15 Incredible Purple Bathroom Ideas

Purple is a color that isn't used in decor nearly enough. For a color that represents royalty, luxury, and peace, this color can find a place in any room in your home, including your bathroom. Purple is versatile in bathroom decor, from relaxing lilac walls to dramatic eggplant decor. So whether you are looking for a full purple remodel or just want to add a dash of color to your bathroom, check out this list for inspiration!

Luxury bathroom interior in dark violet tone, 15 Incredible Purple Bathroom Ideas

1. Deep Violet

Luxurious interior of bathroom in dark violet tone

A bathroom doesn't get more luxurious than when it's featuring dark purple walls and a gorgeous chandelier. Darker wall shades are perfect for bathrooms you plan to use for relaxation. The room will feel cool and secluded, which is just right for candlelit tub soaks. 

However, bathrooms aren't generally only for relaxing, so a break in the darker shades will make your room look larger and add more dimension. The darker gray paneling in this bathroom still suits the feeling of luxury the deep violet walls exude, but it is also a complement to the silver mirror and vanity. These pieces create shine like the light from the chandelier reflects off them and into the room.

2. Bright Lavender

Lavender is a wonderful shade to add to your bathroom if you want a bright color that's soft and calming. In a bathroom with a large window, going overboard with white can wash out the room during the day. By adding a soothing color like lavender to the walls, you add a contrast that gives the room definition, which is perfect for a bathroom with uniquely shaped walls like the one pictured.

Choosing a non-neutral color for your walls will allow you to have to do little else in the way of decor. You can stick with porcelain and white everywhere else and the vibrant walls can be your focal point of the design.

3. Purple Vanity 

Your walls aren't the only way to make purple the focal point of your bathroom. If you're working with neutrals and silver, a large purple vanity can be a lovely hint of color. In bathrooms with beige or cream-colored neutrals as the base, purple can be tricky. Anything too saturated will look childish among the mature color palette. If you are wanting a brighter bathroom, then darker violets or eggplant can become a distracting dark spot in your design.

This muted gray-purple complements the grays in the silver fixtures, the stripes in the wallpaper, and the marble in the vanity. It creates a smooth transition for the eye from one element to the next, instead of being a random splash of purple.

4. Simple Accents

Elegant country bathroom with purple flowers in vase

Painting walls and vanity sinks are a big task and commitment. Whether you're renting or not sure if you want to go all-in with shades of purple, accents are a simple way to add color without being stuck with it. 

Hand towels are a great area to add an accent color since they are on display for use. Like the bathroom above, plants are also perfect for incorporating purple into your bathroom. If you still don't like the idea of large bursts of color in an otherwise neutral bathroom, you can use decorative hand towels with even more subtle purples.

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5. Tons Of Tiles

Classic style luxury domestic bathroom

Mosaic style tiles can give your shower a lot more dimension than a single color tile can. These tiles also give you different shades of purple that you can pull from other areas in your bathroom. In the pictured bathroom, a lighter shade of purple was incorporated into the wall outside of the shower. You can also do this by using a single color from the mosaic in rugs or hand towels.

To get a similar look, you can use adhesive tile sheets on the backsplash area of your bathroom sink.

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6. Featured Floors

Yes, you can paint the walls or add accent towels flowers, but those aren't your only options when it comes to creating a unique purple bathroom. Make your floor the star of the show and build the rest of the room around it!

This lilac and light beige flooring are complemented by the beige-gray cabinet and vanity and the lilac walls that are a shade brighter. To add brightness to the room, white subway tiles are great for breaking up large blocks of color.

There are a lot of peel and stick patterned options you can use to make your floors stand out.

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7. Barely There Purple

Master bathroom in a newly built home

Sometimes, all your bathroom needs are the slightest color variation to take a boring monotone room up a notch. In this bathroom, the fairest shade of purple allows all the white to stand out without losing any brightness to the room.

8. Painted Tub

Beautiful bathroom interior with retro violet bath decorated with candles

Clawfoot bathtubs are gorgeous in many different settings, from luxurious bathrooms to an old fashioned country house. These tubs are a major focal point in most bathrooms, so you may as well use them to add some color in an all-tile bathroom.

Painting the bottom of your clawfoot tub is a great way to refresh an old tub. This small country bathroom gets the right amount of color with a purple tub and matching curtains.

9. Create Height

When you have a small bathroom that is made even smaller by a large tub or slanted ceilings, you can use paint to make it feel larger and more spacious.

Painting the upper half of the wall and carrying the same color into the ceiling disguises the corners where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. This tricks the eye into seeing a taller, more open room. Since purple is a relaxing and tranquil color, the all-over shade will make soaking in your tub a dream.

10. Painted Ceiling

Another way to make your bathroom seem taller is to paint the ceiling a darker shade than the walls as it will naturally draw the eye upward. This dark lavender is a beautiful contrast with the black and white marble. 

Not only is gold a popular accent for marble, but it's also the best warm tone to pair with purple. If your ceiling is tall enough, adding gold statement lights can add a vintage touch to your bathroom.

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11. Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper with large and bold patterns can add drama to your bathroom. The soft purple and abstract pattern in this bathroom pairs perfectly with the vintage-style golds. Using wallpaper as an accent wall gives you more freedom to play with loud patterns. If you plan to wallpaper your entire bathroom, you may want to choose a more delicate pattern as to not overpower the room.

12. Unique Palette

Custom upscale bathroom with purple tile wall and floor

Purples don't always need simplicity in their color palettes. Although neutral shades look amazing with all shades of purple, adding a range of colors will give you a more complex look. This will also allow for you to play on different accent colors you can pull from that palette, apart from purple.

In this bathroom, dark lilac is the base for the entire room. To incorporate the vanity and shower into the design without simply choosing a neutral shade, a mosaic-style tilling was used. This mosaic includes the dark lilac tone, but also other complementing colors such as red, gray-green, and blues. The tiles are also carried over into the shower to create cohesiveness in the design.

13.  Lavender Shower

Colored shower tile is a unique way to bring color into your bathroom. Soft lavender-blue is versatile and understated. Although decor changes in your bathroom would have to be worked around your shower color, the light shade can be used in various decor styles.

This bathroom uses creams and matching lavender walls to fit with the shower tiles. However, whites and blues would easily complement this shade in the same way.

14. Pink And Purple

Pinks and purples are a fun and feminine color combination, especially when paired with one of a kind wallpaper. Medium shades of purple and lighter shades of pink will keep this color combo from looking dated, unlike hot pink and bright purple, a popular color combination in the early '90s that hasn't come back to fashion today.

Choose a bold wallpaper and create an accent wall or wallpaper the entire bathroom.

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15. Purple Oasis

Create your own personal oasis in your bathroom with rich violet walls and flowing curtains. This bathroom has a beautiful clawfoot tub that's made for a relaxing soak. Its added greenery paired with the wood furniture brings natural elements and life into the room, even when the curtains are closed to the outside world. 

You can be on your way to your purple oasis with purple curtains and hanging plant holders.

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In Closing

Whether it's the fairest shade of lavender or deep, dark violet, purple is a beautiful choice for bathroom decor. From paint colors to shower tiles and all the small details in between, you won't regret adding that special shade of purple to your bathroom.

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