents and greenery. Displayed in a rustic pumpkin base, it's autumn in a vase.

#10 Autumn's Kitchen Glow

Fall-themed kitchen table centerpiece with pumpkins, gourds, and autumn flowers in a rustic bowl

Creamy white and striped gourds gather around a rustic bowl filled with hydrangeas and other autumnal blooms, all set against the backdrop of a cozy kitchen.

#11 Pumpkin Posy Paradise

Autumn floral arrangement nestled inside an orange pumpkin with peach roses, red flowers, thistles, and oak leaves on a rustic wood background

Peach roses, spirited red blooms, and striking thistles play peek-a-boo among the rustic oak leaves. Set on an aged wooden surface, this arrangement gives a whole new twist to fall bouquets!

#12 Elegant Autumn Dining

This refined pumpkin bouquet takes center stage on a pristine white dining table. Fresh white roses, vibrant orange lilies, and pops of red and green set the tone for an unforgettable autumnal meal.

#13 Cozy Fall Feast Setting

Cozy pumpkin centerpiece adorned with orange roses, berries, and eucalyptus leaves, surrounded by small green striped pumpkins on a dining table.

The fiery hues of orange roses, vibrant berries, and soft eucalyptus leaves add a touch of rustic elegance. Complemented by striped green pumpkins, this display is autumn perfection.

#14 Autumnal Elegance Centerpiece

Pumpkin vase with mixed flowers and berries on a dining table with plate, candles in gold holders, and small white pumpkins

A pumpkin vase overflows with a blend of creamy roses, deep red blooms, and sprigs of vibrant berries. The table setting includes a plate with scattered berries, tall tapered candles in gold holders, and small white pumpkins.

#15 Pumpkin Cluster Centerpiece

Orange pumpkin, basket of fruits, white candles, plate with dried flower card, gold fork, and wine glass on an orange tablecloth

Four pumpkins, two with an abstract red pattern, rest on a wooden plate. The table is adorned with red napkins wrapped around gray plates, champagne flutes, pinecones, and a small copper-colored pot with a lid.

#16 Harvest Basket Tablescape

Autumn table with pumpkin, fruit basket, candles, decorative card, and gold utensils on an orange tablecloth.

An inviting autumn table is set, highlighted by a central pumpkin. Nearby, a woven basket is filled with seasonal fruits. On the left, white candles offer ambiance.

#17 Rustic Autumn Spread

Wooden table with a central large pumpkin, assortment of smaller pumpkins, gold utensils, and candles amidst rustic decor

At the heart of this wooden table lies a large, textured pumpkin surrounded by an assortment of smaller, vibrantly colored pumpkins. Sprigs of dried grasses add a rustic touch, and scattered candles hint at cozy evenings to come.

#18 Warm Pumpkin Ambiance

Warmly lit table setup with pumpkins, candles, amber glasses, and red accents on a striped tablecloth

The scene is bathed in a soft glow from an array of candles, enhancing the warm shades of pumpkins that dominate the table. A red and white striped tablecloth grounds the display, inviting us to take a seat and enjoy the warmth of autumn.

#19 Pumpkin Posy Perfection

Elegant table setting featuring a pumpkin vase with vibrant flowers, surrounded by smaller pumpkins, starry bowls, and champagne flutes with a nature backdrop

Atop a wooden stand sits a pumpkin, hollowed out to nestle a bouquet bursting with deep red chrysanthemums and dainty white flowers. It's complemented by mini pumpkins and star-studded bowls, making it a feast for the eyes before the feast itself.

#20 Urban Autumn Elegance

Twin pumpkin vases with vibrant roses and dahlias

Amidst brick walls and ambient lighting, twin pumpkin vases burst with fiery roses and deep red dahlias, a fresh take on fall decor.

#21 Pumpkin Glow & Golden Blooms

Radiant daisies and lilies in a pumpkin vase with three decorative gourds on a dark backdrop

A classic pumpkin base erupts with sunlit daisies and fiery lilies, accompanied by mini pumpkins of various shades and sizes.

#22 Rustic Evening Delight

Fall-themed table setting with assorted pumpkins, two wine glasses, and lit candles, set against a muted background

A collection of pumpkins in a dance of colors, from classic orange to muted whites and green. Add in a soft candle glow and wispy dried foliage, and you've got an ambiance that whispers "fall."

#23 A Feast for the Eyes

Autumn-inspired dining table setting featuring a floral bouquet inside a pumpkin centerpiece, surrounded by mini pumpkins, wooden mushrooms, and glassware

Tiny pumpkins, wooden mushrooms, and a lone pinecone dot the tablescape, while slender champagne flutes await a celebratory pour. It's the perfect setting for a memorable fall gathering.

Whether you prefer subtle pumpkin accents or vibrant bursts of autumnal flowers, these photos are sure to ignite inspiration for fall decorating.

As you plan seasonal gatherings with loved ones or simply want to bring the coziness of autumn into your home, incorporate touches from these stunning settings.

With pumpkin everything, beautiful blooms, foliage, candles and more, the possibilities are endless. This season, may your home reflect the sights, scents, and charm that only autumn can bring.

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