15 Incredible Purple Bathroom Ideas

Looking to give your bathroom a fresh, stylish makeover with a splash of purple?

Luxury bathroom interior in dark violet tone, 15 Incredible Purple Bathroom Ideas

From soft lavender accents to bold plum statements, these 15 incredible purple bathroom ideas will inspire you to create an elegant and unique space.

Check out our list and get ready to transform your bathroom into a colorful oasis!

1. Deep Violet

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Luxurious interior of bathroom in dark violet tone

A bathroom doesn't get more luxurious than when it features dark purple walls and a gorgeous chandelier.

Darker wall shades are perfect for bathrooms you plan to use for relaxation. The room will feel cool and secluded, which is just right for candlelit tub soaks. 

2. Simple Accents

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Elegant country bathroom with purple flowers in vase

Painting walls and sinks is a big commitment. If you're hesitant to go all-in with purple, accents are an easy way to add color without permanence.

Hand towels are perfect for adding accent color and are always visible. Plants are another great option for incorporating purple. For a more subtle touch, use decorative hand towels with hints of purple.

3. Tons Of Tiles

Classic style luxury domestic bathroom

Mosaic tiles add dimension to your shower and offer various shades of purple to use throughout your bathroom. In the pictured bathroom, a lighter purple is used on the wall outside the shower.

To get a similar look, you can use adhesive tile sheets on the backsplash area of your bathroom sink.

4. Barely There Purple

Master bathroom in a newly built home

Sometimes, all your bathroom needs is the slightest color variation to elevate a boring, monotone room.

In this bathroom, the fairest shade of purple allows all the white to stand out without losing any brightness to the room.

5. Painted Tub

Beautiful bathroom interior with retro violet bath decorated with candles

Clawfoot bathtubs are stunning in various settings, from luxurious bathrooms to country homes. As focal points, they can add color to an all-tile bathroom.

Painting the bottom of a clawfoot tub refreshes it, as shown in this country bathroom with a purple tub and matching curtains.

6. Unique Palette

Custom upscale bathroom with purple tile wall and floor

Purples don't always need simplicity. While neutral shades look great with purple, adding more colors creates a complex look and offers various accent options.

In this bathroom, dark lilac serves as the base. Mosaic tiles incorporate the vanity and shower, featuring dark lilac and complementary colors like red, gray-green, and blue.

The mosaic extends into the shower for a cohesive design.

Here are more purple bathroom designs -

Lavender and white bathroom with floral accents

Purple bathroom design with royal purple wall and  white marble accents

Purple bathroom design. pastel purple walls, wooden elements

Lavender and white bathroom with large mirror

Purple bathroom design. dark purple vanity, white countertops

Purple bathroom design. purple accent wall, neutral tones

Purple bathroom design. glossy purple cabinets, white and black fixtures

Purple bathroom design. plum-colored walls, bronze fixtures

purple bathroom design. purple and pink, 3D geometric-patterned wall tiles

In Closing

Purple is a beautiful choice for bathroom decor, whether it's the fairest shade of lavender or deep, dark violet.

From paint colors to shower tiles and all the small details in between, you won't regret adding that special shade of purple to your bathroom.

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